Specialty Curtain Rods

A wide variety of specialty curtain rods and hardware are offered including ceiling curtain tracks for cubicle curtains and drapery in a variety of styles that includes flexible curtain rods. Also offered are magnetic curtain rods, magnetic sash rods and magnetic cafe curtain rods as well as the wider 2 1/2" magnetic dauphine rod. For arched windows there are curved curtain rods and arched curtain rods to accomodate a variety of shapes. Tapestry rods to help highlight your tapestries are also offered in a variety of styles. For a modern look wire curtain rod systems for hanging your curtains are available in cutting edge designs. A large variety of Scrolls and Crowns are also available for use in standard and arched windows as fabric hold backs for those window treatments. Last but not least are panel track as well as swing arm curtain rods also called a crane curtain rod that offer an easy way to swing open your curtains.

Great selection of curtain rods including curtain tracks, magnetic curtain rods, cafe and sash curtain rods, tapestry rods, arched curtain rods, flexible curtain rods, curved curtain rods, wire curtain rod systems, panel tracks and swing arm curtain rods at discount prices.