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Fabric Trim Book Collections

Fabric trims, tassels and fringe along with a wide range of other decorative trim types from major trim manufacturers and distributors are arranged alphabetically by the name of the fabric trim sample book. The trims, tassels and fringe found in these trim book collections are offered by the yard at discount prices with fabric trim samples available along with quick shipping. We carry a huge range of other decorative designer arts and craft fabric trims, tassels and fringe not shown online, so if you need help finding what you are looking for, please call or email our knowledgeable customer service team for assistance.
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1A Budget Trim1A Budget Trim
1A Budget Trim
This group of trims are what we have in stock in our warehouse at Choose from a variety of trim styles that include tassels and fringe along with other great looking decorative trims. These are all highly discounted trims that you can buy at below wholesale prices for giving your furnishings that chichi embellished look.
Artisano Collection Trim BookArtisano Collection Trim Book
Artisano Collection Trim Book
RM CocoTrim Trimmings Artisano Collection Trim Book Wide tapes.
Artisano Collection Trim Book
Avignon TrimAvignon
Avignon Trim
Brimar Trims Avignon is a fabric trim collection for embellishing your home decor in coordinated colors that offer several blues, black, darker red, off white and a brown-yellowish mustard tone in a wide range of trims, tassels and fringe.
Bahama Breeze TrimBahama Breeze
Bahama Breeze Trim
RM CocoTrim Trimmings Bahama Breeze Exclusive indoor/outdoor tassels and trims.
Bahama Breeze
Beaded Treasure TrimBeaded Treasure
Beaded Treasure Trim
Kast Trims Beaded Treasure features a wide array of brush fringe, tassel fringe, cord trim, beaded trim and braided trim in seven beautiful color choices for embellishing accent pillows, curtains, drapery, bedding and upholstery
Beaded Treasure
Bella Dura Tapes TrimBella Dura Tapes
Bella Dura Tapes Trim
Brimar Trim Bella Dura Tapes features a mix of wonderful flat tapes in a mix of great designs as well as some braided lipcord that is perfect for embellishing draperies and upholstery projects.
Bella Dura Tapes
Big Sky TrimBig Sky
Big Sky Trim
Brimar Trim Big Sky is unique in that it offers leather and leather like fabric trims that feature hair on hide flat tapes and welt cording for giving your drapery and upholstery projects a rugged look.
Big Sky
Botanica TrimBotanica
Botanica Trim
Brimar Trim Botanica offers fabric trim embellishments for drapery and upholstery use featuring woven flat tapes with a chevron design, brush fringe, a double-edged braid tape, tassel fringe, a great looking wooden bead fringe, braided lip cord and tassel tiebacks.
Botanica TrimBotanica
Bouquet  TrimBouquet
Bouquet  Trim
Europatex Trims Bouquet fabric trimmings include colors from pure white and beiges in twisted and braided welt cord with flange, gimp, tassel fringe and brush fringe for decorating your window treatments, drapery, curtains, bedding, accent pillows and upholstery.
Braids Bands And Borders TrimBraids Bands And Borders
Braids Bands And Borders Trim
Kravet Trim Braids, Bands And Borders offers a great mix of embellishments for upholstery, pillows and drapery use featuring flat tapes for banding and bordering your home decor accessories. Choose from modern and traditional in patterns offering a puffy chenille look to geometrics, light auras, dainty vermicelli, paisleys, geo, chevrons, Greek key and other unique designs.
Braids Bands And Borders
Canali TrimCanali
Canali Trim
The Europatex Trim Canali contains budget priced trims and tassels in rich earth tone hues. This Europatex Trim features beaded trims, gimps, cording, tassel trims, ball trim and brush fringe trim for accent pillows, draperies, bedding, window treatments, upholstery, lampshades and more.
Chinois Chic TrimChinois Chic Trim
Chinois Chic Trim
Scalamandre Trim Chinois Chic embellishments were designed for and coordinate perfectly with the Chinois Chic fabric collection.
Chinois Chic Trim
Classic Cotton TrimClassic Cotton
Classic Cotton Trim
Brimar Trim Classic Cotton fabric trim offers cotton embellishments that feature braided lip cord, gimp, brush fringe, tassel fringe, ball fringe, bullion fringe and double tassel tiebacks for giving your draperies and upholstery that special look.
Classic Cotton
Clubhouse TrimClubhouse
Clubhouse Trim
The Europatex Trim Clubhouse features a bright assortment of designer trims, cords, gimps and tassels. Choose from fun colorways like Candy, Lime Twist, Blue Diamond, Pumpkin and more. These Europatex Trims are great for childrens rooms, garden rooms or kitchens!
Color Library Trim Vol IColor Library Trim Vol I
Color Library Trim Volume VColor Library Trim Volume V
Color Library Trim Volume V
Robert Allen Trimmings Color Library Trim Volume V offers embellishments that include braided welt cord with lip, flat tapes, brush fringe in several styles, ball tassels, tassel fringe, extra fancy flat tapes in heavy woven designs and wide embroidered trellis flat tapes all for giving your decor that extra special look.
Color Library Trim Volume V
Color Library Vol III TrimColor Library Vol III
Color Library Vol III Trim
The Robert Allen Trim Color Library Vol III features a mix of fabulous fabric trimmings in a lovely assortment of colors that are great for accenting pillows, upholstery, bedding and window treatments.
Color Library Vol III
Color Library Vol IV TrimColor Library Vol IV
Color Library Vol IV Trim
Robert Allen Trim Color Library Vol IV trims, tassels and fringe are just what you need to finish your decorating project. These gorgeous Robert Allen Trims offer gorgeous color choices in popular patterns like greek key braid and library brush that is mixed with new modern beads.
Color Library Vol IV
Cosmopolitian Trim BookCosmopolitian Trim Book
Cosmopolitian Trim Book
RM Coco Trimmings Cosmopolitian Trim Book
Cosmopolitian Trim Book
Costume TrimCostume
Costume Trim
Robert Allen Trim Costume trimmings, tassels, fringe, beads and buttons are sure to be a hit when you use them to put that finishing touch on window treatments, accent pillows, bedding, drapery, curtains and upholstery.
Couture Linherr Hollingsworth Boheme  TrimCouture Linherr Hollingsworth Boheme
Couture Linherr Hollingsworth Boheme  Trim
Kravet Trims Couture Linherr Hollingsworth Boheme tapes and cords coordinate with the Boheme Kravet fabric collection.
Couture Linherr Hollingsworth Boheme
Couture TrimsCouture Trims
Couture Trims
Schumacher Trim Couture Trims offers tweed flat tapes, faille tape, a unique brush fringe, geometric flat tapes and a wide range of other styles of flat tapes for embellishing your home decor.
Creative Threads TrimCreative Threads
Creative Threads Trim
RM Coco Trimmings Creative Threads Wide tapes.
Creative Threads
Crescendo TrimCrescendo
Crescendo Trim
RM Coco Trimmings Crescendo
Crystallized Trim BookCrystallized Trim Book
Crystallized Trim Book
RM Coco Trimmings Crystallized Trim Book
Crystallized Trim Book
Decorative Elements TrimDecorative Elements Trim
Decorative Elements Trim
RM Coco Trimmings Decorative Elements Trim
Decorative Elements Trim
Degas TrimDegas
Degas Trim
Brimar Trim Degas offers fabric trim that features coordinating looped gimp, brush fringe, tassel fringe, woven lip cord, chair ties, and key tassels for embellishing your draperies and upholstery projects.
Della Robbia TrimDella Robbia
Della Robbia Trim
Brimar Trim Della Robbia features a unique and large collection of fabric trims for embellishing your draperies, pillows, upholstery and other home decor accessories that include jacquard flat tapes in several designs, twisted lip cord, sweet braided lip cord with loops, gimp, brush fringe, tassel fringe, onion tassel fringe, knotted blanket fringe, bullion fringe, chair ties, double tassel drapery tiebacks and several variations of key tassels.
Della Robbia
Devonshire TrimDevonshire
Devonshire Trim
Brimar Trim Devonshire features one of the best looking fabric trim collections for drapery, upholstery and home accessory embellishing that includes flat braid, braided lip cord, several varieties of gimp, eyelash fringe, gorgeous jacquard flat tapes, loop touche, several brush fringes including one extremely long one, tassel fringe, sweet bobble fringe, braided bullion fringe, chair ties, gorgeous bobble rosettes, wonderful buttons, chair ties, double ball drapery tiebacks, double tassel drapery tiebacks and key tassels.
Diane Von Furstenberg Signature  TrimDiane Von Furstenberg Signature
Diane Von Furstenberg Signature  Trim
Kravet Trim Diane Von Furstenberg Signature features some fabulous trims, tassels and fringe selections that also include lip cord and flat tape. The designer trims feature some very unique lip cords with zebra and leopard patterns as well as the flat tapes having chevrons.
Diane Von Furstenberg Signature
Dimension of Beads TrimDimension of Beads
Dimension of Beads Trim
The Novel Trim Dimension of Beads beaded trims and beaded tassels are just what you need for giving window treatments, bedding, pillows and upholstery that special look.
Dimension of Beads
Dimensions  TrimDimensions
Dimensions  Trim
The Stout Trim Dimensions features an assortment of brightly colored trims with contemporary themes and designs. These Stout Trims offer you choices from flat cords, lipcords, braids, fringe, tapes, tassels and tiebacks.
Duralee Trim Volume XIDuralee Trim Volume XI
Duralee Trim Volume XI
Duralee Trim Volume XI offers fabric trim in a lively array of colors that includes brush fringe, braided welt cord with lip, flat tape with a wonderful serpentine design and various geometrics as well as sweet tassel fringe.
Duralee Trim Volume XI
Duralee Trim XDuralee Trim X
Earth Elements TrimEarth Elements
Earth Elements Trim
Brimar Trim Earth Elements offers fabric trims in browns, blacks and gray colorations for embellishing your draperies, upholstery and other home decor accessories and includes Caterpillar or Shirley Temple lip cord, brush fringe, ball fringe, looped rouche, metallic brush fringe and braided lip cord.
Earth Elements
Echo Design  TrimEcho Design
Echo Design  Trim
The Kravet Trim Echo Design trims features great looks for embellishing all your decorating projects. These Kravet Trims offer choices from brush fringe to skirt fringe as well as braided welt cord and pleated tapes. That's not all as you will also find some embroidered flat tapes with stunning designs to grosgrain border, loop fringe and gimp.
Echo Design
Echo Heirloom India  TrimEcho Heirloom India
Echo Heirloom India  Trim
Another great looking Kravet Trim the Echo Heirloom India offers braided welt cord in some bright and lively colors along with brush fringe, braided flat tape and embroidered flat tape. These Kravet Trims and fringes feature updated color choices that are the perfect choice for todays modern styled homes decor.
Echo Heirloom India
Elegance TrimElegance
Elegance Trim
Novel Trims Elegance #238 offers a wonderful mix of brush fringe and ball fringe for embellishing your furnishings.
Embellishments TrimEmbellishments
Embellishments Trim
Brimar Trim Embellishments offers two types of fabric trim, first a unique crocheted flat tape and also a pleated satin ribbon embellishment in a range of great looking color choices.
Essentials TrimEssentials Trim
Essentials Trim
RM Coco Trimmings Essentials Trim
Essentials Trim
Fluffy Puffy Pom Pom TrimFluffy Puffy Pom Pom
Fluffy Puffy Pom Pom Trim
Brimar Trimmings Fluffy Puffy Pom Pom large 2.5 inch pom pom ball fringe.
Fluffy Puffy Pom Pom
Foundations In TrimFoundations In Trim
Foundations In Trim
Sunbrella Foundations In Trim outdoor trims, tassels and fringe as well as lip cords are the Sunbrella Trims you will want for your outdoor curtains, pillows, upholstery and cushions.
Fretique TrimFretique
Fretique Trim
Brimar Trimmings Fretique features an open weave braid that allows the fabrics underneath to peek through. This peek-a-boo trim is great for pillows, draperies and so much more.
Gaucho TrimGaucho
Gaucho Trim
Brimar Trim Gaucho offers browns and black fabric trim embellishments that have a masculine look and feature leather loop fringe, leather tassels and leather braided lip cord as well as twisted lip cord, braided tape, scalloped gimp, leather woven tape, cattail lip fringe, loop fringe, jingle bob tassels, bullion fringe, key tassels and medallions.
Greek Key TrimGreek Key
Greek Key Trim
Brimar Trim Greek Key offers flat tapes in some great colors for embellishing draperies and upholstery projects.
Greek Key
Greenwich TrimmingsGreenwich Trimmings
Hamptons TrimHamptons
Hamptons Trim
Brimar Trim Hamptons offers a great collection of embellishments for drapery and upholstery use that feature lipcord, serpentine flat tape, bobble fringe, loop fringe, brush fringe, a unique wood bead fringe, glass bead tassel fringe, and an embrace drapery tieback.
Hamptons TrimmingsHamptons Trimmings
Hamptons Trimmings
Scalamandre Trim Hamptons Trimmings offers a wonderful collection of embellishments that include braided welt cord with lip, gimp, a large variety of flat tapes, brush fringe, onion fringe, pom pom fringe and other great looking trims.
Hamptons Trimmings
Harmony TrimHarmony
Harmony Trim
Stout Trim Harmony lovely trim tapes feature great modern designs that make perfect borders for pillows, drapes, upholstery, beddding and other home decor accessories.
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