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Trims and Tassels - Fringe by Style

Ball Tassels TrimBall Tassels
Ball Tassels Trim
Ball Tassels

Decorative beaded and fabric covered ball tassels. We have everything from simple pom pom style ball tassel trims to the ornate wood and beaded ball tassels. Great for adding flair to any decorative home decor project.

Beaded TrimBeaded Trim
Beaded Trim
Beaded Fringe and Beaded Tassels make up this Beaded Trim Collection that is offered in a variety of beautiful styles with colorfully beaded tassels and fringes for the budget minded to higher end decorator. All the bells and whistles have been pulled out in this beaded trim offering that is a conglomeration from a mix of fabric manufacturers offers over 900 fabulous looks in a mixture of colorways for putting that finished look on your drapery, curtains, pillows or upholstery project.
Braided TrimBraided Trim
Braided Trim
Decorative Braided Trims

A braided and often ornamental trimming that has two finished edges. Braided trim is typically more formal than a regular gimp or woven trim and is used for edging around curtains, upholstery and accessories.

Brush Fringe TrimBrush Fringe
Brush Fringe Trim
Brush Fringe

A brush fringe is a cut fringe that has a flat skirt made of thin yarns. The heading can vary from plain to a most elaborate gimp. This brush type of fringe is also commonly referred to as Chainette fringe. This brush trim collection includes a huge selection of brush fringes of all sizes and colors.

Bullion Fringe TrimBullion Fringe
Bullion Fringe Trim
Bullion Fringe consists of heavy twisted fringe whose cords are prominent. This Bullion Fringe and Corded Fringe Collection offers short and long bullion fringe for embellishing curtains, pillows, drapery and upholstery in a variety of colors for todays homeowner. Choose from a mix of various styles all grouped together from various trim manufacturers for choices for the budget minded to high end designer.
Buttons Rosettes and Frogs TrimButtons Rosettes and Frogs
Buttons Rosettes and Frogs Trim
Ooh Wee Smooey !! These decorative accents are just what the doctor ordered. This fabulous trim includes a fabulous variety of buttons for embellishing pillows, curtains, drapery and upholstery all in an exciting range of colors. Included are rosettes with beaded tassels along with some great looking frog trim for that special flourish.
Eyelash Fringe TrimEyelash Fringe
Eyelash Fringe Trim
Eyelash Fringe

This trim features long whispy threads of fringe bound together by a decorative binding. Eyelash fringe is typically thinner than most traditional fringes. Great for use on scarves and shawls, pillows, draperies, upholstery and other home decor.

Fabric Cord TrimFabric Cord
Fabric Cord Trim
Fabric Cording - Upholstery Cording

Cords consist of plied yarns (plies) that have been twisted together. Fabric Cording is frequently used in place of fabric welt cording when upholstering and for decorative draperies. This huge selection of fabric cording has cord with lip and without.

Fabric Trim BorderFabric Trim Border
Fabric Trim Border
Decorative Fabric Trim and Border perfect for a frilly accent for your home decor project is offered in this trim collection. Choose from a mix of great looking designs in colors that will add that special garnish on pillows, drapery, curtains and upholstery.
Gimp TrimGimp Trim
Gimp Trim
The Gimp Trim Collection contains elegant flat fabric trim perfect for edging pillows, curtains, valances and upholstered furniture. This type of gimp trim is commonly referred to as upholstery gimp. These gimp trims are offered in over 300 various choices in a mix of glorious colors for giving your decorating project that special enhancement.
Loop Fringe TrimLoop Fringe
Loop Fringe Trim
Choose from a variety of different loop fringe from a number of different manufacturers in a full range of colors for that special looking embellishment on curtains, drapery and upholstery project. These loop fringe trims include scallop styles, pleated, balls and tassels.
Outdoor Trims and EmbellishmentsOutdoor Trims and Embellishments
Outdoor Trims and Embellishments
Trimmings for Outdoor Use - Trims and Embellishments that can withstand the weather.
Tassel Fringe TrimTassel Fringe
Tassel Fringe Trim
Tassel Fringe combines the elegant border of a braid or flat trim with the sophisticated look of tassels. This offering of tassel fringe features over 350 choices for giving your decorating project that special look.
Tassels TrimTassels
Tassels Trim
Decorative Tassels

Tassels are delightful accents to a wide range of projects. Ideas for use include:

  • Edging for fine fabrics, particularly curtains, valances, canopies, tablecloths, towels, table runners, or pillows
  • Festive decorations for holiday stockings, napkin rings, serving cutlery, wine covers, or ornament covers
  • Brightening fabric or fabric-related items including footstools, curtain rods, pillows, or drapery ties as well as for hanging around your home just about anywhere
  • Tie Backs TrimTie Backs
    Tie Backs Trim
    Tie Backs or Chair Ties can help to provide a soft curve on each side of drapery panels framing a window or can add a unique accent to a dining room chair. For a soft fall of drape, attach the tieback either 1/3 down from the top of the window treatment or 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the panel. This trim offering of tie backs offers over 800 choices for the budget minded decorator to the high end designer.
    Wide Fabric Trim TapeWide Fabric Trim Tape
    Wide Fabric Trim Tape
    Wide Fabric Trim Tape gives you pattern choices in a wide variety of flat fabric trim tapes that range all the way to 5" wide to help give your homes decor that special embellished look.