Lining Fabric

Shop Lining Fabric for drapery lining and curtain lining online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with quick shipping, samples and unsurpassed customer service. Featuring Roc Lon lining fabric and Hanes lining fabrics you have the satisfaction of knowing your getting top quality lining fabric. Choose from the popular thermalsuede to super challis and blackout lining fabric. For those who want color in their lining fabric, we have that for you too. We handle lining fabric from every manufacturer, so if you don't see the lining fabric you are looking to purchase online just give us a call or email us and we will be happy to assist you.
Blackout Lining Fabric
Blackout Lining Fabric >
Looking for a lining fabric that is not only stylish but also functional? Look no further than our Blackout Lining Fabric! This fabric is specially developed to incorporate blackout, insulation, and flame resistance, making it perfect for a variety of applications. With a woven textured design and vibrant colorations, this fabric is sure to add a touch of style to any project. Additionally, the aerocellular acrylic foam backing provides excellent insulation properties.

Curtain Lining Fabric
Curtain Lining Fabric >
Looking for a budget-friendly way to lengthen the life of your draperies and add a fuller, finished look? Check out our selection of drapery lining fabrics in white, beige, ivory, and other colors. Our economical and flame resistant lining fabrics are sure to meet your needs.

Flame Retardant Lining Fabric
Flame Retardant Lining Fabric >
The flame retardant blackout lining fabric and fire resistant lining fabrics offer an array of solid colors that are 100% Blackout. These fire retardant lining fabrics are suitable for draperies, bedspreads, tabletops and wallcoverings.

Solid Color Lining Fabric
Solid Color Lining Fabric >
A great assortment of solid color lining fabrics are offered in these lining fabrics. This solid colored lining fabric is used as a backing for drapery and curtain panels. Lining Fabric can provide body and fullness, light control and privacy. Often colored lining fabrics are decorative and chosen to be a pleasing contrast to the drapery fabric.

Blackout Fabric
Blackout >
Maxwell Fabrics Blackout 3 pass blackout in textures and solids. Choose from Matte, Brushed and Melange styles. Super drapery blackout fabrics for sun and heat.


Blackout II Fabric
Blackout II >
Maxwell Fabrics Blackout II3 Pass Blackout - modern drapery textures.

Blackout II

Drapery Linings Fabric
Drapery Linings >
Drapery lining fabric in a variety of pattern choices are offered in these Novel Fabrics.

Drapery Linings

Drapery Linings 505 Fabric
Drapery Linings 505 >
Kasmir Drapery Linings Book 505 features budget friendly to premium drapery linings. Add value to your window treatments by using lining and interlining. Benefits include noise reduction, light control, additional privacy, energy efficiency, hides seams and hems.

Drapery Linings 505

Eclipse Blackouts Fabric
Eclipse Blackouts >
FR Blockout fabrics. RM Coco Fabrics Eclipse Blackouts. All 3 patterns pass NFPA 701 fire tests. Nocturne is a stipple effect. Celestial is a canvas look. Eclipse is a linen look blackout. 3-pass blackout for commercial and residential projects.

Elegant Linings III Fabric
Elegant Linings III >
RM Coco Fabrics Elegant Linings III offers all types of drapery linings including bump cloth, interlining, suede, sateen, outback, and lights out a blackout lining fabric for lining your draperies, curtains, and window treatments.

Hospitality Blackout Fabric
Hospitality Blackout >
Lady Ann Fabrics Hospitality Blackout NFPA 701 fire retardant blackout drapery fabrics. From solids to textures and stripes, these neutral blackout fabrics 3 Pass polyester drapery fabrics.

Hospitality Blackout

Lights Out Fabric
Lights Out > New
Stout Fabrics Lights Out Blackout drapery fabrics.

Lights Out

Lights Out Fabric
Lights Out >
Lights Out by Gabe Humphries offers drapery linings that are a great compliment to any drapery or curtain or can be hung alone as a bold statement. With 40 color choices, these solid colored drapery linings with their 100% poly color fast structure make them durable for years to come. Either way you choose, these room darkening drapery lining fabrics are a perfect addition to any drapery project and are bargain priced in the low end.

Lining Fabric
Lining >
RM Coco Fabrics Lining features drapery linings for the budget minded decorator.

Lining Book Fabric
Lining Book >
The RM Coco Fabrics Lining Book offers you choices of 32 different lining fabrics for draperies and curtains with some being fire retardant.

RM Coco Designer Linings Fabric
RM Coco Designer Linings >
RM Coco Fabrics Rm Coco Designer Linings includes everyday lining, blackout lining, fire retardant linings, interlings, felt, flannel and bump cloth.

Twilight Dimmers Fabric
Twilight Dimmers >
FR Light controlling dim out fabrics. Passes NFPA 701. RM Coco Fabrics Twilight Dimmers includes several patterns and colors that control incoming day light with a dense, color matched backing that is woven directly into the face pattern.

Drapery Lining is an inexpensive way to protect your drapery investment. It is used to protect draperies, especially silk and velvet ones, from direct sunlight that can fade and discolor them. Lining fabric can also be used as an extra layer of insulation keeping cold out in winter and keeping heat out in summer. Lining Fabric also has an aesthetic appeal in that it can make draperies drape better and look fuller. We proudly represent Hanes Lining fabric and Roc Lon Lining fabric because of the high quality their lining fabrics are known for. These lining fabrics include thermalsuede, super challis and blackout along with colored lining fabrics. We handle lining fabrics from every fabric manufacturer, so if you don't see the lining fabric you are looking to purchase here, please give us a call or email and we'll be happy to assist you.