December 2006

Cozy Up For Winter

Warmer Colors
One easy way to cozy up your décor is to utilize warm colors. If you have a room with predominantly neutral colors like white, cream or beige, try

adding a dash of red, orange or yellow - colors considered to be "warm" on the color wheel.

Designers and homeowners are turning to these warm, some downright hot, colors to brighten up rooms. Vibrant oranges - from tangerine to terra cotta - are a top choice the season. Rich reds are also popular and so is the combination of blue and chocolate brown. These colors can be splashed on the walls to dominate a room's décor or can be used as accents in accessories throughout the home.

If you're concerned that a color like red or orange will seem too stark, choose something with a pattern. And, if red, orange or yellow is just not your style, choosing a related color like burgundy, coral or mauve will also do the trick.

Throws and Blankets
Get out your favorite throw or fleece blanket or buy a new one and place it on your sofa for cuddling. During the daytime or when not in use, you can drape it on the back of your sofa to enjoy the pattern or picture on it and add a bit of "warmth" to your room.

Add pillows for fluffiness. There are many types of decorative pillows you can add to your living room, family room and to your beds. These are good accessories that add a cozy feel to your rooms and they also are just plain fun to use- under your head, over your legs, hugged between your arms, they actually do help to keep you warm besides those throws you've gotten out.

Enhance the Fireplace
If you have a working fireplace, a blazing fire is definitely the best way to warm up a room. If you don’t use the fireplace, utilize the space by placing candles underneath. This creates a warm glow to a room without the maintenance of a fire. You can also create a flower arrangement to use as a fireplace decoration. Be sure to make use of your mantle for decorations. Candle arrangements or just a few sporadic candles placed on top will accent a mantle. If you have room, prop a few framed photos or framed artwork up to add a personal touch.

Soften Edges with Layers
Warm up the look of a chilly glass tabletop by covering it with a runner or tablecloth. For the most warming power, use deep or warm colors, in fabrics like matelasse or textured cotton. Add throw pillows to a bare couch and plush area rugs to the floors. This will not only add a decorative hint to the room, but will warm the area creating a more relaxing atmosphere.

Warm up the Room with Light
Accessorize your home with lamps, candles, crystals and similar items. Hang crystals on windows where they will catch the sunlight and add sparkle to your room. Fill corners with floor lamps and end tables with table lamps. They will light and warm up your home at the same time. Low, recessed lighting gives a inviting atmosphere to any room. Light candles on mantles, end tables and more to add a warm ambience to your home.


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