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How To Make a RugFor our fifth DIY fabric project, we have recovered an old kitchen rug with new fabric and created a brand new rug using a black floor mat. With so many cute fabric patterns available, choosing just one for this project was a difficult choice. After reading several ideas on creating a rug out of fabric, we have combined the options to create our own. However, the following questions emerged that we want to put to the test. Will using polyurethane make the rug "slippery when wet"? Can you just cover over an old rug rather than buying a rug mat?

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Tip: After completing the project and putting the rugs into use, we found that the top coat created a rough texture which was not slippery at all. Recovering the used rug was super easy and looks better than new with the great fabric we chose.

Gather Supplies
New or Used Rug/Floor Mat
Spray Adhesive
Water based Polyurethane
Duct Tape

Gather Supplies


Step 1. Cut your fabric about 2-3" wider than your rug. Next line the fabric up on your rug making sure the pattern is even. Once you have it placed, fold back half the fabric to the middle and spray adhesive in a good, even coat. Fold fabric back over adhesive and smooth out any wrinkles as you go. Repeat on the other half.

Step 2. Flip the rug over and fold the edges. Use duct tape to hold the fabric down. Another option is to trim the edges to fit the mat. (See Trimmed Edge Rug) Click here for the how-to >>

Step 3. Spray an even coat of polyurethane or clear acrylic to seal. We suggest applying 2-3 coats.


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