June 2009 
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  • Arch and Eyebrow Window Treatments
  • New Uwharrie Chair Outdoor Furniture
  • New Contemporary Drapery Hardware
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Arch and Eyebrow Window Treatments

Arched WindowsSpecialty windows can dramatically improve the look of your home. Blocking light, heat or creating privacy can prove to be a difficult task without the right tools and knowledge. Here are some ideas for making the most of your arched windows and eyebrow windows.

If you need to block light coming through your arched window or to control privacy - shop for window shades or blinds. There are many options for arched windows. Since there are so many types of arched windows, ordering custom made window blinds or shades is an easy way to get a perfect covering for such windows.

Another option is to treat the arch/eyebrow separately from the entire window. For example, cover the arch with wooden shutters or honeycomb shades and put roman shades, bamboo shades, draperies or another type of window treatment below. Use our sunburst window kit to make a perfect fit fabric treatment.
Arch Window Rod

Regular pocket rod window panels can be hung on an arched rod. You can find arched curtain rods here. Once the curtain is hung, you can cut the bottom straight across and re-hem it or use tie backs and let them cascade down the sides. You will want to use extra long panels for this.

Hang tab top curtain panels from antique hooks installed around the arch of the window. Cut the bottom straight across and re-hem.
Eyebrow Shutters

Installing wooden shutters that include a sunburst top that fills the arch attractively is a popular option. Create beautiful simplistic lines with custom shutters. Let more light in by installing shutters or blinds across the window while leaving the arch exposed. Metal Arch Window TreatmentsHang a decorative window scarf in the arched section. Achieve this look by installing three hooks or drapery ornaments. Install one on each side and the third one at the top center or off to one side depending on your personal preferences.

Chances are you picked a home with arched windows because you thought they were beautiful. Unless privacy is an issue, why not leave them bare or at least nearly bare. You can add interest or coordinate them with your décor by hanging a simple swag treatment above them or you can place a standing translucent floor screen in front of them to filter light.

To give the windows some extra interest when you do not want to cover the window, you can add panels of fabric between or on either side of the windows hung from attractive hooks or window ornaments or short curtain rods.

NEW Uwharrie Chair Outdoor Furniture

Uwharrie Chair - Outdoor Furniture
Uwharrie Chair's unique outdoor furniture collections combine classic American styling with extraordinary comfort and character. These heavy, generously scaled products are hand crafted from thick, kiln-dried pressure treated southern yellow pine, an American renewable resource. A distressed finish treatment provides an antique, weathered appearance. With their rugged good looks and solid construction, these chairs and their companion pieces will provide comfort and character for years to come.
Uwharrie Chair - Shop Now >>

NEW Contemporary Drapery Hardware

Contermporary Curtain Rod - Casa Valentina Curatin Rod

Tradition, Passion, Fantasy - All words that make up the excellence and craftsmanship of Casa Valentina's product. Highly innovative and fresh, these contemporary drapery rods are sure to turn heads in your home.
Shop Contemporary Drapery Hardware>>


 New Discount Fabrics

Discount Fabric Lots of closeouts - going fast. Quilting fabrics and more in our discount fabric section. Check out all the beautiful fabrics available direct from our showroom.

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Upholstery and Drapery Patterns
Cotton prints and Vinyls.

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We want your photos! We are compiling images from our customers to show what they have used some of our products for. Whether it was fabric, wallpaper, bedding, whatever send us your photo and a short description along with permission to use your image and you just might find it in our next newsletter or on our blog and facebook pages. Please send all images and information to design@interiormall.com