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Denim Fabric

Shop and buy Denim Fabric including denim drapery fabric and denim upholstery fabric online by the yard at discount prices with denim fabric samples available. If you don't see the denim fabric you are wanting to buy online, just give us a call or email us and we'll be happy to assist you with all your denim fabric needs.

Denim Print FabricDenim Print Fabric
Denim Print Fabric
Printed and Striped Denim fabric along with embroidered denim fabric make up this interesting denim print fabric offering which is suitable for upholstery, drapery and bedspread use.
Solid Color Denim FabricSolid Color Denim Fabric
Solid Color Denim Fabric
These Solid Colored Denim Fabrics feature an assortment of cotton denim fabrics available by the yard in a variety of finishes and washes in traditional solid colors including blue, white, black and red. The denim fabric found here is suitable for upholstery and window treatment use.
Twill FabricTwill Fabric
Twill Fabric
Looking for a fabric that looks similar to denim but with a better drape? Look no further than twill fabric! With a ridged herringbone V shaped diagonal weave, twill fabric is perfect for a variety of window treatments and upholstery projects.
Pottery Twill FabricPottery Twill
Pottery Twill Fabric
The Pottery Twill fabric collection by Magitex features the best pre-shrunk and brushed twill fabric available. Soft, solid colored twills for draperies, bedding, pillows, upholstery and more.
Pottery Twill
Pure And Simple V FabricPure And Simple V
Pure And Simple V Fabric
Cotton duck and twill canvas fabrics with the look of denim for bedding, window treatments and upholstery can be found in Maxwell Fabrics Pure and Simple V. These fabrics offer three pattern choices in 87 different colors in a washed cotton, a heavy cotton twill with a denim like appearing fabric and a lovely 8oz cotton duck canvas.
Pure And Simple V
Trieste Twill FabricTrieste Twill
Trieste Twill Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Trieste Twill offers 32 pattern choices in a twill 100% cotton fabric that is suitable for drapery and upholstery use.
Washed Denims And Twills FabricWashed Denims And Twills
Washed Denims And Twills Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Washed Denims And Twills
Washed Denims And Twills
Buy denim fabric of all types in a variety of colors by the yard at discount prices with quick shipping and with denim fabric samples also being available. Denim Fabric is great for use in upholstery, drapery along with a variety of other home decor purposes. Although denim fabric has been in use in America since the eighteenth century, it originated from Nimes, Frances and the Andre Family. The term denim comes from the French term, "serge de Nime". Denim Fabric is a form of cotton that uses diagonal ribbing and sturdy weaves. Denim Fabrics have come a long way since the eighteenth century France. Besides being used for overalls and other apparel, it is also a popular choice for interior designers. With a wide array of colors, styles, and washes, denim fabric can be used for anything home decor.