August 2005 - Back To School Decorating

The kids are going back to school and you may be wondering what to do with your free time now that you are not chauffering a car load of kids to swimming, baseball, etc. This is the perfect time to take on a new home project. Why not kick off the new school year by redecorating the kids bedrooms? Once you and your child have decided what theme to use, you will be free to work without interruption while the kids are away at school. Below are some ideas to use as decorating themes.


Ocean/Beach Theme
Create a tropical oasis by using a beach inspired theme that is perfect for a boy or girls room. Beginning with paint, you can create an ocean theme using watery blues for the wall, sand colors on the floor and clouds in the sky (ceiling). You can also add a tropical wallpaper border or wall prints if you like. If you are on a budget, use stencils to make a seashell border along the wall or door frame. You can also add your own unique touches to the room:try placing a bowl of seashells on the dresser, or using a hot glue fun to affix small seashells to wooden frames creating tropical picture frames. Try propping a surfboard or a life preservor up in the corner of the room. Add a splash of color by draping a colorful beach towel or hawaiin lei around a bedpost or mirror. Look for a rattan rug or tiki torches to add a final touch to the room.

Race Cars

With a race car theme, think black and white checkered flags and the obvious--cars! Start by painting the room a gray color and prepare to add colored accessories. If you are feeling bold, paint one wall of the room in black and white checks. A car bed would be a fun idea for a younger child or use red, green and yellow pillows to represent a traffic light. Add some framed calendar photos or posters of race cars to the walls. Use narrow shelving to display model cars and car collections.If you can find some old hubcaps, these can be spray painted to look new and make great wall decor. So race around and get that room going! Zoom!


Retro Theme
Go retro by introducing wild colors and unique decor to your childs room. Start by painting the walls a bright, fun color or paint each wall a different complimenting color. Add a colorful area rug to the floor and a vivid window treatment. If you are willing to splurge for new furniture, go for a contemporary look. Visit our contemporary furniture section for some ideas. Add retro peices such as lamps, wall shelves and abstract art to bring everything together. There are endless colors and ideas to use for a retro room. Browse through our retro fabric to find the perfect pattern to fit your child.



Toile Theme
Perfect for girls of all ages, toile has made a big comeback in the design world.Use bold toiles to create a sophisticated look for an older girl or use pastel colored toiles for a softer look for younger girls.There are several different styles and colors of toile fabric and wallpaper to choose from. Look for coordinating fabrics to do pillows, bedding and window treatments. White wicker furniture looks great with toile, but if you are on a budget, try painting your old wooden furniture white. Add a bouquet of white carnations or roses on the dresser to accent the room. Find a great selection of toile fabric in our online fabric store.


Moon and Stars
For the kid who loves astronomy, why not turn his or her bedroom into a virtual solor system? Paint the ceiling midnight blue and affix glow-in-the-dark stars to the ceiling to represent the night sky. Embellish bookcases and toyboxes by using stencils of moon and stars. Stand a telescope up near a window not only for show, but so your little one can also put it to use. Try using a midnight blue bedspread and star-shaped pillows for the bed. For the walls, look for astrological posters and framed art. If you are on a budget, cut out moon and star shapes from cardboard and cover with aluminum foil.


Fishing Theme
Your little boy will really feel like he's caught the big one with a room dedicated to fishing. Start off by painting the room a neutral color--tan or brown. Look for fish-inspired bedding, window treatments and rugs to accent the room. If you have had any fish prepared by a taxidermist, this would make great wall decor. If not, look for fish pictures to have framed for hanging on the walls. You can also make a homemade picture frame by hot-gluing fishing hooks to a plain wooden frame. Prop a fishing pole and tackle box in the corner of the room for added accessory.


Sunshine Theme
Begin with paint--paint the walls bright yellow to represent sunshine, the ceiling blue to represent the sky and use green rugs to represent grass. If you have an artistic side, try painting giant sunflowers or daisies on the walls. Use yellow and white checkered bedding and window treatments. Find pictures of sunflowers and daisies to frame and add to the walls. Make sure to allow plenty of sunshine in the room to get the full effect of a sunny decor.


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