Fake & Faux Leather

For gorgeous home decor looks shop and buy Faux Leather fabric and Fake Leather fabric online for upholstery use by the yard at discount prices with faux leather samples available. This variety of fake leather fabrics are shown from a mix of upholstery manufacturers that offer imitation leather with looks mimicking real leather in a variety of animals like crocodile, lizard, snake, ostrich and many more. You can also buy embossed faux leather and fake leather that has a stitched look to it. Most of these faux leather fabrics are made of vinyl with the roll being 54" wide. If you need help finding the fake leather your wanting to buy online give us a call or email as we handle every major faux leather fabric manufacturer and we'll be happy to assist you.
If you like faux leather you will also find choices in the vinyl fabric section.
Animal Skin Fabric
Animal Skin Fabric >
Bring the animals home with you with these Animal Skin faux leather fabrics. Fake leather animals skins in Snake, Lizard, Alligator, Cowhide, Sheep and Crocodile as well as many other unique and interesting animal designs. These animal skin fabrics offer choices for drapery and upholstery use.

Budget Faux Leather Fabric
Budget Faux Leather Fabric >
Faux leather upholstery fabric in a variety of patterns and colors for the budget minded consumer are offered in this fake leather vinyl fabric collection. Stiched patchwork looking leather, ostrich and a great color range of other faux leather fabrics look so much like real cowhide that you can almost see the horsefly and barbwire fence scars. A great range of colors are offered that will bring great looks to a variety of decorating schemes.

Embossed Faux Leather  Fabric
Embossed Faux Leather >
Beautiful Embossed Faux Leather Fabrics in a variety of designer colors and patterns can be found here. You will find patterns the include stiched diagonal diamonds to a large selection of western styled tooled patterns in gorgeous colors that accentuate the great looks that the tooled leather has. Also offered in these embossed fake leather fabrics are several modern styled embossed designs.

Solid Faux Leather Fabric
Solid Faux Leather >
Faux leather makes a great alternative to real leather when you are working on a budget but still need the quality of leather. This interesting variety of solid faux leather comes in many colors and still gives you the look and feel of real leather. Choose from real looking leathers in browns to bright and lively reds and other great color choices. A unique mix of woven leather look fake leather is also offered.

Textures Fabric
Textures >
The Textures fabric collection by Showcase Fabrics includes an array of fake and faus leather fabric in a variety of textures and patterns. These imitation leather fabrics have the look and feel of the real thing but are offered here in a budget priced vinyl fabric that is sold by the yard.

Vintage Faux Leather                                  Fabric
Vintage Faux Leather >
Faux leather upholstery fabric with a Vintage look along with great looking modern ones are offered in this group of imitation leathers that offer great looking unique patterns and designs in some beautiful colors.

Allante Fabric
Allante >
The Morbern Vinyl Allante features a faux leather vinyl fabric in 45 great looking color choices. These vinyl upholstery fabrics are made of a Mellosoft vinyl fabric face with a 100% polyester backing. This faux leather fabric has the look and feel of soft leather with a dull finish.


Breathables III Fabric
Breathables III >
Charlotte Fabrics Breathables III offers a 26 ounce faux leather upholstery fabric in 34 distinctive color choices that are made of 70% polyester, 23% polyurethane and 7% leather. These faux leather fabrics are extra heavy duty with a Wyzenbeek test that exceeds 200,000 rubs. Easily cleanable with a water based cleaner these faux leather upholstery fabrics are also UFAC CLASS 1 fire rated.

Breathables III

Breathables V Fabric
Breathables V >
Charlotte Fabrics Breathables V Popular vinyl that exceeds 2 million double rubs! Talk about tough.

Breathables V

Defender Fabric
Defender >
Charlotte Fabrics Defender Exceeds 2 Million Double Rubs which means this fabric is made to last. It is 100% PVC with a polyester knit backing. Clean with mild soap and water. FR additive Free yet passes CA 117-E, UFAC Class I, NFPA 260, BIFMA Class A and IMO Part 8. This faux leather feels great and has the leather look you want.


Easy Rider VI Fabric
Easy Rider VI >
Maxwell Fabrics Easy Rider Vi PVC faux leather classic patterns. Vesper & Taro pass NFPA 260 CLASS I (UFAC) & CAL 117-2013

Easy Rider VI

Encino Fabric
Encino >
Norbar Fabrics Encino faux leather fabric collection has gone wild! These faux leather vinyl upholstery fabrics are offered in patterns featuring animal skins, basketweaves, wovens, embossed western, golden and silver metallics and even beaded looks. There truly is something for everyone in this designer faux leather collection by Norbar Fabric.


Enduro Fabric
Enduro >
Top quality, contract grade faux leather fabrics that range from simple solids to amazing animal skins in vibrant colors and finishes can be found in the Enduro fabric by Norbar Fabrics.


Envicta Fabric
Envicta >
Norbar Fabrics Envicta Faux leathers that are easy to clean, durable and most are FR rated.


Equinox Fabric
Equinox >
Fabulous upholstery weight faux leather fabrics are offered in the Equinox fabric collection by Norbar Fabric. From animal skins to basket weaves to multi-tone solids, this collection has it all. These faux leather fabrics are flame retardant, inherently stain resistant and pass 50,000-100,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek abrasion method.


Equinox Faux Leather Fabric
Equinox Faux Leather >
Equinox fake leather fabric offers fabulous upholstery weight imitation leather fabrics. From animal skins to basket weaves to multi tone solids, this faux leather has it all. These faux leather fabrics are flame retardant, inherently stain resistant and pass 50,000-100,000 double rubs Wyzenbeek abrasion method, making them great for heavy use upholstery needs.

Exotic Faux Leather I Fabric
Exotic Faux Leather I >
Novel Fabrics Exotic Faux Leather I offers fun faux leathers vinyl fabrics in patterns such as snakeskin, shiny crocodile along with modern patterns choices in quilted circles and a shiny brushed fur look that make this a fabulous faux leather fabric selection a must have for upholstery use.

Exotic Faux Leather I

Exotic Faux Leather II Fabric
Exotic Faux Leather II >
The Exotic Faux Leather II by Novel Fabric offers fabulous faux leather upholstery fabrics in modern pewter, deep browns and gold colorations that feature reptile skins, cheetah prints, snakeskin and modern geometric faux leathers.

Exotic Faux Leather II

Faux Leather Extreme Performance Fabric
Faux Leather Extreme Performance >
Kravet Fabric Faux Leather Extreme Performance features heavy duty vinyl upholstery fabrics in over 80 color choices with a faux leather look.

Faux Leather Extreme Performance

Faux Leather III Fabric
Faux Leather III >
Robert Allen Fabric Faux Leather III vinyl upholstery fabrics have a great durability rating along with these faux leather fabrics offering great looking solid color choices.

Faux Leather III

Faux Leather Library II Fabric
Faux Leather Library II >
Kravet Fabrics has been a textiles and home decor front runner for over 90 years. With a fabric offering like Faux Leather Library II, you can understand why. This incredibly sumptuous selection of faux leather fabrics comes in an array of rich colors and fabulous designs.

Faux Leather Library II

Faux Leather Textures Fabric
Faux Leather Textures >
Robert Allen Fabrics Faux Leather Textures features vinyl upholstery fabrics with a faux leather look in a variety of patterns and great color selections.

Faux Leather Textures

Jackson Fabric
Jackson >
Maxwell Fabrics Jackson is a semi-matte faux leather hide durable upholstery fabric. Ultrasoft and pliable includes a magnificent color-line with some chic metallic colors included.


Leather Looks Fabric
Leather Looks > New
Discover the beauty of Charlotte Leather Looks! Our vinyl blends create stunning leather-like products that will amaze you. Perfect for pet owners, these faux leathers are not only easy to clean, but also budget-friendly and high performing. Upgrade your upholstery with these quality fabrics today!

Leather Looks

Leather Looks V Fabric
Leather Looks V >
Stout Fabrics Leather Looks V

Leather Looks V

Lone Star Fabric
Lone Star >
Kast Fabrics presents these faux leather upholstery fabrics featuring faux animal skins, embossed faux leathers and real leather look solids. The realistic faux leathers in the Lone Star fabric collection are the perfect upholstery fabric for sofas, ottomans, chairs, purses and more. These budget priced faux leather upholstery fabrics are priced in the high low end.

Lone Star

Naugahyde Faux Leathers Fabric
Naugahyde Faux Leathers > New
Naugahyde Faux Leathers from ABBEYSHEA

Naugahyde Faux Leathers

Neptune Marine Oudoor Faux Leather Fabric
Neptune Marine Oudoor Faux Leather >
Neptune Marine Oudoor Faux Leather Solid faux leather suitable for outdoor use. Easy Clean. Passes Prop 65. 100,000+ Double Rubs High Performance. Passes FR tests.

Neptune Marine Oudoor Faux Leather

NULeather Fabric
NULeather >
Pindler Fabrics NULeather


Ready for Wear Faux Leather Fabric
Ready for Wear Faux Leather >
Silverstate Ready for Wear Faux Leather are perfect for hospitatlity and commercial settings. Easy to clean. Durable. Fashion forward colors.

Ready for Wear Faux Leather

Sam Ray Ben Fabric
Sam Ray Ben >
The Sam Ray Ben faux leather fabrics offer the look and feal of real leather. The Sam Ray Ben fabric collection by Zimmer and Rohde are full of designer faux leather fabrics in realistic animal skin textures in some wonderful colorways that are suitable for upholstery use.

Sam Ray Ben

Sheridan Faux Leather Fabric
Sheridan Faux Leather >
Duralee Fabric Sheridan Faux Leather has the faux leather fabric choices for you with over 125 gorgeous patterns that will make any upholstery job look fabulous.

Sheridan Faux Leather

The Exotic Faux Leather Collection III Fabric
The Exotic Faux Leather Collection III >
Novel Fabrics Exotic Faux Leather Collection III offers leather look patterns to fun modern vinyl fabrics for upholstery use. These vinyl upholstery fabrics are easily cleanable with soap and water.

The Exotic Faux Leather Collection III

The Exotic Faux Leather IV Fabric
The Exotic Faux Leather IV >
Novel Fabrics The Exotic Faux Leather IV features over 100 unique faux leather fabrics for upholstery use.

The Exotic Faux Leather IV

The Performance Faux Leather Collection Fabric
The Performance Faux Leather Collection >
Novel Fabrics Performance Faux Leather Collection offers heavy duty upholster faux leathers in a wide range of colors. Walter and wang exceed 500,000 double rubs. You can't get much better durability than that. All pass California Bulletin 117 Class I, NFPA 260 Class I. Clean with soap and water.

The Performance Faux Leather Collection

Ultrahyde III Fabric
Ultrahyde III >
Charlotte Fabrics Ultrahyde III contains faux leather vinyl upholstery fabric in 32 pattern choices which reflect natural cowhide. This faux leather vinyl upholstery fabric is very heavy duty as it has a 200,000 double rub rating as well as being fire retardant as it is UFAC Class 1 rated.

Ultrahyde III

Ultrahyde Pro Fabric
Ultrahyde Pro >
Charlotte Fabrics Ultrahyde Pro

Ultrahyde Pro

Ultraleather Plus IV Fabric
Ultraleather Plus IV >
Kravet Fabrics brings you another great looking Ultraleather in the Ultraleather Plus IV upholstery fabric collection. Choose from a variety of patterns in colors for todays home or office. These antimicrobial vinyl upholstery fabrics are made of a heavy 100% polyurethane for lasting great looking decorating choices.

Ultraleather Plus IV

Recently, faux leather or fake leather, has taken off in popularity. With the rise of animal rights groups and welfare organizations, manufactured faux leather has become the go to in leather. Because this type of imitation leather is manufactured, the possibilities are endless. Each faux leather can be produced in any color, in any style, and to look like anything you want. Another great advantage for this vinyl based fabric is its price, usually selling for half what its real leather counterpart does. Faux leather is an inexpensive and eco friendly way to decorate.