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How To Make Flip Flops with FabricFlip-flop weather is here and the girls at InteriorDecorating.com are excited about this month's project. Scouring the net and Pinterest for projects, a fabric flip-flop makeover seems to be just the DIY for us. After picking cute fabric prints, we sent out a shopping expert to find the most inexpensive flip-flops in town. We chose several styles to test out and our results are fabulous. This inexpensive, quick DIY is great for anyone including the kids. See all our Fabric Projects >>

Tip: If you use printed fabric that is one-sided, we recommend sewing the strips into tubes so that the white, non-printed side does not show. The Batik fabric worked perfectly as the print goes all the way through and did not need to be sewn.

Gather Supplies
Scissors/Pinking Shears
Flip Flops

Flip Flops


Flirty and stylish, this pair of flip flops takes about 2 yards of fabric. To begin, cut two strips of fabric 6 x 72 inches. Loop and knot the fabric at the base of the flip flop. To create this knot, thread the fabric under the straps and pull up evenly and tuck back through. Next wrap the straps with the fabric and tie on your ankle. That's it. Easy.

See complete instructions for each type of flip flop shown above on our website. Click here for the how-to >>


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