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Cooling Down....the Costs Effective Way

In these hard economic times, everyone is cutting back on their spending. They are doing everything they can to save a penny here and save a penny there. While being energy efficient helps our environment, it also helps your wallet.

One way we can save on energy costs is by using a ceiling fan. While a fan doesn't actually cool down a room it does circulate the air in the room to help cool you down; It makes your skin feel at least 5° cooler and you might save between 10% and 40% on your energy bill.

Many consumers often forget that it isn't always about how big the fan is. Yes, you need the appropriate size fan for your room, however, the pitch of the blades and the rotation of the blades is what really gives the maximum airflow. A couple of tips to remember: 1. During winter heating, your fan blades should rotate in a clockwise motion. This helps push up and pull down the warm air to improve heat distribution. 2. During summer cooling, your fan blades should rotate in a counter-clockwise motion.

Something to remember when installing your ceiling fan is how far from the ceiling it should hang. Fans should be between 7 feet and 9 feet from the floor. Your fan should be no closer to the ceiling than 10 inches. Anything less will restrict the airflow and lower the fans efficiency.

And remember, many more fan companies are making fans that are Energy Star rated and just because they are Energy Star does not mean you have to sacrifice with the look of the fan. Within the past few years Hunter Fan Company has created a full line of Energy Star approved fans that help save on your energy bill and look great too!

*Both fans, shown in this newsletter are Energy Star approved.

NEW Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany Lamps

Tiffany lamps are one of those timeless pieces that never grow old and are always a focal point in any room. They make great gifts for a wedding or birthday.
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