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Easy Window Treatments for an Elegant Bedroom

Window treatments have the power to change the entire look and feel of a room. A room that is supposed to be elegant and sophisticated will not appear nearly as stylish without the right window treatments. The appearance of the windows says a great deal about a room and a bedroom only looks as good as the fabrics and wall décor that surround and embellish the windows. Make a statement by choosing just the right window treatments to stamp your unique signature on your elegant bedroom. You can turn it into the stylish abode you have always dreamed of.

Begin with Blinds or Shades
Room darkening blinds or shades are important in any bedroom, but window coverings do not have to be unattractive to effectively block out light. They should efficiently block out light when necessary, but they should also look graceful and appealing, especially in an elegant bedroom. Blinds or shades should also let in adequate light when sleep is not an issue and you can have it all if the right choices are made.

Consider choosing room-darkening roman shades in a hue that matches the primary accent color of the room. They are elegant and highly practical. Choose a brand that offers an auto-locking pull cord or select a cordless variety if you do not like the appearance of cords. Cordless roman shades can be positioned to just the right height without unattractive cording of any type.

If roman shades are not your style, consider fringed roller shades in a color that coordinates well with your elegant bedroom. Most high-quality shades are white on the side that faces the street and colored on the interior side. They are elegant yet easy to install, operate and care for.

Add Drama with Hardware
Hardware is far more important than many people realize. Rods and holdbacks can be ordinary or highly decorative and they can make or break the entire look you are trying to achieve. For an elegant bedroom, consider choosing solid wood rods with rich authentic finishes or rods with dramatic filigree finials. The options are truly endless and you can find high-quality rods with finials to match any style or elegant décor.

Many beautiful rods with elegant finials have matching holdbacks for paneled curtains and drapery. They really add a finishing touch to window treatments and they add an air of drama while serving a valuable purpose. When decorating an elegant bedroom with panels of any type, consider choosing holdbacks to match decorative rods. This is an easy way to complete the look of window treatments while letting natural light shine in.

Simple yet Elegant Scarf Valances
Scarf valances are one of the most elegant toppings you can choose for paneled curtains or drapery. Yards of flowing fabric add an air of elegance to the room and it is an easy look to achieve. Scarf valances can be gracefully draped over a decorative rod mounted on extended brackets. It gives a three dimensional look to windows while adding a considerable amount of classic elegance and the ways in which the valances can be draped are many. From a single dip in the center to waves of fabric across the tops of windows, the options for design are numerous.

Marquees above Windows
Window treatments go beyond yards of fabric that surround and cover panes of glass. Window treatments can also include the area directly above windows and marquees add a tremendous amount of elegance to otherwise ordinary windows. Consider choosing elegant cast resin marquees to mount above window treatments for added design and exceptional appeal. A signature is the finishing touch on a fine work of art and a marquee is the signature above elegant bedroom windows.

No matter the color and design of walls and bedding and regardless of furniture and accessories chosen for an elegant bedroom, the window treatments really do make or break the entire look of the room. Choose window treatments wisely and invest in the overall appearance of your bedroom abode. Windows are the eyes of your home and the window treatments you choose say a great deal about your individual style and how much you truly care about the complete appearance of your elegant bedroom.

Jessica Ackerman is a senior staff writer for Wall Decor and Home Accents and she has extensive experience in interior design. Jessica specializes in decorating vertical spaces with wall sconces, large wall decor, mirrors and wrought iron wall art.

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