November 2007 Newsletter


Holiday Gift Giving

The holidays are the most festive time of the year where time-honored traditions are enjoyed by all generations. Gift-giving is part of many traditions and a general custom when attending holiday parties and open houses. Make smart gift choices with the following tips.

Trust Your Judgment
Forget about being afraid the gift isn't "perfect." If you think the person will like it, chances are they will.

Think A Little First
Spending time thinking about the person you're buying for and the meaning behind the gift is much more important than how much money it costs. Do they like practical or extravagant gifts? What style of clothing do they wear? What are their hobbies or interests? What kind of things do they collect? What are their dislikes? What inside jokes do you share with this person? What are your shared experiences?

Avoid the Same Old Gifts
Your brother-in-law is a golfer so you give him golf balls every year. Your Aunt Susan collects green Depression glass and you know exactly what flea market to go to each fall to pick up a piece. This year, think outside the box and mix it up. It’s likely your brother-in-law is happy to get more golf balls, but he’d probably be thrilled with something a little more thoughtful this year. Take the time to find out what the people you care about are interested in or would truly like.

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Featured Artist

Olivia Riegel

Olivia Riegel features extraordinary designed giftware. Bottle stoppers, stocking holders, wreath holders, collectible boxes, photo frames, stemware and vanity accessories are transformed into bejeweled creations for the home.  Each piece is uniquely designed and finished by hand using dazzling combinations of Swarovski crystals, enamel and other luxurious materials.



Charles Leonard
Limited Edition Artwork by Charles Leonard


College Team Fleece
Gift Idea: Perfect for making a throw.



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