September 2009
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Halloween Costumes Made Easy

Girls Halloween CostumeThe topic for most conversations for the next month will probably have something to do with what candy needs to be purchased, what scary and creepy decorations to put where and the all important, what will I dress up as this year. Costumes are a vital part of a child's fall memories and can often be a source of anxiety for parents. Costumes can be found at any mall or retail store but fighting crowds and high price tags aren't usually worth it for the one time your child will wear the costume. Renting costumes from a costume shop is also an alternative but most of these costumes come with a high price and can't be returned if your child has a spill or accident. This year, why not create the costume of your child's dreams at home?

So you've decided to conquer the costume at home this Halloween. Where to start? Once you have decided what your child wants to be, step back and think of what the base of the costume can be. Baby onesies, zip up hoodies, tights, leotards and sweat suits make great blank canvases for starting a costume. With these basic items you can sew, glue, paint, bedazzle, pin or stick on costume accessories.

Many items you may need can be found around your home. Buttons, for example, can serve as eyeballs on Mummy Halloween Costume monsters. Fabric scraps can be used as fringe on a cowboy,wear and tear on a scary zombie costume or as wrapping for a mummy custume. For those things you may need and don't have lying around the house, make sure to think economically when purchasing them. Purchase items that can be used again next year or can serve a different purpose after Halloween.

When purchasing fabrics for costumes make sure to avoid fabrics that wrinkle, tatter or fray. When possible, always go with a flame retardant or fire Little Red Riding Hood Costumeresistant fabric. Candles and lit pumpkins are a great addition to spooky decor but can always be a danger when children are around. Other fabrics that can prove useful include sheer fabrics for veils and tutus. Velvet fabrics are great for capes and inexpensive faux leathers are perfect for cowboy chaps or biker gear. Shag fabric and faux furs can also be used for a multitude of costumes ranging from Elmo to Einstein and animals to angels.

No matter what your child decides on this Halloween, make it fun. Some of the best costumes can't be found in large department stores and Halloween shops, they're the ones that took a little thought and effort both by the parent and the child. Getting your child to help with their costume is a fun way to include them in what they will be wearing as well as an excuse to make some home made memories of your own.

NEW Bump-i-Doodle


For sitting, jumping, stacking and playing. Soft fleece covered Bump-i-doodles will provide hours of fun for children of all ages. They are filled with polystyrene beads and the cover is removeable and machine washable.

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NEW Unique Trim

Peacock Feather Trim

Know what you want but cannot seem to find it anywhere? We have the unique and hard to find trims that you are looking for. Trims ranging in size, colors and textures. Feather trim, Camo trim, Animal Print Trim, Exotic Beaded Trims and more..

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 New Discount Fabrics

Discount Fabric Lots of closeouts - going fast. Quilting fabrics and more in our discount fabric section. Check out all the beautiful fabrics available direct from our showroom.

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Cotton prints and Vinyls.

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