October 2005
Create a Cozy Guest Room

Here are some ways to make your guestroom more comfortable, warm and inviting. If you aren't expecting guests, these tips will work for any bedroom in the house!

A Comfortable Bed - This is the most important part! It is likely that your guests will spend most of their time actually in the bed. By providing a comfortable place for your guests to lay their head, you will be assured that their stay with your will be a great one. You don't have to have the most expensive, luxurious mattresses. However, you should make an effort to give your guests a sleeping place that you would be willing to sleep in. A flimsy foam pad or an uncomfortable sofa bed just won't do. If your budget doesn't allow for nice, new mattresses, try jazzing up the sleep space by adding a fluffy featherbed. Clean, crisp bed linens are a must. They don't have to be designer linens--cotton jersey sheets from Wal-Mart are inexpensive and comfortable. Make sure to add extra blankets or an electric blanket for chilly nights and allow for a good selection of pillows. Be sure to check out our bedding section for designer bed linens.

A Pleasant Space - Don't overcrowd the room with knicknacks and accessories. Keep the room decor simple - floral arrangements, picture frames, etc. are fine--just don't go into overkill with the accessories. Make sure to leave space for your guests to keep their belongings--leave a couple of empty drawers in the dresser, allow for extra space in the closet or provide a coat rack if space is limited. Make sure space is available to store suitcases and luggage. Leave room under the bed for easy access to personal belongings.

Personal Items - A basic alarm clock is a must. A phone and a bedside table lamp are also nice touches. Provide a small basket of few office supplies--pens and pencils, maybe a notebad. A box of tissues, a bottle of lotion and a scented candle also add a special touch. Provide a few of your favorite books or some recent magazines nearby for their reading pleasure.

Privacy - Choose window coverings that will provide privacy as well as contain the lighting of the room. Allow for maximum and minium light exposure to suit your guests needs. Browse through our window blinds and curtain rods to find the perfect window treatment for your room. Also, be sure to allow privacy from the rest of the house. Make sure the door locks are working and provide a divider screen for changing.

Special Touches - Create your own special touches to add to the room. Chocolates on the pillow, a tray of treats on the bedside table or even gourmet coffee or tea will make your guests feel like royalty. Keep a guestbook nearby so your guests can record their visit with you. It will be a great way for you to record memories of your guests later in life.

You’ll find that if you have everything in order for your guest’s arrival and everything is ready in the special place you’ve made for them, the visit will be a happy one for both of you. You’ll feel like a wonderful host and your visit will be memorable.


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