Upholstery Fabric

Shop and buy Upholstery Fabric for furniture, sofas, chairs, cushions, pillows and other home decor accessories. Here you will find the perfect high-performance upholstery fabrics in a range of styles from modern to traditional as well as transitional in a variety of fiber types for residential and commercial requirements. All upholstery fabrics are offered online by the yard at discount prices with upholstery fabric samples available, quick shipping and unsurpassed customer service. For assistance please call or email one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives.
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A La Carte Earthen Fabric
A La Carte Earthen >
Kasmir Fabrics A La Carte Earthen features upholstery fabrics in earthy back to nature color choices in some very handsome pattern choices.

A La Carte Earthen

Aberdeen Fabric
Aberdeen >
A rainbow of heavy duty upholstery fabrics from the Coco Classics line by RM Coco Fabric. This upholstery fabric is a budget minded fabric that is supple enough to be used for window treatments and available in a plethora of color choices.

Alston Fabric
Alston >
Novel Fabrics Alston offers a wonderful selection of woven modern upholstery fabrics offering patterns with designs such as vermicelli, ink splotches, stripes both horizontal and vertical, damask fleurs, abstract branches, circular lattice, contemporary diamonds, geometrics and more.


Arden Textures Fabric
Arden Textures >
Novel Fabrics Arden Textures upholstery fabric collection includes 3 great looks, a linen blend with a light glazed look, a velvet fabric that has a sheen to it with a hand that feels like an animal skin along with an opaque velvet fabric in a range of glorious colors.

Arden Textures

B Berger Sausalito Fabric
B Berger Sausalito >
B Berger Fabrics Sausalito offers upholstery fabrics featuring several different stripes, a spiral pattern and a fretwork lattice all in a heavy weave proudly made in the USA.

B Berger Sausalito

B Berger Taffeta Weaves Fabric
B Berger Taffeta Weaves >
B Berger Fabrics Taffeta Weaves offers woven upholstery fabrics with great looking stripes, small plaids, tone on tone vertical stria, unique tone on tone plaids, horizontally ribbed weaves and a finer solid colored woven pattern choice all made of 100% cotton in the USA.

B Berger Taffeta Weaves

Barbara Barry Panorama Fabric
Barbara Barry Panorama >
Kravet Fabric Barbara Barry Panorama upholstery fabrics are perfect for those wanting a beautiful heavy duty designer upholstery fabric with a modern look.

Barbara Barry Panorama

Basics Fabric
Basics >
Kravet Fabric Basics by Gaston y Daniela, features scrumptious upholstery fabrics in over 200 solid color choices.


Black Palms Fabric
Black Palms >
Black Palms by Ralph Lauren Fabrics features drapery and upholstery fabrics in linen and silk stripes, modern global prints, a gorgeous herringbone and other unique patterns in shades of black, gray and white.

Black Palms

Cellini Upholstery Fabric
Cellini Upholstery >
Novel Fabrics Cellini Upholstery #374 is all about upholstery fabrics and it offers some great ones in its faux linens and chenille velvets for upholstery use.

Cellini Upholstery

Clarke And Clarke Contract II 9099 Fabric
Clarke And Clarke Contract II 9099 >
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Contract II 9099 offers heavy duty commercial upholstery fabric in 54 solid color choices made from durable, colorfast, mold and mildew resistant, spill and stain resistant 100% polyester.

Clarke And Clarke Contract II 9099

Color Theory True Blue Fabric
Color Theory True Blue >
Kasmir Fabrics Color Theory True Blue upholstery fabrics offer 51 great pattern choices in shades of blue.

Color Theory True Blue

Common Roots Upholstery Fabric
Common Roots Upholstery >
Robert Allen Contract Fabric Common Roots Upholstery offers a great group of modern themed upholstery fabrics in a variety of great looking patterns that coordinate with the Common Roots drapery fabric collection.

Common Roots Upholstery

Deco Plains Fabric
Deco Plains >
Novel Fabrics Deco Plains offers 3 pattern choices in solid colored upholstery fabrics that include: Rashad a faux linen upholstery fabric, Riley a velvet upholstery fabric with a grasscloth look and Todd another faux linen upholstery fabric. All of these upholstery fabrics are made of 100% polyester with two of the patterns being rated at 100,000 double rubs and one at 50,000.

Deco Plains

Denim Fabric
Denim >
Robert Allen Fabrics Denim upholstery fabrics offer a mix of great looking patterns in the denim blue color family.


Distinctive Textures I Fabric
Distinctive Textures I >
Novel Fabrics Distinctive Textures I features lovely tweeds to soft and silky upholstery velvet. The distinctive textures in this upholstery fabric collection includes fabrics in a lovely range of colors and styles that are rated at 50,000 to 90,000 double rubs and are Class 1 UFAC fire retardant.

Distinctive Textures I

Distinctive Textures II Fabric
Distinctive Textures II >
Novel Fabrics Distinctive Textures II features modern pewter and golds in soft velvets, modern tweeds and metallic polyester for your next upholstery project. These upholstery fabrics are rated from 50,000 to 90,000 double rubs and are UFAC Class 1 fire rated.

Distinctive Textures II

Escapade Fabric
Escapade >
RM Coco Fabrics Escapade features 100% cotton fabric for upholstery fabric use and it has a soil and stain repellent finish and passes UFAC Class 1 and Cal 117 fire standards.

Escape Upholstery Wovens Fabric
Escape Upholstery Wovens >
Novel Fabrics Escape Upholstery Wovens

Escape Upholstery Wovens

Festival Color Aqua Fabric
Festival Color Aqua >
Robert Allen Fabrics Festival Color Aqua

Festival Color Aqua

Festival Color Azure Fabric
Festival Color Azure >
Robert Allen Fabrics Festival Color Azure

Festival Color Azure

Festival Color Tomato Fabric
Festival Color Tomato >
Robert Allen Fabrics Festival Color Tomato Upholstery Fabrics

Festival Color Tomato

Gaston Bilbao                                                                             Fabric
Gaston Bilbao >
Kravet Fabric Gaston Bilbao by Gaston y Daniela features over 100 color coordinated upholstery fabric choices for decorating your abode.

Gaston Bilbao

Glacier Fabric
Glacier >
Another Color Library fabric offering, Glacier features white to light gray woven upholstery fabric in modern designs. Choose from a variety of fun patterns that feature designs such as oriental birds, stripes, loops, snowflakes, chevrons, woven solids, damasks, feather fans, scrolling florals and a mix of other unique modern designs.


Glazed Fabric
Glazed >
Glazed by Kasmir Fabrics features heavy duty upholstery fabrics in variety of modern geometric patterns and modern colors.


Grandis Decorative Weaves Fabric
Grandis Decorative Weaves >
Novel Fabrics Grandis Decorative Weaves offers 41 wonderful pattern choices in traditional and modern woven upholstery fabrics that are truly grand.

Grandis Decorative Weaves

High Society Fabric
High Society >
High Society features lovely stripes and plaids in an assortment of colors for upholstery use.

High Society

In Sync Upholstery Fabric
In Sync Upholstery >
Robert Allen Fabrics In Sync Upholstery

In Sync Upholstery

Inspirations Fabric
Inspirations >
Your bound to get inspired with Kravet Fabrics Inspiration of upholstery fabrics. Offering soil and stain release finishes to Teflon finishes with acrylic backing these upholstery fabrics offer a variety of pattern choices. Pick from over 100 patterns that include geometrics, solids, textured stripes, damask, large floral and small scale diamonds along with others. Prices start in the mid range and go into the high end.


Jumper Fabric
Jumper >
Infinity Fabrics presents herringbone upholstery fabrics in an assortment of over 40 designer colors. The herringbone upholstery fabrics found in the Jumper fabric collection are rated as a great buy.


Kravet Armor Fabric
Kravet Armor >
Kravet's exclusive Kravet Armor finish is perfect for high traffic areas. These heavy duty upholstery fabrics feature stain resistant finish that is easy to clean with water, family and environment friendly, and low maintenance.

Kravet Armor

Luxe Natural Fabric
Luxe Natural >
Robert Allen Fabrics Luxe Natural upholstery fabrics offer great looking modern patterns in coordinated color choices sure to update your homes decor.

Luxe Natural

Luxe Wovens Fabric
Luxe Wovens >
Duralee Fabrics Luxe Woven offers a great group of upholstery fabrics in modern pattern choices for home or office.

Luxe Wovens

Metallic Textures Fabric
Metallic Textures >
Novel Fabrics Metallic Textures features heavy duty metallic upholstery fabrics in 7 great pattern choices that will bring some real glitz to your homes decor.

Metallic Textures

Modern III Fabric
Modern III >
The Modern III by Robert Allen Contract fabrics are designed for residential and comercial use and feature upholstery fabrics in a variety of modern designs. These modern themed fabrics include patterns with designs such as loop scroll, modern squares, stripes, houndstooth, woven textures, diamond curve ogees, fretwork, apple tree florals, undulating interlaced fine stripes, large dots, interlocking circles and other unique patterns. These contract grade upholstery fabrics are fire and flame retardant.

Modern III

Modern Textures Fabric
Modern Textures >
Modern Textures by Charlotte Fabrics offers upholstery fabrics in a variety of tone on tone textures made of woven polyester that exceed 90,000 double rubs are great for giving your home a new modern look.

Modern Textures

Nano-Tex Modern Upholstery Fabric
Nano-Tex Modern Upholstery >
Robert Allen Fabrics Nano-Tex Modern Upholstery fabric features a gorgeous array of patterns with modern designs and super colors for decorating todays modern style home.

Nano-Tex Modern Upholstery

Nantucket Fabric
Nantucket >
Nantucket upholstery weight fabrics are a durable brushed cotton fabric that can also be used for a number of window treatment options. These soft and drapeable cotton fabrics are also reversible.


Novel Ideas Fabric
Novel Ideas >
RM Coco Fabrics Novel Ideas upholstery fabrics are just what you need for decorating your home.

Ocean Drive Fabric
Ocean Drive >
RM Coco Fabrics Ocean Drive offers 28 great looking solid colored heavy duty upholstery fabrics that withstand an 85,000 double rub test.

Odin Fabric
Odin >
Odin offers 39 solid colored heavy duty upholstery fabrics that feature 100,000 double rubs for long lasting use.


Opus Fabric
Opus >
Opus upholstery fabrics by Kasmir Fabric feature heavy duty upholstery fabrics with an amazing 100,000 double rub test rating for long lasting decorating use.


Performance Upholstery Fabric
Performance Upholstery >
Great looks for your upholstery project can be had with the Performance Upholstery fabrics by Robert Allen. Choose from a variety of patterns featuring designs such as stripes, burst medallions, chevrons, leaves, floral ogees and other unique designs.

Performance Upholstery

Performance Wovens Adobe Fabric
Performance Wovens Adobe >
Performance Wovens Adobe upholstery fabrics are a durable and stylish woven fabric with permanent stain resistance for the life of the fabric. These upholstery fabrics offer spicy shades of orange, red and burgundy in an assorment of traditional and modern designs in these Maxwell Fabrics for upholstery use.

Performance Wovens Adobe

Performance Wovens Deep Sea Fabric
Performance Wovens Deep Sea >
Performance Wovens Deep Sea Aqua, mint and indigo blue woven upholstery fabrics with Crypton Home or Alta stain resistance for long wearing and easy to clean fabrics for your home.

Performance Wovens Deep Sea

Performance Wovens II Alfresco Fabric
Performance Wovens II Alfresco >
Maxwell Fabrics Performance Wovens II Alfresco offers a wonderful array of upholstery fabrics in modern designs that are truly dazzling.

Performance Wovens II Alfresco

Performance Wovens II Canyon Fabric
Performance Wovens II Canyon >
Maxwell Fabrics Performance Wovens II Canyon offers a great group of modern upholstery fabrics in patterns featuring herringbone, ogee, pick up stix, a horizontal diamond pattern, geometrics, circles, textures, animal patterns and more all with a Crypton finish.

Performance Wovens II Canyon

Performance Wovens II Dragonfruit Fabric
Performance Wovens II Dragonfruit >
The Maxwell Fabrics Performance Wovens II Dragonfruit upholstery fabrics take you into the salsa hot colors of raspberry, fruit punch, Mandarin, fuchsia, carnival and other festive modern colorations.

Performance Wovens II Dragonfruit

Performance Wovens III Palm Beach Fabric
Performance Wovens III Palm Beach >
Maxwell Fabrics Performance Wovens III Palm Beach offers upholstery fabrics with modern designs with many of them featuring a Crypton finish and others a Nanotex finish in 31 different patterns and colors.

Performance Wovens III Palm Beach

Performance Wovens III Shadow And Light Fabric
Performance Wovens III Shadow And Light >
Maxwell Fabrics Performance Wovens III Shadow And Light offers a classy mix of upholstery fabrics with a Crypton finish in shades of gray, black and white and brown tones in a wide variety of modern designs that include animal patterns, mini flamestitch, geometric, ogees and many more.

Performance Wovens III Shadow And Light

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Fabrics for upholstery of every type and kind for residential home decor to heavy commercial use and from every upholstery fabric manufacturer, including designer upholstery fabrics.