Specialty Curtain Rods

A wide variety of specialty curtain rods and hardware are offered including ceiling curtain tracks for cubicle curtains and drapery in a variety of styles that includes flexible curtain rods. Also offered are magnetic curtain rods, magnetic sash rods and magnetic cafe curtain rods as well as the wider 2 1/2" magnetic dauphine rod. For arched windows there are curved curtain rods and arched curtain rods to accomodate a variety of shapes. Tapestry rods to help highlight your tapestries are also offered in a variety of styles. For a modern look wire curtain rod systems for hanging your curtains are available in cutting edge designs. A large variety of Scrolls and Crowns are also available for use in standard and arched windows as fabric hold backs for those window treatments. Last but not least are panel track as well as swing arm curtain rods also called a crane curtain rod that offer an easy way to swing open your curtains.
Ceiling and Curtain Track
Ceiling and Curtain Track >
These curtain tracks with hardware are ideal for a wide variety of uses including draperies and cubicle curtains. These curtain tracks are designed for ceiling as well as wall mount and include rigid metal tracks as well as curved and flexible curtain tracks. These curtain tracks are perfect for home use, especially when hanging large heavy draperies and for high ceiling applications. Cubicle curtain tracks that are used in hospitals are offered as well as buttery smooth traversing drapery track used in hotels. Hardware for installing these curtain tracks is offered for variety of different applications. If you need help selecting the right track for your particular use or are looking for cubicle curtains call our knowledgeable customer service representatives or email us for a quote.

Flexible Curved and Arched Rods
Flexible Curved and Arched Rods >
These curtain rods include a variety of different types of curved, flexible and arched curtain rods. One type offers a medium and heavy duty hand bendable, flexible curtain rod that will curve around bay and bow windows as well as having the ability to curve it into S shapes. Also included are curved curtain rods for arch, sunburst and porthole windows. Featuring Rods for:
  • Arched Window Curtain Rods
  • Flexible Curtain Rods
  • Curved Curtain Rods

Magnetic Curtain Rods
Magnetic Curtain Rods >
These magnetic curtian rods allow you to hang cafe curtains without using tools. Magnetic curtain rods attach in seconds to all steel doors without adhesives, nails, screws, or tools. Magnetic curtain rods are ideal for sheers and light weight curtains and are available in several variations which include the smaller cafe and sash rods to the larger pocket dauphine rod to clear magnetic curtain rods. The magnetic cafe and sash rods are perfect for narrow door sidelights as well as standard size metal door windows. When using a sheer fabric and you don't want the curtain rod to show, try the clear magnetic curtain rod for an uninterrupted look. Also included is a magnetic mini blind that is offered in 2 standard door window sizes.

Swing Arm Curtain Rods
Swing Arm Curtain Rods >
Swing Arm Curtain Rods and Crane Rods are Not like most curtain rods that are attached to the wall or window trim on both ends. Not the case with swing arm curtain rods, these unique curtain rods are attached only on one side. When the draperies are closed, they appear like any other rod. But to open them, simply pull back on the rod or the draperies themselves and they swing like a door on a hinge. The rod is screwed into a bracket attached on the wall or window moulding and can open from either the left side or the right.

Many people choose swing arm curtain rods in areas where they want to open up the window to let in light or a breeze. Often you will see this type of window hardware used on the bottom half of cafe curtains in a kitchen, but they work well on draperies too. If you were to decoratively line draperies, for example, you could have them closed to display one colour of fabric, but when you swing them open and lay them flat against the wall adjacent to the window, you can display a completely new fabric and dress up the walls as well with swing arm curtain rods.

Tapestry Rods
Tapestry Rods >
The Tapestry Rods includes decorative tapestry rods with brackets that are designed especially for hanging your tapestries on the wall for display. This great selection of tapestry hangers and tapestry rods are all offered to you at discount prices.

Flexible Curtain Track and Superflex
Flexible Curtain Track and Superflex >
Quality curtain track with many applications. Wall and ceiling mount. Residential and commercial. Hang curtains and draperies for bay and bow windows, around tubs, photo studios, cubicle dividers and so much more. Install for extra long traverse track for straight runs as well. Sold in kits and custom by the foot to accommodate your project. Superflex is the current product that is suitable for most projects. Heavy duty is being phased out but we have many pieces left.

Optitrac Cubicle Track
Optitrac Cubicle Track >
Metal ceiling mounted cubicle track system offers exceptional performance with easy movement. Available in several sizes with custom cutting and bends available.

Optitrac Cubicle Track

Window Treatment Scrolls and Crowns
Window Treatment Scrolls and Crowns >
Lightweight decorative window treatment crowns add so much to your window treatments. These decorative window treatment scrolls are used to hang stationary window treatments. These window treatment scrolls and crowns are perfect for arched windows and specially shaped windows.

Window Treatment Scrolls and Crowns

Great selection of curtain rods including curtain tracks, magnetic curtain rods, cafe and sash curtain rods, tapestry rods, arched curtain rods, flexible curtain rods, curved curtain rods, wire curtain rod systems, panel tracks and swing arm curtain rods at discount prices.