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Velvet Fabrics

Shop all types of Velvet fabrics online by the yard at great discount prices. If your looking for velvet fabric for drapery or upholstery use, you will find it here. Samples are also available from your favorite brands including Kravet, Fabricut, Latimer Alexander, Robert Allen and many other velvet fabric manufacturers. If you have questions, please give us a call.
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Animal Print Velvet FabricAnimal Print Velvet Fabric
Animal Print Velvet Fabric
These Animal Print Velvet fabrics for drapery and upholstery use offer an exotic blend of velvet fabrics in beautiful animal prints. This velvet fabric features great looking animal patterns with realistic and fanciful styles and designs offered in prices for the budget minded to higher end designer.
Contemporary Velvet FabricContemporary Velvet Fabric
Contemporary Velvet Fabric
Contemporary velvet fabric for drapery and upholstery use featuring swirls is incredibly soft and durable.These velvet fabrics feature a subtle swirl pattern to add a little pizzazz to your contemporary decorating project.
Patterned Velvet FabricPatterned Velvet Fabric
Patterned Velvet Fabric
Patterned Velvet Fabric for drapery and upholstery use includes an assortment of velvet fabric with patterns. Patterns in these velvet fabrics include swirls, florals and many more designs that are sure to give your homes decor that special look.
Printed Velvet FabricPrinted Velvet Fabric
Printed Velvet Fabric
Fun, Cute and unique, the printed velvet fabrics found here feature a unique assortment of printed velvet fabrics that are great for drapery and upholstery use. These printed velvet fabrics feature a variety of colors and patterns.
Silk Velvet FabricSilk Velvet Fabric
Silk Velvet Fabric
Gorgeous silk velvet fabric made of silk blends feature a variety of unique patterns and solid colors suitable for upholstery and drapery use.
Solid Velvet FabricSolid Velvet Fabric
Solid Velvet Fabric
The Solid Velvet Fabric includes a wonderful assortment of solid colored velvet fabrics suitable for drapery and upholstery use.
Striped Velvet FabricStriped Velvet Fabric
Striped Velvet Fabric
These Striped Velvet Fabrics for drapery and upholstery use include an assortment of striped velvet fabric in quite a few wonderful pattern styles featuring glorious color choices.
Vancouver Velvet FabricVancouver Velvet
Vancouver Velvet Fabric
Novel Fabrics Vancouver Velvet Drapery velvet with a soft hand.
Vancouver Velvet
701 Velvets  Fabric701 Velvets
701 Velvets  Fabric
The 701 Velvets by Robert Allen Fabric features velvet fabric for drapery and upholstery use. Choose from a wide variety of velvet fabrics in solid colors that are perfect for residential as well as commercial use.
701 Velvets
Allure 9152 FabricAllure 9152
Allure 9152 Fabric
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Allure 9152 offers opulent velvet drapery fabric and upholstery fabric with a dense sumptuous pile in 40 delicious colors made of 100% polyester for home or contract use.
Allure 9152
Amboise FabricAmboise
Amboise Fabric
A unique take of the traditional solid velvet, the Amboise fabric collection by Latimer Alexander is an assortment of ribbed velvet fabrics that are perfect for draperies, bedding and upholstery use.
Arcadia Velvet Textured Weaves FabricArcadia Velvet Textured Weaves
Arcadia Velvet Textured Weaves Fabric
Novel Fabrics Arcadia Velvet Textured Weaves offers woven velvet upholstery fabrics in designs ranging from paisley to crazy circles and swirls, a honeycomb or hexagon, stripes, undulating horizontal wave or it could be an animal pattern, ikats, blurred ink dots, a psychedelic ogee and modern damasks along with others.
Arcadia Velvet Textured Weaves
Artis Velvet FabricArtis Velvet
Artis Velvet Fabric
Novel Fabrics Artis Velvet #372 offers 9 different modern pattern choices of gorgeous cut velvet fabrics for upholstery use in a sumptuous color range. These velvet upholstery fabrics have a soft hand that combines with a sheen that gives them a real touch of class.
Artis Velvet
Artisan Velvets FabricArtisan Velvets
Artisan Velvets Fabric
Kravet Fabric Artisan Velvets upholstery fabrics offer great looking modern pattern choices in beautifully coordinated velvet upholstery fabrics that will give you long lasting good looks.
Artisan Velvets
Ascot FabricAscot
Ascot Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Ascot offers an exclusive multi purpose velvet texture fabric that can be used for window treatments, drapery and upholstery.
Book 2007 Luxe Velvet                                                                                FabricBook 2007 Luxe Velvet
Book 2007 Luxe Velvet                                                                                Fabric
Mitchell Fabrics Book 2007 Luxe Velvet
Book 2007 Luxe Velvet
Bungalow FabricBungalow
Bungalow Fabric
The Bungalow fabrics by Kasmir Fabrics offers plush solid and patterned velvet fabrics in designer hues. Choose from paisley prints, stripes and solids. These reasonably priced velvet fabrics are made of 100% polyester and are great for drapery, curtains, bedding and upholstery use.
Calvin And Hobbes FabricCalvin And Hobbes
Calvin And Hobbes Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Calvin And Hobbes offers velvet upholstery fabrics in a delicious mix of over 50 solid colors.
Cannes FabricCannes
Cannes Fabric
Latimer Alexander Cannes fabric collection presents ultra plush velvet fabrics in over 35 dazzling colors. Weighing in at 19.1 ounces per linear yard, these fabrics are perfect for all types of decorative uses including draperies, bedding, and upholstery.
Casablanca Velvet FabricCasablanca Velvet
Casablanca Velvet Fabric
Europatex Fabrics Casablanca Velvet offers over 60 beautiful colors in heavy duty upholstery velvet fabrics that are so supple they can also be used for drapery. Made from a 100% polyester that is drapeable and extremely soft, you will love this velvet fabric.
Casablanca Velvet
Classic Velvet FabricClassic Velvet
Classic Velvet Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Classic Velvet
Classic Velvet
Classic Velvets FabricClassic Velvets
Classic Velvets Fabric
Gorgeous cut velvet fabric for upholstery, bedding, draperies and more can be found in Maxwell Fabrics Classic Velvets. With a luxurious feel and fabulous colors, these velvet fabrics coordinate for a modern look.
Classic Velvets
Como FabricComo
Como Fabric
The Latimer Alexander Como velvet fabric collection offers super soft solid colored velvet fabrics that pass a remarkable 200,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek making them perfect for everything from drapery to bedding and upholstery use.
Cotton Velvet FabricCotton Velvet
Cotton Velvet Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Cotton Velvet offers 26 solid color choices in a velvet fabric for drapery use that is rated at a heavy duty 50,000 double rubs are made of 100% cotton and fire and flame retardant being rated at UFAC 1.
Cotton Velvet
Cranbrook Velvet FabricCranbrook Velvet
Cranbrook Velvet Fabric
Duralee Fabric Cranbrook Velvet upholstery fabrics feature over 35 wonderful colors in a wavy modern chevron pattern that will give your upholstery an updated look.
Cranbrook Velvet
Crushed Velvet FabricCrushed Velvet
Crushed Velvet Fabric
Novel Fabrics Crushed Velvet offers 37 glitzy crushed velvet fabrics in a super soft and silky hand that has a sparkling glitzy look that reflects the light giving these lovely velvet fabrics a metallic look.
Crushed Velvet
Crypton Woven Velvet FabricCrypton Woven Velvet
Crypton Woven Velvet Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Crypton Woven Velvet
Crypton Woven Velvet
Cut Velvet FabricCut Velvet
Cut Velvet Fabric
Cut Velvet by Charlotte Fabrics is a heavy duty 50,000 double rub rated chenille upholstery fabric that features a mix of modern patterns in great coordinating color choices.
Cut Velvet
Cut Velvet Print FabricCut Velvet Print
Cut Velvet Print Fabric
Novel Fabrics Cut Velvet Print offers a wonderful selection of cut velvet fabrics with a glitzy sheen for upholstery use in modern pattern choices featuring modern geometrics and abstracts, florals and coordinating solids.
Cut Velvet Print
Deluxe II FabricDeluxe II
Deluxe II Fabric
Coco Classics RM Coco Fabrics Deluxe II features a gorgeous cotton velvet. Passes NFPA 260 and 100,000 Double Rubs
Drapeable Velvets FabricDrapeable Velvets
Drapeable Velvets Fabric
Robert Allen Fabrics Drapeable Velvets fabrics feature an assortment of sheer, solid and crushed velvet fabrics in a wonderful selection of delicious color schemes perfect for a variety of home decorating uses including drapery and upholstery.
Drapeable Velvets
Eco Velvet FabricEco Velvet
Eco Velvet Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Eco Velvet
Eco Velvet
Enchanted FabricEnchanted
Enchanted Fabric
Europatex Fabrics Enchanted offers soft velvety modern drapery and upholstery use fabric with a metallic, textured crosshatch pattern with a silver metallic embossing. Made of 100% polyester and rated at 25,000 double rubs.
Encore FabricEncore
Encore Fabric
Stout Fabrics Encore upholstery velvets. Heavy duty flame retardant polyester velvet.
English Riding Velvet FabricEnglish Riding Velvet
English Riding Velvet Fabric
Ralph Lauren Fabrics English Riding Velvet Gorgeous COTTON velvet for drapery and upholstery. This durable 110,000 double rub is perfect for cushions, curtains, and upholstery.
English Riding Velvet
Esquire and Baron FabricEsquire and Baron
Esquire and Baron Fabric
Kast Fabrics Esquire and Baron velvet fabric collection brings both solids and textures together in a beautiful assortment of velvet fabrics. Designer colors and a rich velvety feel are made even better by this velvet fabric collections high durability rating making it perfect for even the toughest upholstery projects.
Esquire and Baron
Euro Velvet Colors FabricEuro Velvet Colors
Euro Velvet Colors Fabric
Novel Fabrics Euro Velvet Colors offers a rainbow of luxurious designer velvets for upholstery use. Choose from a variety of lovely patterned velvet upholstery weight fabrics that are sure to give your homes decor that special look.
Euro Velvet Colors
Full Spectrum Vol 6 FabricFull Spectrum Vol 6
Full Spectrum Vol 6 Fabric
Full Spectrum Volume 6 features heavy duty upholstery fabrics in velvet and chenille fabrics.
Full Spectrum Vol 6
Furnishings Velvets FabricFurnishings Velvets
Furnishings Velvets Fabric
Wimpfheimer Velvets Upholstery Fabric offers budget priced low pile velvet upholstery fabrics in 100% cotton as well as 100% polyester in a variety of pattern choices.
Furnishings Velvets
Gemstones FabricGemstones
Gemstones Fabric
Gemstones solid velvet and coordinating crocodile skin velvet fabrics for upholstery use are offered in lovely jewel tones. These velvet fabrics can also be used for drapery and other decorative purposes.
Gemstones II FabricGemstones II
Gemstones II Fabric
Gemstones II by Charlotte Fabrics features velvet fabrics for heavy duty upholstery use and window treatments in patterns of chevrons and basketweaves that offer some wonderful color choices.
Gemstones II
Infinity Velvets Kravet Armor FabricInfinity Velvets Kravet Armor
Infinity Velvets Kravet Armor Fabric
Kravet Fabrics Infinity Velvets Kravet Armor features 41 luscious solid colored velvet upholstery fabrics that are made of 100% polyester and are durable as they are rated at 50,000 double rubs.
Infinity Velvets Kravet Armor
Jimena by Alhambra FabricJimena by Alhambra
Jimena by Alhambra Fabric
Scalamandre Fabrics Jimena by Alhambra feautures a heavy duty 100,000 double polyester velvet with silky satin shine.
Jimena by Alhambra
Knockout FabricKnockout
Knockout Fabric
Kasmir Fabrics Knockout Super durable and FR rated solid color velvet. Kasmir book 5177
Lavish FabricLavish
Lavish Fabric
A Soft, plush hand can be found in these contemporary patterns that offer amazing colors that make the Lavish fabric of flocked velvet fabrics pop! These fabulously rich fabrics are perfect for drapery, curtains, bedding or upholstery use and will make any room in your home something everyone will be talking about. Michael Jon Designs has become an industry trend setter with amazing designs, fresh color palettes and affordable pricing. Michael Jon Fabric is sold by the yard and samples are available.
Lille Cut Velvets Collection FabricLille Cut Velvets Collection
Lille Cut Velvets Collection Fabric
Duralee Fabrics Lille Cut Velvets feature modern pattern choices in a durable cut pile velvet upholstery fabric offering that offers some unique designs.
Lille Cut Velvets Collection
Lustro 9186 FabricLustro 9186
Lustro 9186 Fabric
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Lustro 9186 velvet drapery fabric and velvet upholstery fabric offers 3 patterns consisting of crushed velvet, a geometric velvet and a distressed fabric in 12 modern colors made of 100% polyester.
Lustro 9186
Luxe Velvet FabricLuxe Velvet
Luxe Velvet Fabric
The Luxe Velvet features lovely velvet upholstery fabric that is fire rated at UFAC CLASS 1 and has a heavy duty durability rating of 100,000 double rubs in a rainbow of modern solid color choices.
Luxe Velvet
Luxe Velvet FabricLuxe Velvet
Luxe Velvet Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Luxe Velvet Fade resistant polyester velvet with a soft hand and a luxurious shimmer. Heavy duty and fire resistant, this gorgeous velvet can be cleaned with water based cleaners. Perfect for bedding, upholstery and draperies.
Luxe Velvet
Lyndhurst 5158 FabricLyndhurst 5158
Lyndhurst 5158 Fabric
Kasmir Fabrics Lyndhurst 5158 offers velvet fabric for drapery and upholstery use in 43 delicious solid color choices that are made of a 100% Polyester that is rated at 100,000 Wyzenbeek Double Rubs.
Lyndhurst 5158
Shop Velvet Fabric for drapery, curtain, decorative window treatments, bedding, accent pillows and upholstery use online by the yard at discount prices with velvet fabric samples also being available. Choose from silk velvet fabric, cut velvet fabric, cotton velvet fabric to crushed velvet fabric as well as patterns like animal print velvet fabric and lots of other velvet fabric choices that will add a great look to your homes decor. Velvet Fabric is one of our oldest fabrics, having been manufactured for nearly 4,000 years. Traditionally, made from silk, it is common for velvet fabric to now be made of cotton or a synthetic blend fabric such as polyester, nylon, acetate or viscose. Velvet fabric was once worn only by royalty, namely Egyptian royalty, and even today is more expensive and more difficult to manufacture than most other fabrics. Corduroy, velour and velveteen have all been created to be very similar to velvet fabrics but are easier to manufacture resulting in a much lower price for those wanting a velvet touch without the velvet price. If you need help finding the velvet drapery fabric or velvet upholstery fabric you are wanting to buy online, just call or email our knowledgeable customer service team for assistance.
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