November 2005
Holiday Decorating Themes

Ah, yes--it is that time of year again. The holidays are just around the corner and now is the perfect time to start decorating your home for the season. Choosing a theme for the holidays makes it easy to harmonize the decorations throughout your home. Whether you want to turn your home into a winter wonderland, a poinsetta palace or a luxury of lights, these holiday decorating themes are sure to spark some inspiration in decorating your home for the holidays.

Snowflakes and Sparkles

Transform your home into a winter wonderland by using snowflake-themed ornaments and decorations. Stick with two basic colors such as blue and silver. Hang sparkly snowflakes in windows or doorframes and apply self-adhesive snowflakes to windows. If decorating a tree, use snowflake ornamants, tin icicles and a few blue ornaments. Buy some artificial snow to sprinkle on the tree and under it to complete the snowy look. Trade in your regular centerpiece for a white poinsetta in a blue or silver flower pot or a large bouquet of white roses in a sparkling vase. White candles placed strategically throughout the room make a great accent. White icicle lights or snowflake lights can be draped over windows and doors, fireplace mantels, trees or across porches and decks.

The Joy of Color

One of the hottest holiday trends is replacing the usual color schemes with more bold colors. Bright and colorful holiday decor can be beautiful and fun. Choose a color (or two or three) to set your theme. Purple is a good choice and you might want to choose an accent color such as gold or silver. First, decorate you tree from head to toe in purple. Purple ornaments, purple lights, purple may want to toss a few silver peices in if you're afraid of going into purple overkill. Wrap your gifts in purple with silver ribbons or vice versa. Use different shades of purple, too; you don't have to stick to one color. Cover your dining table or end tables in purple velvet. Use purple, silver and white lights on the inside and outside of the house. Take a serving dish or bowl and fill with purple ornament balls to use as a centerpiece. Enjoy your colorful holiday!

Country Rustic

Woodsy cabins and mountain lodges inspire this country rustic theme. Think cozy log fires and relaxed family time - the true essence of the holidays! Create a rustic holiday theme by first replacing your everyday decor items with more rustic decor. Pinecones make great tree ornaments; they also go great grouped together in a small bowl. Create homemade potpourri by mixing dried leaves and berries in a wicker basket. Quilts also add a rustic look; use a quilt as a tree skirt and another to cover a nearby table. Tree decorations should be simple: birdhouses, pinecones, twigs and other country-inspired ornaments. Steer clear of flashy or colorful decor, you want to make your country-inspired holiday simple and cozy.

Candy Cane Craze

Satisfy your sweet tooth with this scrumptious decor. Greet your guests by lining your walkway with giant candy canes strung by white lights. String candy canes along your mantel, up your staircase or on window sills. When decorating a tree, use real candy canes as ornaments, along with red and white tinsil. Stick to red, white and silver wrapping paper on gifts under the tree. Accent your home with candy cane or peppermint votive candles to release that sweet candy smell. Arrange an assortment of candy canes in a dish to use as a centerpeice on your kitchen table or coffee table.

Glowing Gold

Using gold in your holiday decorating makes other colors more vibrant. Add wreaths, ornaments and amber-colored lights to create a warm gold tone in your home this season. Accent colors such as green and red compliment the warmth of gold. Stick to one or use both colors to create stockings, a colorful tree skirt and a lovely mix of ornaments on a tree. White on gold is another color option that creates a classic holiday look. Create a white and gold tree by combining shiny ornaments, lights and tinsil.


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