Fake Fur Fabric & Faux Fur Fabric

Shop and buy Faux Fur Fabric and Fake Fur Fabrics online by the yard in high detail animal pattern choices at cheap discount prices with quick shipping and with faux fur fabric samples or swatches also being available. You can purchase faux fur fabric that has animals like zebra, tiger, giraffe and cowhide. That's not all the fake fur fabric you'll find, as there is also yummy mink in solid as well as striped, raccoon, wildcat, wolf, panther, polar bear, leopard and a variety of other exotic faux fur animal fabrics. For those wanting to acquire a modern funky look you will find faux fur in bright colors and wild designs. If you have questions about any of the faux fur or fake fur fabrics shown please give us a call or email and we'll be happy to help.
Animal Print Faux Fur Fabric
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These faux fur fabrics feature animal prints in some delightful pattern choices. Included in this fake fur fabric are polyester faux fur fabrics with animal prints are zebra, tiger, giraffe, mink, raccoon, wildcat, wolf and other wild creatures. From budget to high end, these designer fake fur fabrics with animal patterns are perfect for lots of projects from, home decorating to apparel.

Faux Fur Fabric
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Available in a multitude of designs and colors, these Faux Fur Fabrics include zebra, cheetah, cowhide, giraffe and many other animal patterns. This fake fur fabric ranges in price from the low budget end to the higher end designer fabric choices. Faux fur fabric is available online by the yard with faux fur fabric samples also being available. Faux Fur is perfect for a multitude of decorating uses as well as being widely used for apparel and costumes.

Faux Fur Fabric
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Wimpfheimer Faux Fur Fabrics features great looking faux fur fabric featuring the look of real animal skins in giraffe, leopard, zebra, persian lamb, rabbit, mink and other fun furs all made out of polyester.

Faux Fur

Marcus William Allegra Fabric
Marcus William Allegra >
Made of 100% polyester the faux fur looking fabrics found in the Marcus William Allegra are sure to catch one's eye. Stout Fabric offers you faux fur choices in 25 great looking solid colors.

Marcus William Allegra

Mountain Faux Furs Fabric
Mountain Faux Furs >
Novel Fabrics Mountain Faux Furs offers a mix of faux fur fabrics that include fox, striped mink, a faux fur with a fake feather design and several others all made of a polyester and acrylic blend that offers long-lasting qualities.

Mountain Faux Furs

Siberia Fabric
Siberia >
Maxwell Fabrics Siberia Siberia is a luxuriously soft, deep pile faux rabbit fur woven in Italy that embraces the more-is-more aesthetic with its plush & cuddly hand. Neutral shades include camel, steel, onyx & angora. Gem tones of emerald, ruby & sapphire add rich sophistication. Siberia passes 100K double NFPA 260 CLASS I (UFAC) & CAL 117-2013.


Faux Fur Fabric and Fake Fur Fabric consists of woven and knitted patterns with a surface and pattern that imitates animal pelts. These manufactured fur fabrics are typically made from acrylic fibers, although some natural fibers like cotton are used in their production. Faux furs can vary from short to long nap lengths and come in soft to rough textures. View the many types of animal patterns that are used in todays fake furs including, raccoon, mink, pony, giraffe, zebra, beaver, fox, leopard and a myriad of other animal skin patterns. Also included in faux furs are the unusual brightly colored fun fur fabrics. When cutting faux fur and fake fur it is best to make your cuts from the backside of the fabric. Faux fur fabric varies in width and is sold by the yard.