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Set A Beautiful Table

Learn the art of presentation with our tips for setting a beautiful table with grace, style and ease. The rule of thumb: Keep to a simple color scheme and let one accent lead the way. Where to start? From the bottom up, of course.

Select linens that reflect your personal taste and that are appropriate for the occasion. You can either choose to use a tablecloth or go bare, accenting with a table runner and placemats. Choose napkins to complement your other linens or spice things up with bold colors. Click here for our guide to cloth napkins. Learn how to fold your napkins for great presentation and how to make them from your favorite fabric. For more napkin flair, consider these tips:

  • Tie napkins with a simple bow.
  • Napkin rings can be classic and uniform or quirky and mixed, depending on your personal style.
  • Fold a richly hued napkin into a square, place it in the center of the plate and place one flower bloom on each.

Tableware design can be classical or fashionable, sophisticated or romantic, formal or casual. The design we choose says something about the kind of people we are and must reflect the way we live and also harmonize with other things we have in our homes. Stoneware is hard and strong and has many practical advantages. Ovenproof, freezer and dishwasher proof, it is tough and flexible. However it is also thick and heavy and can only be decorated with a limited number of colors. Porcelain is a fine kind of pottery which is translucent (light will shine through it) and white. Although delicate to feel, it is durable and strong. It has many of the equalities of bone china but costs less to buy. Bone china is the English form of porcelain and the most perfect pottery body. Pure white, highly translucent and immensely strong, it can be made into the most delicate shapes and be decorated with the wildest rang of colors.

Just like in fashion, accessories are really what make the woman -- or the table as the case may be. Candlesticks and candles always add warmth and ambiance and should not be overlooked. Follow the lead of many caterers and stock up on inexpensive votive candles to give your table a seductive glow without the worries of wax. Designer tip: odd numbers work best. Flowers always add color and elegance to a table, whether you decide to place an elaborate centerpiece in the center of the table or several small vases along the length of the table, just be sure to keep the stems short enough so you can easily converse with guests. After all, the true key to setting a beautiful table is having happy guests.

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71 new discount fabrics in stock and available for immediate shipment. Our inventory is overflowing with great buys. Check out all the beautiful fabrics available direct from our showroom.

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