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Satin Fabric

Shop gorgeous Satin Fabric for home decorating use including window treatments, pillows, curtains, drapery, bedding and upholstery. You can buy these satin fabrics online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with satin fabric samples available along with quick shipping and unsurpassed customer service.
If your a fan of satin fabrics you should also check out the faux silk fabric selections.

Antique Satin FabricAntique Satin Fabric
Antique Satin Fabric
Antique Satin Fabric in a multitude of colors. Defined by slubbed or evenly woven threads antique satin fabric works great for draperies, bedding, accessories and some light upholstery.
Embroidered Satin FabricEmbroidered Satin Fabric
Embroidered Satin Fabric
Embroidered Satin

A fabulous assortment of Embroidered Satin fabrics in damask and florals to stripes and scrolls.

Printed Satin FabricPrinted Satin Fabric
Printed Satin Fabric
Printed Satin Fabric, whether you need polka dots,animal print or damask, these printed satin fabrics feature an array of patterns with great looking designs on printed satin that is perfect for bedding, draperies and throw pillows.
Solid Satin FabricSolid Satin Fabric
Solid Satin Fabric
Solid Satin Fabrics in a variety of shiny solid designer colors. These solid colored satin fabrics are great for curtains, draperies, bedding, pillows and accent upholstery use.
Striped Satin FabricStriped Satin Fabric
Striped Satin Fabric
Striped Satin Fabric featuring a variety of gorgeous stripes from small scale stripes to large scale stripes. This striped satin fabric is great for curtains, drapery and upholstery use.
Camelot FabricCamelot
Camelot Fabric
Michaels Textiles Camelot offers satin fabrics in an assortment of solid satiny colors. These satin fabrics are a great choice for drapery, curtains, window covering treatments, bedding and pillows.
Camelot IV FabricCamelot IV
Camelot IV Fabric
Lady Ann Fabrics Camelot IV faux silk antique look satins. A huge range of colors in this budget friendly antiqued satin fabric.
Camelot IV
Classic Satins FabricClassic Satins
Classic Satins Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Classic Satins - Antique Satins
Contessa FabricContessa
Contessa Fabric
Kast Fabrics Contessa features antique satin fabric in a multitude of gorgeous colors that will add a spark to your homes decor. The Contessa fabric collection is defined by slubbed or evenly woven threads antique satin works great for all types of window treatments, curtains, draperies, bedding, accessories and some light accent upholstery.
Drapery 118 Bergamo FabricDrapery 118 Bergamo
Drapery 118 Bergamo Fabric
Novel Fabrics Drapery 118 Bergamo 353 offers satin fabrics in drapery and curtain weight fabrics in some great looking modern designs with solid colored coordinates in colors for today's style of living.
Drapery 118 Bergamo
FR Satin FabricFR Satin
FR Satin Fabric
The FR Satin fabric collection by Meyer Fabrics offers inherently flame resistant satin fabrics in all the latest designer colors. These satin fabrics are perfect for draperies, curtains and bedding. These budget priced satin fabrics are in the mid range of low end.
Northport Satins Volume II FabricNorthport Satins Volume II
Northport Satins Volume II Fabric
Duralee Fabrics Northport Satins Volume II features satin drapery fabrics made of a cotton and polyester blend in over 45 solid color choices.
Northport Satins Volume II
Pure And Simple VI FabricPure And Simple VI
Pure And Simple VI Fabric
Exclusive to Maxwell Fabrics, the Pure and Simple VI is a silky smooth washable poly satin fabric that is offered in 64 colors and is suitable for draperies, pillows, bedding and upholstery.
Pure And Simple VI
Sateen FabricSateen
Sateen Fabric
Sateen is a cotton fabric using a satin weave pattern that produces a sheen and softer feel to this 100% cotton fabric. Covington Fabrics offers a rainbow of 46 colors in their Sateen fabric collection.
Sateens FabricSateens
Sateens Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Sateens offers sateen fabric for drapery and upholstery in classic modern patterns featuring geometric circles, Greek key, modern lattice and coordinating solids. Made from 100% woven polyester these fabrics have a luster resembling satin. Rated at over 100,000 Wyzenbeek rubs, these heavy duty fabrics are also fire retardant being rated as UFAC CLASS 1 and are easily cleanable with a water based cleaner.
Satin Dolls FabricSatin Dolls
Satin Dolls Fabric
Wesco Fabrics Satin Dolls fabric offers 5 different patterns with some unique characteristics not typically found in satin fabrics. Offered in over 100 wonderful solid color choices these fabrics are the perfect choice whether accenting a bold pattern on existing decor as well as for creating complementary pillows, drapery, bedding or as light use accent furniture upholstery.
Satin Dolls
Satin Splendor FabricSatin Splendor
Satin Splendor Fabric
Stout Fabrics Satin Splendor drapery and upholstery fabric features a great mix of solid colors in a horizontal ribbed textured pattern that will give your homes decor that special look.
Satin Splendor
Super Satin FabricSuper Satin
Super Satin Fabric
Unique and budget friendly the Super Satin fabric features faux silk dupioni/shantung fabric on one side with a gorgeous satin textured fabric on the other. These satin fabrics offer 64 gorgeous color choices that are perfect for curtains, bedding, drapery and special occasions.
Beautiful Satin fabrics in a variety of solid designer colors. Satin fabrics are great for curtains, draperies, bedding, pillows and more.