Table Lamps
Table Lamps

Table lamps ranging in height from 30" to 36" are the most popular lighting choice. Table lamps for the living room and bedside table lamps.

Floor Lamps
Floor Lamps

TFloor lamps are usually 60" to 72" in height. Modern arc floor lamps are a popular choice. Choose a floor lamp for a reading lamp.

Desk Lamps
Desk Lamps, Reading Lamps

TDesk lamps are functional reading lamps and decorative office lamps. Desk lights can brighten up your work or shed a little light on homework.

Tiffany Lamps
Tiffany Lamps - Tiffany Style Lamps

Tiffany lamps offer a distinctive style. Beautiful stained glass in popular dragonfly, falling leaves, floral and peacock patterns. TiffanyLampStore.com

Lamps by Brand
Dale Tiffany - Meyda Tiffany

Browse lamps online by brand like Dale Tiffany and Meyda Tiffany. Also view lamps by style: Art Deco, Lodge, Arts and Crafts, Mission ...

Modern Lamps
Contemporary & Modern Lamps

Contemporary lamps offer unique style choices. Sophisticated to Funky lighting options.

Kids Lamp
child lamps,kid lamps,kids lamp shades

Children's lamps for your kids room or baby nursery. Fun lamps for kids.


Chandelier lighting is a gorgeous option. Crystal chandeliers.

Lamp Shades
lamps shades,decorative lamp shades

Update a lamp you love with a new lamp shade. Chandelier shades are also popular options.

Candle Sconce
Candle Wall Sconce

Wall candle sconces are reminiscent of yesterday but have a modern appeal. Accent your walls with a light sconce or candle wall holders.

Wall Light
Wall Lamps

Wall sconces and wall mount lighting are perfect for accent lighting and hallways.

Pendant Lighting
Pendant Lighting

Hanging lights are a popular lighting choice especially for kitchens.

Mini Light
Mini Accent Lamp

Mini lights or accent lights for your home. Fun novelty lighting.

Novelty Lamps
Novelty Lamps

Looking for a lamp with eye-catching appeal? Find all sorts of unique lamps including lava lamps, furry lamps, animal shaped lamps and more.

Buffet Lamps
Buffet Lamps

Buffet lamps or console lamps are usually tall and skinny. Most popular for the buffet table or on a sideboard.

Ceiling Light
ceiling lighting

Flush mount lighting for mounting on the ceiling can be beautiful and stylish.

Pool Table Light
Pool Table Lighting - Billiard Light

Billiard lamps can help you make the best shot and be a decorative addition to the room. Kitchen Island Lighting - Bar Lights

Bathroom Lighting
Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom vanity light fixtures. Two-light and three light vanity.

Night Lights
decorative night lights

Nightlights help keep you safe at night. Cute kids nightlights.

Lighting Glossary

Buffet Lamps
Buffet lamps, also known as console lamps, are about seven or eight inches at the base with a height of twenty-six inches to thirty inches. Some are as tall as thirty-six inches.
Table lamps
Typically range from 30" to 36" in height and are the most popular lighting style and have multiple applications for decorative or task lighting. A table lamp typically diffuse light either downward for task lighting or upward as well as outward for soft ambient lighting.
Floor Lamps
Usually ranging in height from 60" to 72", floor lamps typically diffuse light either downward for task lighting or upward and outward for soft ambient lighting. Decorative as well as functional, floor lamps are also used as an important design element to bring together any room in the home.
Typically ranging from 72" to 78" in height, torchieres direct light upward to create ambient or environmental lighting. A torchiere works by emitting much of its light toward the walls and ceiling, thereby creating a uniform light throughout a room. Torchiere floor lamps are available in styles that use incandescent bulbs for a softer glow as well as halogen bulbs to emit a whiter and brighter light.
Chandeliers are characterized by a number of extended arms and suspending beautifully from the ceiling. No longer just for a formal dining room, chandeliers come in a variety of styles, finishes and design options that can add comfort and distinction to any room, including the living room, great room, media room, kitchen and foyer.
Wall Sconces
From a single arm to an extravagant multi-light fixture, sconces can be used in just about any area of the home, where its effects can range from casting a subtle to dramatic glow.