Outdoor Fabric

Shop and buy Outdoor Fabric online including outdoor drapery fabric and outdoor upholstery fabric. All outdoor fabrics are offered by the yard at discount prices with outdoor fabric samples available along with quick shipping and unsurpassed customer service. You can buy outdoor fabrics which include selections from Sunbrella to Tommy Bahama and a variety of other great outdoor fabric manufacturers such as Waverly, Duralee, P Kaufmann and Novel. Also included are long lasting outdoor marine vinyl fabrics and other great waterproof outdoor fabric offerings.
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Awning Material Fabric
Awning Material >
Awning Material Fabrics for outdoor awnings.

Boat and Automotive Vinyl Fabric
Boat and Automotive Vinyl Fabric >
The Boat and Automotive fabrics include outdoor fabric that are suitable for use in automotive or boat upholstery. These Naugahyde brand fabrics are available in assorted colors and styles to fit all your outdoor vinyl upholstery fabric needs.

Floral Outdoor Fabric
Floral Outdoor Fabric >
Thee floral outdoor fabrics includes waterproof outdoor fabrics with floral prints from a wide range of outdoor fabric manufacturers. With a large variety of styles and colors to choose from, your outdoor drapery an upholstery needs can be found here when looking for a floral outdoor fabric.

Fun Print Outdoor Fabrics
Fun Print Outdoor Fabrics >
Brand new fun prints for indoor and outdoor upholstery fabric use. In the designs of these outdoor fabrics you will find fun chevrons, lattice weaves, geometric designs all in a rainbow of colors. From black and white to vibrant oranges, limes and yellows, you are sure to find an outdoor fabric perfect for your deck or patio.

Outdoor Sheer Fabrics
Outdoor Sheer Fabrics >
Outdoor Sheer Fabrics Sheers safe for outdoor use.

Outdoor Textures and Patterns Fabric
Outdoor Textures and Patterns >
Fun Print outdoor fabric includes waterproof outdoor fabrics in a large assortment of fun and whimsical prints. This grouping of outdoor fabrics from various fabric manufacturers include modern themed outdoor fabrics that offers solids, beach prints, polka dots, flip flops and more! Prices for these outdoor fabrics for drapery and upholstery range in price from the budget end to the higher end of designer fabrics.

Solid Outdoor Fabric
Solid Outdoor Fabric >
The Solid Outdoor Fabrics includes outdoor fabric in solid colors from a grouping of major fabric manufacturers. This large selection of colors are available to help you find the perfect match for your drapery and upholstery needs. These solid colored outdoor fabrics range in price from the budget end to the high end of designer fabrics, with all being ffered online by the yard at discount prices with samples also being available.

Stripes and Plaids Outdoor Fabric
Stripes and Plaids Outdoor Fabric >
Striped & Plaid Outdoor Fabrics includes outdoor fabrics in striped and plaid patterns for drapery and upholstery use. This selection of outdoor fabrics is a combination from multiple manufacturers and offers fabrics that range from the low budget end to high designer end in fabrics. These waterproof fabrics are a great outdoor or indoor furniture fabric and are offered in a variety of styles and colors for your outdoor drapery and upholstery needs.

All Seasons V Fabric
All Seasons V >
Charlotte Fabrics All Seasons V

All Seasons V

All Seasons Volume 3 Fabric
All Seasons Volume 3 >
Charlotte Fabrics All Seasons Volume 3 Solution dyed acryclic fabrics in a range of colors. Include mathcing stripe and solids.

All Seasons Volume 3

All Seasons Volume 4 Fabric
All Seasons Volume 4 >
Charlotte Fabrics All Seasons Volume 4 offers fabric for drapery and upholstery made of 100% solution dyed polyester in bright and vibrant colors featuring patterns such as paisleys, beach scenes, sea life, tropical florals and leaves, stripes, contemporary chevrons and coordinating solids

All Seasons Volume 4

Andrew Martin Barrington                                                                             Fabric
Andrew Martin Barrington >
Kravet Fabrics Andrew Martin Barrington Kravet Coture Outdoor Fabric. Solution dyed polypropylene with long-lasting performance.

Andrew Martin Barrington

Andrew Martin Sophie Patterson Outdoor Fabric
Andrew Martin Sophie Patterson Outdoor >
Kravet Fabrics Andrew Martin Sophie Patterson Outdoor

Andrew Martin Sophie Patterson Outdoor

Andrew Martin The Secret Garden Indoor Outdoor Fabric
Andrew Martin The Secret Garden Indoor Outdoor >
Andrew Martin The Secret Garden Indoor Outdoor

Andrew Martin The Secret Garden Indoor Outdoor

Boardwalk Outdoor Fabric
Boardwalk Outdoor >
Premier Prints Fabrics Boardwalk Outdoor offers outdoor upholstery and outdoor drapery fabrics made of 100% polyester that features patterns with fun little crabs, pineapples, stripes, modern tropical leaves and splashy geometrics in fun bright lively colors.

Boardwalk Outdoor

Cabana Fabric
Cabana >
Charlotte Fabrics Cabana includes solution dyed acrylic fabrics.


Cabo Carmel Outdoor Solids Fabric
Cabo Carmel Outdoor Solids >
Cabo Carmel Outdoor Solids Solution dyed polypropylene fabrics with a water resistant finish. Budget-friendly prices.

Casa Del Mar Indoor Outdoor                                                                          Fabric
Casa Del Mar Indoor Outdoor >
Novel Fabrics Casa Del Mar Indoor Outdoor Agora safe home performance fabrics for indoor and outdoor use. Solution dyed acrylic. Bleach cleanable.

Casa Del Mar Indoor Outdoor

Echo Outdoor Ibiza Fabric
Echo Outdoor Ibiza >
Kravet Fabric Echo Outdoor Ibiza upholstery fabrics are not only great for outdoor use, but for indoor use as well with its long lasting durable fabric options.

Echo Outdoor Ibiza

Exotic Expressions Fabric
Exotic Expressions >
Premier Prints Fabrics Exotic Expressions outdoor fabrics are made from a long lasting 100% polyester fabric that offers a range of great designs who's patterns feature modern damasks, Jacobean florals, tropical leaves and a large vertical variation of a fleur.

Exotic Expressions

Fall Outdoor 2021 Fabric
Fall Outdoor 2021 >
PK Lifestyles Fabrics Fall Outdoor 2021

Fall Outdoor 2021

Home And Garden Act III Fabric
Home And Garden Act III >
Maxwell Fabrics Home And Garden Act III offers modern designed outdoor drapery fabric and upholstery fabric for giving your outdoor area an updated look.

Home And Garden Act III

Home And Garden Act IV Fabric
Home And Garden Act IV >
Maxwell Fabrics Home And Garden Act IV features a great mix of solid colored and textured woven patterns in outdoor fabrics for upholstery use.

Home And Garden Act IV

Home And Garden Act IX Fabric
Home And Garden Act IX > New
Maxwell Fabrics Home And Garden Act IX

Home And Garden Act IX

Home And Garden Act V Fabric
Home And Garden Act V >
Maxwell Fabrics Home And Garden-act V Indoor and outdoor fabric constructions are solution-dyed, bleach cleanable, fade resistant, anti-microbial & come with a five-year limited warranty.

Home And Garden Act V

Home And Garden Act VI Fabric
Home And Garden Act VI >
Looking for a little something to spruce up your home? Look no further than Maxwell's Home & Garden category! You'll find a wide variety of decorative performance indoor/outdoor fabrics, perfect for any project you have in mind. With classic motifs like cabana stripes, palm leaves, and Greek key patterns, you're sure to find the perfect fabric for your needs.

Home And Garden Act VI

Home And Garden Act VII Fabric
Home And Garden Act VII >
Looking for a beautiful, velvety fabric that can be used indoors or out? Look no further than Palermo! This plush, cotton-look velvet is available in 33 rich colorways, including trend-forward copper and poblano green. Palermo is soil-, stain-, and water-repellent, making it the perfect fabric for any project.

Home And Garden Act VII

Indoor Outdoor Fabric
Indoor Outdoor Fabric >
This Indoor and Outdoor Fabric provides a wide range of patterns including florals, stripes and solids in natural earth tones as well as fun tropical colors to brighten up any room or outdoor space.

Indoor Outdoor Momento Fabric
Indoor Outdoor Momento >
Robert Allen Contract Fabrics Indoor Outdoor Momento features great looking modern patterned upholstery fabrics and coordinating solids that are great for indoor use but also perfect for outdoor use as they are made of fade resistant polyester, olefin and Sunbrella fibers.

Indoor Outdoor Momento

Lakeville Indoor Outdoor Woven Fabric
Lakeville Indoor Outdoor Woven >
Duralee Fabrics Lakeville Indoor Outdoor Woven are a 58" Wide, UV resistant 100% Polyester Outdoor Upholstery Fabric that is rated at 50,000 Double Rubs and rated as UFAC Class I fire retardant. These outdoor rated fabrics are Anti-Microbial, Water Repellant, Anti-Bacterial and proudly Made In The USA

Lakeville Indoor Outdoor Woven

Lizzo Indoor Outdoor Fabric
Lizzo Indoor Outdoor >
Kravet Fabrics Lizzo Indoor Outdoor

Lizzo Indoor Outdoor

Modern Eclectic Fabric
Modern Eclectic >
Grey, White and Natural tones with some bold navy and cobalt patterns make this a outdoor fabric dream collection.

Modern Eclectic

No Consequences Fabric
No Consequences >
Silverstate Fabrics No Consequences feature indoor/outdoor polyester fabrics

No Consequences

Oceania Outdoor Fabric
Oceania Outdoor Fabric >
Kravet Oceania Outdoor Fabric offers a mix of great looking outdoor drapery fabric and outdoor upholstery fabric made of long lasting 100% solution dyed acrylic that will withstand years of abuse.

Oceania Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor Designer Fabric
Outdoor Designer Fabric >
Plaza Fabrics Outdoor Designer Fabric offers some really cute beach looks along with tropical patterns in fabrics made of 100% polyester that were designed for outdoor drapery and light upholstery use in a 15,000 double rub rated fabric that is UFAC Class 1 fire retardant and proudly made in the USA.

Outdoor Designer Fabric

Outdoor Fall 2019 Fabric
Outdoor Fall 2019 >
PK Lifestyles Fabrics Outdoor Fall 2019

Outdoor Fall 2019

Outdoor Indoor Wovens Fabric
Outdoor Indoor Wovens >
Outdoor Indoor Wovens by Charlotte Fabrics offers a great mix of outdoor upholstery fabrics made of 100% solution dyed woven olefin fibers that are soil and stain repellent as well as being water resistant, all while offering great color fastness.

Outdoor Indoor Wovens

Outdoor Indoor Wovens II Fabric
Outdoor Indoor Wovens II >
Charlotte Fabrics Outdoor Indoor Wovens II outdoor upholstery fabrics made of olefins and polyester offer modern pattern choices in some lively color options.

Outdoor Indoor Wovens II

Outdoor Sling Fabric
Outdoor Sling >
Outdoor Sling by Charlotte fabrics features outdoor upholstery fabrics that are made of 100% coated polyester and exceed 100,000 Wyzenbeek double rubs. These outdoor upholstery fabrics are also water, fade, mildew, bacteria and stain resistant

Outdoor Sling

Outdoor Vibrant Wovens Fabric
Outdoor Vibrant Wovens >
Charlotte Fabrics Vibrant Wovens

Outdoor Vibrant Wovens

Outdoor Wind And Sea Fabric
Outdoor Wind And Sea >
The Wind and Sea fabric offers outdoor drapery and upholstery fabrics made of 100% polypropylene in designs for the beach. This is a fun and lively fabric offering in colors that will make you feel like you are on vacation year round.

Outdura Outdoor Fabric
Outdura Outdoor Fabric >
Novel Fabrics Outdura outdoor fabric features patterns including tweeds, stripes, zebra and modern geometric designs along with other unique designs can be found in these drapery and upholstery fabrics for outdoor use.

Outdura Outdoor Fabric

Ovation Outdura Fabric
Ovation Outdura Fabric >
Novel Fabrics contemporary outdoor fabric for upholstery use is featured in the Ovation Outdura fabric collection.

Ovation Outdura Fabric

Patio Plains Fabric
Patio Plains >
Charlotte Fabrics Patio Plains includes weather resistant plains and textures. Solution dyed yarns are stain resistant and pet friendly. Water based cleaners.

Patio Plains

Patio Prints Fabric
Patio Prints >
Charlotte Fabrics Patio Prints will spice up your outdoor patio or sunroom. From fun pineapples to classic stripes and checks, these polyester indoor/outdoor fabrics are liquid, stain, fade, mildew and bacteria resistant. Passes fire codes as well.

Patio Prints

Patio Prints II Fabric
Patio Prints II >
Charlotte Fabrics Patio Prints II Outdoor fabrics that are stain and weather resistant. Gorgeous outdoor prints that will create the look you want for your patio and pool.

Patio Prints II

Performance Plains Indoor Outdoor Fabric
Performance Plains Indoor Outdoor >
Kravet Fabrics Performance Plains Indoor Outdoor Book 10275

Performance Plains Indoor Outdoor

Sea Island Indoor Outdoor Fabric
Sea Island Indoor Outdoor >
Kravet Fabrics Sea Island Indoor Outdoor

Sea Island Indoor Outdoor

Seaqual Fabric
Seaqual >
Kravet Fabrics Seaqual If you are looking for fabrics that are earth-friendly, Seaqual Yarn is a high quality 100% post-consumer recycle polyester yarn containing Upcycled Marine Plastic.


Shine On Performance Fabric
Shine On Performance >
If your looking for outdoor upholstery fabrics then Stout Fabrics Shine On Performance is just what you need. Offering great looking designs these outdoor upholstery fabrics are made of a blend of solution dyed acrylic and solution dyed polyester for colorfast and durable fabrics as shown by their double rub ratings.

Shine On Performance

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Outdoor fabrics have been around since the dawn of time. The first outdoor fabrics were leaves and animal skins due to their inherent ability to provide shade and repel water. Outdoor fabrics have been used for everything from roofing material to tents to primitive furniture like hammocks. Today you can buy outdoor fabrics in new man made materials that not only give you protection from the elements, but also offer beautiful colors and patterns which resist fading and deterioration. Sunbrella is one of the foremost manufacturers of outdoor fabrics and is used for marine use, outdoor furniture, patios, sunrooms and more.