Custom Window Treatments: Curtains, Drapes, Shades

How to Measure Your Window(s)
Custom curtains and bedding begins with beautiful fabrics. The second step is quality craftsmanship that turns fabric into a product of outstanding beauty.
Choose your style by clicking on the pictures of window treatments below to view some of the many beautiful window treatments ideas and custom draperies available. You may also send us a picture of what you are looking for and we will be happy to quote that as well - email to find@InteriorDecorating.com
Curtains & Drapes
Custom Drapery - Custom Curtain - Tab Top Curtain - Cafe Curtain

Let us create beautfiul custom curtains and drapes for your home. Choose from all styles of pleats, tab top, cafe curtains, grommet and many more gorgeous window treatments.

Window Shades
Window Shades - Roman Shades - Austrian Shades

Custom made roman shades, austrian shades and balloon shades.

Curtain Valances - Custom Valances - Rod Pockets

Curtain valances include rod pocket valances and board mounted valances and top treatments.

Swags - Swag Curtains - Window Swags - Swag Window Treatments

Swag window treatments are a classic, traditional style window covering. Let fabulous fabric swoop over your windows for a soft and sophisticated option.

Cornice Board
Cornice Boards - Window Cornices - Wood Cornices - Fabric Cornices - DIY Cornice Kits

Carved wood cornice boards, do-it-yourself fabric covered cornice kits, fabric covered cornice boards create a wonderful window top treatment.

Pre-Made Panels
Pre-made Curtains and Draperies

Ready made curtain and drapery panels.

Drapery Term Glossary

Window treatments that are custom made have a language all their own. Definitions for custom window treatments.

Call us today for a quote on custom draperies.

Yardage Requirements
Making Slipcovers
Window Coverings
Bedroom & Bathroom

Your source for custom drapery, custom curtain and custom window treatment - draperies, window shades, swags and all your interior decorating needs. Our workroom will make your custom window treatment - just give us a call and we will assist you in creating that perfect look for your home commercial needs. Use your own fabric or let us help you find beautiful fabric to complement your decor. We will provide assistance from start to finish.

History of Window Treatments

As with most modern luxuries, window treatments, draperies, blinds, etc. all have their origin in practicality, solving a problem. Just think for a minute about the ancient people who lived before glass was invented. They had two very real problems, one: there were no glass windows and therefore it became very hot in the summer and cold in the winter, and two: there was no privacy with an open window. Now to solve the privacy problem, all they had to do was drape something over the open window. But the temperature problem required a bit more thought. Initially they would use animal skin over doors and windows to keep out the drafts and help insulate their living space. However, animal skins were stiff, heavy, and did not drape well. Also the variety was limited so everybody had pretty much the same window treatments as their neighbors. Then came better materials, wools, velvets and different colors. Now they were able to insulate themselves from the cold and the heat, gain some privacy and also take pride in more beautiful surroundings. Once glass was invented and glass windows became commonplace, the need for heavy insulated drapery material lessened and they could now start using sheers, laces, and other lighter weight materials for their draperies. Once they started looking at the aesthetics of their window coverings, it was a natural step for them to add other accessories like decorative rods and finials, valances, cornices, and blinds to control the light. Enjoy the assortment of window treatments that are now available to you and let us know if we can help you in any way.