March 2006


The first signs of spring are relaxing, aren’t they? The birds begin to sing; the breeze feels warmer. And the sun seems to shine brighter making all the beautiful colors of our world look breathtaking – the first, of which, is the myriad shades of green.

Considered an essential in any room, a touch of green can add tranquility to almost any atmosphere. By including a variety of green accents, you can bring the signs of spring indoors. A planter filled with live plants or imitation Sanibel Collection from Strohiem & Romanngreenery is one popular choice as well as a vase of flowers. Take a look around our accessories section to find the new hanging baskets and vases.

Foliage, however, is not the only way to add a touch of spring green to a room. Many wall items can suffice for that distinctive affect. From contemporary art work to traditional sconces, how you adorn your walls gives special insight into your style and tone. Whether you prefer the usual framed art or something a little different, you are sure to find what you’re looking for in our wall décor section, which now includes our new candle wall sconces and key holders.

Green, of course, is not the only fresh color spring brings. As new buds begin toContemporary Color Collection appear on flower tops, we catch a glimpse of nature dressing in a wide array of colors. Flowers and colors of all shades have long been a source for decorating. Browse through our floral fabrics to add a rich appearance to your room.

A change in fabric is another popular way to make an astounding change in any room. Whether you are redressing a couch, hanging new drapes or simply adding a new pillow, the choice in fabrics can be overwhelming. Visit our fabric section to see an assortment of all the new spring patterns available.

New Spring Collections
Fun Prints Collection
Decorative Plate Collection

Fun Prints Collection

This collection features a variety
of fun and whimsical patterns
including tropical, retro and
gambling fabrics.

Decorative Plate Collection

These beautiful, decorative porcelain
plates, featuring colorful original art in the
center, will attract attention no matter
where you display them.


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