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Item #: 633456 
Finial ROMEO
Old Black

Dimensions: 2.3/8"W, 4"L
$292.91 Each
Elegant brass curtain rod components create flawless window treatment options for your interior design. Please allow 3-4 weeks for these custom curtain rods.
If you need to cover a large window with an extra long curtain rod, to avoid oversize shipping charges consider using a tube splice to combine two sections of tubing together. A bracket is recommended to support and conceal the seam.
The traverse brackets and c-rings can be used to create a long-span, single-pull uninterrupted window treatment.
These finials can also be used with the techno track for a traverse rod option. The tube connector can be used to cover corner and bay windows. The brass tubing can be custom cut to your exact dimensions for no extra charge.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1   Each

Item#  ItemPrice
255904 Black Brass Tubing  $28.90 Foot
255902 Moderno Wall Bracket  $143.31 Each
255875 Fantasia Curtain Rod Wall Bracket Old Black  $164.56 Each
255877 Romeo Curtain Rod Wall Bracket Old Black  $221.34 Each
255878 Romeo Wall Bracket  $221.34 Each
255879 Contempo Wall Bracket  $147.73 Each
633540 Tube Splice  $6.80 Each
255874 Moderno Double Wall Bracket  $242.42 Each
633503 Double Bracket CONTEMPO  $204.51 Each
255880 Contempo Traverse Center Support  $179.35 Each
633553 Bracket Extension MODERNO Short  $37.91 Each
633559 Bracket Extension MODERNO Long  $46.41 Each
633582 Bracket Extension CONTEMPO  $42.16 Each
633604 Rosette Kit  $113.73 Each
633545 Tube Connector Old Black  $145.35 Each
255881 Flat Ring Old Black  $12.75 Each
255883 Traverse Ring  $8.84 Each
255884 Curtain Ring with Eye Old Black  $8.33 Each
633527 Curtain Ring with Clip  $6.12 Each
255905 Ring with Eye  $8.33 Each
255892 Brass Wand Old Black 39 in  $110.50 Each
255893 Wand 49in Old Black  $117.30 Each
255888 Angle Brace  $88.57 Each

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