Chenille Fabric

This is where to shop and buy Chenille Fabric online if your looking for chenille drapery fabric and chenille upholstery fabric that is offered by the yard at discount prices with chenille fabric samples also being available. A conglomerate of Fabric Manufacturers chenille fabrics are listed here for your shopping ease. Choose from patterns and designs in traditional to modern motifs as well as solid colored coordinates. Buy Chenille Fabric for its wonderful soft feel and great long lasting durability. Chenille Fabric is widely used for window treatments, draperies, curtains, upholstery, bedding and pillows.
Boucle Fabric
Boucle Fabric >
Boucle Fabric is characterized by soft and fluffy looped yarns. Boucle wool is an exceptionally soft fabric. A fuzzy fabric, you might think of boucle as a faux or fake fur fabric.

Patterned Chenille Fabric
Patterned Chenille Fabric >
Dramatic and exciting modern chenille fabric for drapery, bedding and upholstery use in fun and interesting colors are offered online by the yard. Included in this modern chenille fabric selection are some contemporary, modern and animal themed patterned chenille fabrics which are all discount priced and have samples available.

Solid Color Chenille Fabric
Solid Color Chenille Fabric >
Elegant knit and woven chenille fabric in a huge selection of over 550 solid colors. Whether for drapery, bedding or upholstery use, the Solid Color Chenille collection will have just the color you are looking for.

Traditional Chenille Fabric
Traditional Chenille Fabric >
Chenille, a French word for caterpillar, describes the soft, "fuzzy" texture of these fabrics. The Traditional Chenille fabric collection is made up of traditional styles such as damasks, florals, stripes and coordinating solids. A mix of various chenille fabric manufacturers are included in this selection of traditional chenille fabrics that are all discount priced and offered by the yard. Traditional chenille fabric samples are also available.

Avalon Fabric
Avalon >
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Avalon Featuring five tactile chenille weaves,


Avatar Fabric
Avatar >
The basketweave solid chenille fabrics in the Avatar add depth and personality to any upholstery project. These Latimer Alexander Fabrics are very beautifully woven and perfectly textured solid chenille fabrics that are perfect for bedding, pillows and upholstery use.

Carolina Fabric
Carolina >
Europatex Fabrics Carolina Patterned chenille performance fabric. Rated Cal 117/NFPA 260 Durable at 40,000 Double Rubs. Soft and modern cut look.


Chenille Classics V Fabric
Chenille Classics V >
Charlotte Fabrics Chenille Classics V Designer Series for commercial, residential and hospitality upholstery projects. Heavy duty woven polyester chenille passes UFAC Class 1 and CA 117-E

Chenille Classics V

Chenille III Fabric
Chenille III >
Charlotte Fabrics Chenille III includes traditional chenille solids and textures.

Chenille III

Chenille Patterns Fabric
Chenille Patterns >
Charlotte Fabrics Chenille Patterns offers chenille fabrics for drapery and upholstery in a mix of modern colorful patterns that are offered in a variety of coordinated modern fabric choices.

Chenille Patterns

Chenille Textures Fabric
Chenille Textures >
Charlotte Fabrics Chenille Textures offers 43 wonderful solid color choices in a chenille fabric for upholstery use that is rated at 60,000 double rubs and is also rated fire retardant being a UFAC Class 1 fabric.

Chenille Textures

Chenille Textures II Fabric
Chenille Textures II >
Charlotte Fabrics Chenille Textures II features an array of performance upholstery chenille with a great textrue and Lifeguard finish. Stain & Fade Resistant. 80,000 double rubs. Passes CAL-117-E, UFAC Class I and NFPA 260

Chenille Textures II

Chenilles II Fabric
Chenilles II >
Charlotte Fabrics Chenilles II

Chenilles II

Classic Chenilles Fabric
Classic Chenilles >
Maxwell Fabrics Classic Chenilles Classic Chenilles merges a FibreGuard performance upholstery in a palette of gem tones and neutrals. Floral, damask and greek key patterns coordinate easily. Patterns pass NFPA 260 CLASS I (UFAC) & CAL 117-2013.

Classic Chenilles

Colony Fabric
Colony >
Searching for that perfect multi purpose chenille? The Colony collection of chenille fabrics by RM Coco Fabric is just what you need. Whether you need a solid, stripe or patterned chenille fabric, your search is over!

Curled Up IV Fabric
Curled Up IV >
Lovely solid chenille and other soft fabrics for upholstery use in a rainbow of colors can be found in the Curled Up IV by Maxwell Fabrics. Just imagine yourself curled up by the fire on your freshly upholstered soft sofa with these wonderful chenille fabrics.

Curled Up IV

Curled Up VII Fabric
Curled Up VII >
Maxwell Fabrics Curled Up VII Faux leather and vinyl fabrics.

Curled Up VII

Curled Up VIII Fabric
Curled Up VIII >
Maxwell Fabrics Curled Up VIII includes 4 new ultra-soft, high performance chenilles in a range of modern colors. FibreGuard easy clean finish lasts the life of the fabric.

Curled Up VIII

Eco-Friendly Chenille Fabric
Eco-Friendly Chenille >

Eco-Friendly Chenille

Essence Fabric
Essence >
Exclusive, not expensive! The Essence chenille upholstery fabric is fun and fresh, direct from Europe! With vivid colors and modern styles, these bold new chenille fabrics are soil and stain repellant and suitable for any upholstery project.


Essential Chenille Fabric
Essential Chenille >
Mitchell Fabrics Essential Chenille offers 43 wonderful solid color choices in a heaty woven chenille fabric that is made of 100% polyester and withstands an incredible 100,000 double rubs making these a great choice for commercial upholstery applications.

Essential Chenille

Lynwood Fabric
Lynwood >
Latimer Alexanders Lynwood fabric collection offers solid colored chenille fabrics that are soft enough for a pillow but durable enough for a couch. This chenille drapery, bedding and upholstery fabric collection lets you choose from 20 great looking designer colors to help coordinate your homes decor.

Maison Royale Book Fabric
Maison Royale Book >
Exclusive RM Coco Fabrics Maison Royale Book features solid chenille textures. Heavy duty 50,000 double rubs upholstery chenille fabrics.

Prezzo Performance Solids Fabric
Prezzo Performance Solids >
Norbar Fabrics Prezzo Performance Solids Short pile boucle. FR rated. 51,000 double rubs.

Prezzo Performance Solids

Provato Boucle Fabric
Provato Boucle >
Europatex Fabrics Provato High performance, short pile boucle with a soil and stain resistant finish.

Provato Boucle

Quarry Fabric
Quarry >
Kasmir Fabrics Quarry upholstery fabrics are solid colored chenille's that feature 39 color choices.


Ridges Fabric
Ridges >
Charlotte Fabrics Ridges Soft, striped chenille fabrics. Upholstery soft corduroy looks in a velvet.


Ridgewood Chenille Fabric
Ridgewood Chenille >
Duralee Fabric Ridgewood Chenille upholstery fabrics are made of long lasting and colorfast polyester and nylon that has a heavy duty 40,000 double rub rating in 40 luxurious colors that are sure to add a great look to home or office decor.

Ridgewood Chenille

Smart Fabric
Smart >
The Kravet Fabric Smart heavy duty upholstery fabrics are a textured chenille upholstery fabric offered in over 65 solid color choices that are made of 100% polyester.


Soothie II Fabric
Soothie II >
RM Coco Fabrics Soothie II Durable and fire resistant solid chenille fabrics.

St Tropez Fabric
St Tropez >
Europatex Fabrics St Tropez features heavy duty chenille fabrics in rich and vibrant colors. Perfect for bedding, draperies and upholstery, these soft luxurious solid chenille fabrics pass are rated at 60,000 double rubs.

St Tropez

Teddy Boucle Fabric
Teddy Boucle >
Europatex Fabrics Teddy Boucle Super soft with a performance finish designed to provide lasting and durable upholstery. Great for pillows and more. Can you imagine an ottoman covered in this fluffy boucle?

Teddy Boucle

Westover Fabric
Westover >
RM Coco Fabrics Westover offers beautiful chenille fabric for upholstery, window treatments, and bedding.

Chenille is derived from the French word meaning caterpillar. Chenille fabric is produced from cotton, olefin, acrylic, and even rayon. Although chenille fabric was being produced centuries ago, it did not become popular until the 1930s, when it began being used for decorative items such as throws, upholstery, pillows, bedspreads and carpets. So widely used, that in the 1990s an organization was created to monitor the production of chenille. The Chenille International Manufacturers Association (CIMA) was put in place to monitor and create the standards for which chenille fabric is to be manufactured.