February 2006

Making Your Own Style

Decorating any room can be challenging, especially if the styles your room displays are completely different. Your sofa is more traditional while the side tables are contemporary. Maybe you’ve just purchased an antique armoire that does not match the bedding you’ve just had made. Fortunately, your decorating dilemma may be answered. Ever heard the word “eclectic”?

This seems to be the new buzz word in decorating. But what does “eclectic” mean? From a decorators stand point, the eclectic style mixes a variety of styles together to create the look that you can enjoy most. This style is a “no rules” decorating type that could be the one you’ve been looking for.

An eclectic environment is comfortable and lived-in while still reflecting your individual attitude, creating a personalized theme between color, furniture, accessories, etc. For instance, you may have a chair and a side table of two different styles, but you can add a lamp, statue or candle holder to connect these two styles. Look through our lamps and accessories categories for just the right embellishment to complete your own eclectic room.

Another way you can develop your own eclectic style is to utilize different styles and patterns of fabrics. You can add a beautiful slipcover over your traditional sofa to help blend it in with your more contemporary furniture; recover your pillows to help match them with your current sofa pattern; or choose a fabric for new drapes. Whether you choose solids, stripes or prints, make sure to employ a unifying color. Check out the many new fabric patterns and prints we have available. We’ve added several new sheers, faux silks and outdoor fabrics.

Eclectic designs have personal touches and intriguing contrasts, a mix of eras and cultures tied together by complementary color, pattern and texture . By using some or all of your pieces, you can accomplish an eclectic style that is uniquely your own. It doesn't matter if you prefer modern, country, contemporary or traditional; eclecticism can be applied successfully.

Beautiful Accessory for Wine Bottles

Exquisite and stunning, these innovative silver bottle stoppers are perfect for a special occasion or for everyday use. They are beautiful as a decorative addition to your wine bottle displays as well. Makes a perfect gift as well.

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Innovative Bottle Stoppers
bronze, bronze statues, bronze sculptures
Beautiful Candlesticks & Holders

Wall Sconces

Classic, elegant and functional decor for your home. Available in a stunning array of designs and materials.


Crushed Suede

It's hard to find a fabric that's inexpensive, tailors well, wears well and can be cleaned with a wet cloth with mild soap. Faux suede is all of these things and can be used on traditional and modern pieces alike. Faux suede is inexpensive (about 1/6 the price of real suede), easy to clean (you can wash it yourself) and it comes in a wide range of colors so you're sure to find one that's perfect for your home.

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Crushed Suede

Tropical Outdoor Prints

Outdoor Prints
Choose from a large selection of floral, solid and striped prints. Outdoor decorator
fabrics specially made to withstand the harsh outside conditions.

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