Mohair Fabric

Made from Angora goat hair, Mohair Fabric has a wonderful hand and is soft and warm. Shop Mohair Fabrics for drapery and upholstery use online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with mohair fabric samples available along with quick shipping and unsurpassed customer service.
Mohair Velvet Fabric
Mohair Velvet Fabric >
Mohair Velvet Fabric includes both polyester (faux), blends and 100% mohair in a range of colors for window treatments and upholstery use. Mohair Fabric is perfect for adding that special touch of sophistication in any room.

Wool Mohair Fabric
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Wool Mohair Fabric considered a luxury fabric, Wool Mohair is both durable and resilient. Wool Mohair Fabric is notable for its high luster and sheen. Wool Mohair is also warm as it has great insulating properties. Wool Mohair Fabric is durable, and resistant to moisture wicking, stretch, flame and creases.

Faux Mo Fabric
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Luxurious feel without the price of mohair. This faux mohair fabric is heavy duty and made of dralon acrylic. UFAC Class I and NFPA 260 Class 1 CAL 117

Faux Mohair Fabric
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Charlotte Fabrics Faux Mohair A rainbow of fade resistant, heavy duty over 100,000 double rubs woven polyester mohair fabrics. Passes UFAC Class 1, CA 117-e and NFPA 260 fire tests.Water based cleaner.

Faux Mohair

Flanders Fabric
Flanders >
Latimer Alexander Flanders faux short pile mohair velvet is durable and beautiful. Perfect for residential or commercial use, this fabric looks and feels like faux wool or mohair.

Nevada Fabric
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Latimer Alexander Fabrics Nevada features wool mohair fabrics in the Nevada fabric collection by Latimer Alexander are both durable and resilient and are notable for their high luster and sheen. Mohair is extremely warm and has great insulating properties. It is durable, and resistant to moisture-wicking, stretch, flame and creases. Great discount prices on mohair fabric by the yard.

Palais Royal Mohair Velvet Fabric
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RM Coco Fabrics Palais Royal Mohair Velvet passes NFPA 260 and is very durable at 80,000 double rubs. This luxurious mohair velvet is 100% mohair.

Mohair is derived from the Arabic "mukhayyar" meaning, a type of headcloth, and is one of the oldest fibers still used today. Mohair Fabric is made from Angora goat hair, with one goat producing 11-17 lbs. of mohair a year. Mohair Fabric became popular during WWII when wool and mohair were blended for military uniforms after the government feared a wool shortage. Today you can buy mohair fabrica nd use it for everything from decorative pillows to upholstery projects.