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Quality Bed Linens Isn't Just About Thread Count

The importance of quality bedding is becoming increasingly important to consumers. It is no longer about the look of the ensemble but the comfort. After all, we do spend 1/3 of our life in bed.

While thread count is important, there are other factors to consider when purchasing bedding.

  1. Fiber Quality
  2. Yarn Size
  3. Finishing
  4. Thread Count

Fiber quality refers to the content of the bedding. The majority of sheets are 100% Cotton with the most popular and the highest quality being 100% Egyptian Cotton. What makes Egyptian Cotton the best in the world? The length of the yarn and the growing process; the longer the yarn, the better the quality. The best cotton and most sought after is grown along the Nile River in Egypt and takes up to 2 years to grow. While the process may be slow, it is that, that gives it the reputation it has.

You can also purchase sheets made of silk, silk/cotton, modal and linen.

Yarn Size also plays an important role in bed linen quality. Higher quality is achieved with a finer yarn because more is able to be woven together per square inch. Finer yarns allow for lighter, more supple fabric.

After the the weaving process, the fabric must be finished. The finishing process includes singeing and mercerizing. Singeing burns off tiny fuzz that can occur during pilling. Many lower quality and low thread count sheets will do this after just a few times of washing.

Mercerizing is conducted under tension. It increases strength, luster and affinity for dye.

Many of the higher-end bedding companies will do both of these processes before allowing their product to be sold.

Thread Count is the most commonly known quality when speaking of bed linens. The only thing the majority of consumers know about thread count is that the higher the thread count, the better the quality. This is a common misconception. Jut because a fabric has a high thread count does not mean is is the best. Given the right yarn and the right weaving process a 300 thread count sheet can feel like a 600 thread count sheet. Thread count is the number of threads per square inch of a fabric. This can, however, be misleading. Because thread count is such a huge marketing tool in the bedding industry right now, some companies will use a 2 ply yarn to achieve a higher thread count. The best quality fabric is made from 1 ply yarn with 1 pick. The higher-end bedding companies such as SFERRA Linens use the 1 ply yarn approach.

Next time you are in the market for a new sheet set take into consideration these important factors and you should get the best quality sheets for your needs.


New Sheet Sets

NBAChoose among Egyptian Cotton and Combed Cotton Sateen with these great sheet sets available in a variety of colors, styles and thread counts.








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NascarThe right lamp shade can set off a lamp, table or even a whole room.

Decorative lamp shades, sconce shades and chandelier shades for every size and style.

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