Jacquard Fabric

Shop Jacquard Fabric for drapery and upholstery use online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with jacquard fabric samples available along with unsurpassed customer service.
Classic Jacquard Fabric
Classic Jacquard Fabric >
Looking for a classic and timeless fabric? Jacquard fabric is defined by the weaving process, which results in a fabric that is both unique and stylish. Greek key, florals, stripes and other designs are all available in jacquard fabric.

Damask Jacquard Fabric
Damask Jacquard Fabric >
Damasks are formal satin base Jacquard fabrics. These drapery and upholstery fabrics feature classic damask jacquard fabric in a variety of styles and great colorways.

Fun Jacquard Fabric
Fun Jacquard Fabric >
Fun Jacquard Fabrics in modern themes for drapery and upholstery use are available in a variety of color and pattern choices that are great for giving your homes decor an updated modern look.

Silk Jacquard Fabric
Silk Jacquard Fabric >
Gorgeous 100% silk jacquard fabric in beautifully woven styles in a variety of colors can be found in these silk jacquard drapery and upholstery fabrics.

Capital Designs Fabric
Capital Designs >
Michaels Textiles Fabrics Capital Designs offers sateen faux silk drapery fabrics and upholstery fabrics featuring patterns such as stripes, interlocking circles, damasks, wonderful silk look fabrics with horizontal slubs, zebra patterns and large interlacing diamonds all made of 100% polyester.

Capital Designs

Costantina Jacquard Drapery Fabric
Costantina Jacquard Drapery >
Novel Fabrics Costantina Jacquard Drapery #371 features jacquard woven drapery fabrics that are great for all types of window treatments offer elegant looking designs for traditional to modern home decor in a neutral color range with many featuring metallic effects. These decorative woven jacquard drapery fabrics are sure to add that special touch to your homes decor.

Costantina Jacquard Drapery

Designer Jacquards Fabric
Designer Jacquards >
Mitchell Fabrics Designer Jacquards offers 36 wonderful intricate jacquard fabrics in damasks, small doted solid patterns, stripes in a multitude of coordinated colors and striated solid tone on tone verticals all made of long lasting colorfast 100% polyester.

Designer Jacquards

Drapery Jacquards Fabric
Drapery Jacquards >
Mitchell Fabrics Drapery Jacquards has all the jacquard fabrics with the designs that will give your window treatments that special look. These jacquard fabrics offer choices from a wonderful group of patterns that include broken stripes, gorgeous large scale paisleys, a broken-lined abstract pattern, medallion damasks and a mix of coordinating solid colors.

Drapery Jacquards

Gramercy Parade Fabric
Gramercy Parade >
Europatex Fabrics Gramercy Parade offers jacquard woven fabrics for drapery and upholstery use made of a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester in a modern lattice and a swirl pattern whose detail is raised.

Gramercy Parade

Imperiale Fabric
Imperiale >
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Imperiale offers traditional jacquard fabrics in shades of ebony, gold, ivory and antique for drapery and upholstery use.


Jacquard House Fabric
Jacquard House >
Wesco Fabrics exclusive designer fabrics featured in Jacquard House features modern jacquard woven fabrics and damasks for drapery and upholstery use.

Jacquard House

Lucid Fabric
Lucid > New
Lucid by Europatex is a wide width jacquard woven fabric. Perfect for events and draperies, this shiny fabric is beautiful.


New Directions Fabric
New Directions >
Michaels Textiles Fabrics New Directions offers jacquard fabrics in large pattern repeats for larger size rooms made of 100% polyester that feature patterns such as wonderful florals, damask style leaves, modern geometrics and leaf jacquards in 39 gorgeous pattern color choices.

New Directions

Polished Fabric
Polished >
Kasmir Fabrics Polished features multipurpose wovens and textures. These tradional jacquard weaves have a shiny appearance. Kasmir Book 1478 Textures


Silk Jacquards And Embroideries IV Fabric
Silk Jacquards And Embroideries IV >
Beacon Hill Fabric Silk Jacquards And Embroideries IV offers an eclectic mix of modern pattern choices in a variety of color combinations that are sure to brighten up any homes decor.

Silk Jacquards And Embroideries IV

Silk Jacquards And Embroideries V Fabric
Silk Jacquards And Embroideries V >
Beacon Hill Fabric Silk Jacquards And Embroideries V drapery fabrics feature coral colors in a mix of modern pattern choices with large repeats.

Silk Jacquards And Embroideries V

Silk Jacquards And Embroideries VI Fabric
Silk Jacquards And Embroideries VI >
Beacon Hill Fabric Silk Jacquards And Embroideries VI offers modern drapery fabric choices in embroidered and silk jacquard fabrics with large pattern repeats in coral colors.

Silk Jacquards And Embroideries VI

Silk Jacquards And Embroideries VII Fabric
Silk Jacquards And Embroideries VII >
Beacon Hill Fabric Silk Jacquards And Embroideries VII drapery fabrics offer silver gray and tan color choices in a modern mix of coordinated jacquard fabrics with many being embroidered and containing silk fabric blends.

Silk Jacquards And Embroideries VII

The Gallantry Fabric
The Gallantry >
Michaels Textiles Fabrics The Gallantry features a mix of jacquard patterns offering damasks, zebra patterns, a small stria with slubs, an intertwining modern vertical striped look, twining small leaves all made from long lasting and colorfast 100% polyester.

The Gallantry

Waltz Fabric
Waltz >
The Waltz fabric collection is an assortment of modern jacquard fabrics in a variety of geometric and damask prints. Bold colors and reversible designs make this fabric collection perfect for draperies, window treatments and bedding.

Wilderness Studio G 9193 Fabric
Wilderness Studio G 9193 >
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Wilderness Studio G 9193 has jacquard drapery fabric and upholstery fabric in woven, printed and embroidered fabrics that will blow you away with patterns featuring Swedish folkloric leaf emblems, classy geometrics, stripes, wilderness toile, meadow of plants and flowers along with a modern horizontal chevron flamestich in 5 modern color choices.

Wilderness Studio G 9193

A type of damask, the jacquard fabric began with the invention of the jacquard loom, a machine invented by Joseph Marie Jacquard in 1801. The mechanism punched holes into multiple pasteboards. Each board is punched and strung together in order to make the desired damask brocade design. This machine allowed the jacquard fabric to be mass produced. Today, computers have taken the place of the loom. This technology shift has drastically cut down on production time thereby decreasing the cost of jacquard fabrics, which at one time, use to be very pricey. Shop through these jacquard fabrics that are great for upholstery, drapery and curtains.