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2009 Color Forecast

Color is all around us. Color sets the mood. Determined to pick the right colors for our homes, many of us anticipate the color forecast by the experts. According to Window Fashions magazine, the 2009 forecast includes 22 established colors and 16 new introductions.

Red with its hot influence is here to stay. Hot pink, energetic orange-influenced red, a lighter burgundy and berry red are the colors to watch. Orange is brightening up from the past couple of years. Look for bright tangerine and a new coral. Yellow is the fastest traveling color to the eye. A bright cheery hue along with the long running antique gold are shades of choice for yellow.

Green remains one of the most widely used colors with a shift toward more blue influence. Blue is a constant in the color world. Navy is the "formal" blue while robin's egg seems to be on the decline. Purple is moving toward a more raspberry-like hue while brown continues to move in a lighter direction. Blue FabricTan and soft sand colors top the list.

Soft and safe, a focus on neutrals is the trend. Soft, light browns, spa-like blues, botanical greens and yellow-based reds are the colors to choose. New fabric collections for the fall are arriving daily. Fabrics shown above are from new collections on-line at - Click here to see the new collections.


Natural Elements Collection


The Natural Elements Collection includes an assortment of contemporary patterns, stripes and florals, all available in warm neutral tones.



New Jellybean Rugs

Jellybean Rugs

Jellybean accent rugs for indoors or out. Machine washable rugs that are fade resistant and quick drying to prevent mildew problems. These cute rugs can liven up any indoor room or outdoor space.

Creating Extra Long Curtain Rods
Using ¾" Standard Curtain Rods or 2½ & 4½ Dauphine Wide-Pocket Rods

On occasion, a window application may require a curtain rod of a longer length than is offered as a stock item or even as a special order item in stores. The basic 3/4" curtain rod is available in a straight 12 foot length.
Simply attach the short return pieces to the end and the job is done. However, this may be cost prohibitive since anything over 8 foot in length must be shipped by motor freight. This will cost a minimum of $125 just for the freight. In addition, a packaging fee will be added since the rods will require additional packaging to keep them from getting bent in transit. This is not a very cost effective method unless several windows are involved distributing the cost out per rod. The remedy is quite simple requiring a little bit of work and a few items to complete (duct tape, hacksaw, pliers, file). The following outlines a solution I have used more than a few times.

Purchasing the Supplies
The basic 3/4" standard curtain rod, 2½ or 4½" wide-pocket dauphine rod can be extended beyond the longest offered sizes of 120" to 156". First, buy the longest rod available making sure to select the return projection needed. The return is the distance that the rod projects out from the wall. Several different projections are available on the 3/4" rod: 1½", 2½", 3½" and 5½". On the wider flat 2½" and 4½" Dauphine rods the return projection should not be a problem as these rods include adjustable brackets allowing the return depth to be set as necessary. Second, after determining the longest rod available for the application, calculate how much more extra rod length needed and purchase ANOTHER curtain rod several feet or more longer than the length needed. A curtain rod extender is another option allowing extensions in lengths of 24" each.

To view the rest of this how-to article, click here...

Interior Mall also has several curtain rods available in extra long lengths. Click here to see all the options.

 New Discount Fabrics

Several new fabrics with your favorite logos. Coca-cola flannels and fleece for craft projects. Many new prints coming soon. Only a 1 yard minimum in our discount section. Check out all the beautiful fabrics available direct from our showroom.

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Fleece NFL