June 2006

The Finishing Touch

Decorating should not stop with just the furniture pieces in place. Embellish your decor with accessories. Accessories can add personality to your room and help unify your home by using color, texture and shape. Accessories are also a great way to keep up with current home trends without breaking the bank. A little creative accessorizing can go a long way.

Feel inspired by this month’s lively hues? Accessories can be a fabulous way to introduce new colors into your design scheme. Try using a decorative vase and some colorful throw pillows to get in on the fun. Or, a vibrant room divider along with a striking area rug. Art is another way to add some pizzazz to your home; a tapestry or a painting can add a really nice focal point to any room.

If your room seems to be one dimensional or “flat”, try adding some texture. Texture can add some needed visual interest to a room . Try adding some throw pillows made of an embellished fabric or a slip cover. Grass cloth added to the walls can add a nice touch too. Then top it off with a cowhide on the floor and a lovely faux fur throw, you will then have a room that is very tactile and will invite all to touch.

Feeling adventurous? Add some excitement to your space with shapes. Circles can add whimsy and seem playful as a print on a fabric, rug or even as the shape of a mirror. Rectangles can help give the a room the illusion of height when placed vertically. This can be as a table, pedestal, mirror or lamp. Now that I have your wheels turning, think of all the other ways you can tie a room together with shape alone.

When using accessories, do not limit yourself to a theme. Think of all the other ways that items can relate to each other. The more that use your creativity the more your space becomes truly yours. Remember, don’t be stringent about sticking to one particular style. After all, it is your home and you should surround yourself with items that you love.

Trinity Deloney, Allied ASD

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