Trim & Tassels

Trim Books
Fabric Trim Book Collections

Trim, tassels and fringe books listed alphabetically by title or name with the manufacturers name and the selections of the fringe, tassels and trims that are contained in each trim book collection.

Trim Styles
Fabric Trim, Tassels and Fringe Styles

Gorgeous decorative embellishments from beaded fringe, ball tassels, tassel fringe, braided trim, brush fringe, bullion fringe, eyelash fringe, fabric and gimp cording and feather trim, lace and chair ties, plus more..

Trim Colorways
Fabric Trim by Color

This section contains tassel, trim, fringe and other decorative garnishes arranged by color to make your search for tassels and trim easier.

Trim Price Quote
Fabric Trim Price Quote

Trim pricing and information. Get a quote on any manufacturer or brand of fabric trimmings.

Trim Sale
Discount Trim, Tassels and Fringe

Check out the budget priced fabric trim, tassels, beaded fringe, feather trim and lots of other decorative embellishments in our surplus warehouse ready for immediate shipment.

Brimar Trim
Brimar Trim, Tassels and Fringe

Brimar offers a great line of decorative trims and tassels that include fringe and tiebacks along with cords, gimp and other decorative trim to help complete the look of your drapery, curtain or upholstery project.

Europatex Trim
Europatex Trim, Tassels and Fringe

Europatex Trim is straight from the manufacturer and as such is priced far below other fabric trims, with the caveat being that a higher minimum yardage is required by the manufacturer.

Kasmir Trim
Kasmir Trim, Tassels and Fringe

Top selling Kasmir Trim offers budget priced trims to embellish your finery with twisted and braided cord, elegant gimps, key tassels, brush and loop fringe, chair ties and curtain tiebacks along with with rosettes, and ball tassels.

Kast Trim
Kast Trim, Tassels and Fringe

Kast Trims offers a moderately priced line of decorative trim, tassels and fringes along with cording, tiebacks, bullion and gimp as well as other beautiful bedazzlements for helping to set off your drapery and upholstery.


Kravet Trim
Kravet Trim, Tassels and Fringe

Kravet Trim offers an extensive line of trims, tassels and fringes that includes a mixture of various types of gorgeous trimmings that are color coordinated with their drapery and upholstery fabrics.

Novel Trim
Novel Trim, Tassels and Fringe

Novel Trimmings, Tassels, Beaded Trim and Fabric Fringe.

RM Coco Trim
RM Coco Trim, Tassels and Fringe

RM Coco Decor has an extensive line of passementeries for adding that finishing touch to your decor. From wide tapes to large tiebacks, these trimmings are a great choice.

Robert Allen Trim
Robert Allen Fabric Trim, Tassels and Fringe

Robert Allen Trim offers an array of fabulously, luxurious embellishments to highlight your drapery or upholstery with the unique looks you will find in these trims, tassels and fringes.

Scalamandre Trim
Scalamandre Designer Trim, Tassels and Fringe

Luxurious fabric trimmings from Scalamandre, a reknowned designer of beautiful fabrics. Shop Scalamandre tassels, fringe and tapes.

Schumacher Trim
Schumacher Trim, Tassels and Fringe

Schumacher Trim has been offering exquisite fabric trimmings since 1938 when F. Schumacher have been a go-to line for distinctive and quality trims, tassels, fringe, cord and other trimmings.

Stout Trim
Stout Trim, Tassels and Fringe

Stout Trim offers decorative flat tapes, braided cording, key tassels and tassel fringe to ball fringe and brush fringe along with curtain tiebacks, in rich earthy tones to vibrant and bright modern colorations.