Tiffany Style Lamps

Beautiful assortment of all Tiffany style lamps. Tiffany style lighting is found in every period mode, from the most formal to the very casual. Like other Works of Art, Tiffany products will always find a place in the "eye of the beholder".

Dale Tiffany LampsDale Tiffany Lamps
Dale Tiffany Lamps
Shop Tiffany hand made art glass lamps for your home by Dale Tiffany. Beautiful styles and quality, discount prices and free shipping on most items.
Meyda Tiffany LampsMeyda Tiffany Lamps
Meyda Tiffany Lamps
Meyda Tiffanys extensive line includes table and floor lamps, ceiling pendants, flush and semi-flush mounted ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, wall sconces, windows, fireplace screens, furniture and more. With one of the industry's most extensive new product development programs, Meyda Tiffany creates scores of new designs weekly.
Tiffany Style LampsTiffany Style Lamps
Tiffany Style Lamps
Shop all shapes and sizes of Tiffany lamps at one time. Browse Tiffany table lamps, floor lamps and accent lamps or a tiffany chandelier. Free Shipping available on most items within the contiguous United States.
Small Tiffany Accent Light LampsSmall Tiffany Accent Light
Small Tiffany Accent Light Lamps
Choose a Tiffany style accent lamp for your entry way, desk or other spot that a small tiffany lamp will fit. Great selection of mini lighting including accent lamps, decorative lamps and accent lights at your tiffany lighting store.
Tiffany Buffet LampsTiffany Buffet Lamps
Tiffany Buffet Lamps
Reproduction Tiffany Buffet Lamps include many stained glass styles. Buffet lamps, tiffany candlestick and console lamps are typically 32 to 36 inches tall. These sofa table, sideboard and buffet lamps are discount priced.
Tiffany Ceiling Fan Light LampsTiffany Ceiling Fan Light
Tiffany Ceiling Fan Light Lamps
Tiffany Ceiling Fan Lights and light shades or sconces at discount prices. Large selection of Tiffany ceiling fan light kits and other Tiffany lighting for home and office.
Tiffany Ceiling Lights LampsTiffany Ceiling Lights
Tiffany Ceiling Lights Lamps
Art glass Tiffany ceiling lights are mounted close to the ceiling or flush mounted. Some are even considered semi flush mount lighting. The beautiful antique Tiffany lamp reproductions are crafted with the highest quality and style. Selection includes replacement tiffany shades and fixtures.
Tiffany Chandeliers LampsTiffany Chandeliers
Tiffany Chandeliers Lamps
Tiffany style chandeliers feature traditonal and modern art glass or stained glass looks. From floral chandeliers to grapes and fishscale, these reproduction Tiffany hanging lights range from single pendants to 3 light to 12 light fixtures.
Tiffany Desk LampsTiffany Desk Lamps
Tiffany Desk Lamps
Tiffany Desk lamps with Free Shipping offer available. Shop desk and accent lamps made for your desk. Tiffany style bankers lamps included.
Tiffany Floor LampsTiffany Floor Lamps
Tiffany Floor Lamps
Tall Tiffany floor lamps include lamps that are 58 to 64 inches tall. A Tiffany style floor lamp features art glass shades and is made to stand alone to light up your space next to a sofa or entry way. You can use a floor lamp in just about any space.
Tiffany Lamp Bases LampsTiffany Lamp Bases
Tiffany Lamp Bases Lamps
Meyda Tiffany Lamp Bases to update or replace your broken Tiffany lamp bases. These Tiffany style replacement parts by Meyda Tiffany offer lamp bases for table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling lighting.
Tiffany Lamp Bases
Tiffany Lamp Shades LampsTiffany Lamp Shades
Tiffany Lamp Shades Lamps
Choose from over 700 Tiffany Lamp Shades of every type in these Tiffany stained glass replacement shades, glass sconces and globes. These Meyda Tiffany lamp shades are great for replacing existing lamp shades on floor lamps and table lamps to give them a unique new look.
Tiffany Lamp Shades
Tiffany Novelty LampsTiffany Novelty Lamps
Tiffany Novelty Lamps
Tiffany Novelty Lamps includes turtle lamps, butterfly lamps, bird lamps and more.
Tiffany Pendant Lights LampsTiffany Pendant Lights
Tiffany Pendant Lights Lamps
Select a beautiful hanging Tiffany Pendant light from our large selection of Tiffany pendant lamps. These ceiling mounted pendants feature classic and modern art glass designs.
Tiffany Pool Table Lights LampsTiffany Pool Table Lights
Tiffany Pool Table Lights Lamps
Stained glass billiard lighting with classic looks. These gorgeous pool table lights hang from the ceiling to illuminate your pool table.
Tiffany Table LampsTiffany Table Lamps
Tiffany Table Lamps
Extensive line of Meyda Tiffany and Dale Tiffany style table lamps. The average table lamp is 26 to 34 inches tall. The base of the shade should be eye levely when seated. Shop beautiful stained glass table lamps.
Tiffany Torchiere Lamp LampsTiffany Torchiere Lamp
Tiffany Torchiere Lamp Lamps
Tiffany Torchiere Lamps and Uplight Floor Lamps with stained glass shades. These unique lamps cast light upward for a beautiful look.
Tiffany Wall Sconces LampsTiffany Wall Sconces
Tiffany Wall Sconces Lamps
Tiffany style wall lights and lamps with one, two or more lights for a beautiful look in your hallway, bathroom and more.
Mission Style LampsMission Style
Mission Style Lamps
Mission Style Lighting along with the Arts And Crafts movement became popular at the turn of the 20th century. The emphasis is on simplicity, straight lines, geometric shapes and handcrafted pieces. Ornamentation may be from wrought iron, brass and woods, especially oak.
Nouveau                                  LampsNouveau
Nouveau                                  Lamps
Art Nouveau: decorative design and architectural style developed in England in the 1880s. The style is characterized by the usage of sinuous, graceful, cursive lines, interlaced patterns, flowers, plants, insects and other motifs inspired by nature.
Rustic Lodge                             LampsRustic Lodge
Rustic Lodge                             Lamps
Inspired by the call of the wild and the great wonders of nature the Rustic Lodge lighting features accent lamps adorned with pinecones, bears, fish, ducks and many more of natures creatures.
Victorian LampsVictorian Lamps
Victorian Lamps
A style derived from the late 19th century British period. Typical of Victorian lighting details are candelabras with decorative ornaments, colored glass lanterns, fixtures with brass and cut glass and dangling crystal fringes.
Beautiful assortment of all Tiffany style lamps. Tiffany style lighting is found in every period mode, from the most formal to the very casual. Like other Works of Art, Tiffany products will always find a place in the "eye of the beholder".