Volume 2, Issue 12

June 2004


Minor Changes - Major Impact

If you are ready for a new look in your home decor, give some of these ideas a try.

  • Paint the walls! Make the most of your time and money by painting and within a day or two you can transform a room. 
  • Add a Rug! Area rugs can define a space, change a color scheme, add personality and drama with minimal expense and effort.
  • Decorate the walls! Frame your family photos, add a mirror, decorative clock or sconce.
  • Buy or make a few accent pillows! Accent pillows are a wonderful source of color and personality in a room. If your décor allows, they can be changed with the seasons or just updated occasionally for a new burst of color and style.  View fabrics by theme and pillow inserts by size at InteriorDecorating.com
  • Move things around! Don’t be afraid to rearrange things in your home. Just changing the accessories or pictures from room to room can bring about a huge change.
  • Add pizzaz to the corners of your room by adding an artificial or natural tree with an uplight or a pedestal displaying a vase, plant, fern, flower arrangement, bust or collection items.
  • A room divider or oriental screen can significantly impact a room.

New Products
Affordable footstools available in many sizes -choose from basic colors or use your own material. Beautiful trims made of 100% solution dyed acrylic for outdoor or indoor use. Includes eyelash fringe, 2" cut fringe, chenille loop fringe, bullion fringe and cord with lip in several color choices. Elegant mirrors await your viewing on the first pages of our mirror collections.
Outdoor Use Fabric Decorative Crafts Lamps  

Foot Stools

Outdoor Trim

25 New Mirrors


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