Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware
Brimar Curtain Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

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Shop and buy Brimar Curtain Rods and drapery hardware in gorgeous ornamentation most windows can't do without. Brimar's wide range of curtain rods and hardware offers decorative and functional features in a spectrum of styles, materials and fashion-forward finishes. Consider Brimar Curtain Rods sleek stainless steel finials, curtain rings and rods for a contemporary style or a more traditional look with beautiful hand carved wood finials, poles and brackets.

Affinity Metal Traverse Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

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The Brimar traverse rods in the Affinity feature a sophisticated style with clean lines and modern finial options. The aluminum pole in these metal traverse rods are intended for all fabric types. The gorgeous traverse rods can accommodate an extra long continuous draw up to 16 feet in length. The traverse rod hardware includes pole splices and offer options in baton draw, cord draw or motorized in both pleated and ripple fold pleat options.

Chalet Wrought Iron Curtain Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

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Wrought iron and wood are coupled together in the Chalet hand forged curtain rods to give your window treatments that special look. Wrought iron curtain rods and beautiful stained woods come together in elegant lines to suit any decor from metro to mountainside. Rustic charm is achieved with forged iron, leather and dark woods.

3/4 Inch Diameter - Small Wrought Iron Rods

English Manor Wood Curtain Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

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Brimar curtain rods offers old world charm in rich wood finishes in the English Manor wood curtain rods and hardware. Expressive hand carved designs with intricate details can be found in the wood curtain rods, brackets, finials and curtain rings. Choose from Antique Oak, Dark Walnut and Pine in a generous and stately 2" smooth wood curtain rods. You can use a pole splice and bracket to achieve longer lengths.

Fifth Avenue Curtain Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

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The Fifth Avenue metal curtain rods features contemporary satin brass, brush gold and brushed nickel color choices with coordinating drapery hardware. The sleek lines and clean metal finishes make this a great choice for todays homeowner wanting a modern look. Hardware in this 1 1/4" metal curtain rod offering includes single and double rod mounting brackets, decorative finials and curtain rings along with tiebacks. An adjustable elbow for bay windows and other angled windows is also offered. The rods in this decorative metal curtain rods are 1 1/4" in diameter for strong support in big windows.

Ice Clear Curtain Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

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The Ice modern and contemporary clear curtain rods were designed for the modern minded as a lighter more affordable option to glass. The decorative clear curtain rod finials are translucent beauties in understated and glamorous contemporary style which pairs perfectly with clear or stainless steel accessories for a high end look for your window treatments.

Manhattan Traverse Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

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Brimar presents a streamlined flat metal track in the Manhattan traverse rods that offers the option to be used as a curtain track with it's steel curtain rings or as a drapery track with it's carriers. The original modern drapery hardware epitomizes the long lines and slender form of urban architecture in it's look. The brackets offer choices for a single window treatment as well as a bracket for double curtain or traverse rod window treatments.

Metro Metal Curtain Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

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The modern metal curtain rods in the Metro by Brimar refine interiors with the transitional look of geometric finials. The 1 1/2" diameter metal curtain rods are offered in 4 and 8 foot lengths and feature colors of modern matte black, to metallic finishes in luminous gold or silver that have an antiqued effect. The four finial styles are great for creating a modern to contemporary look with the Lloyd finial also being suitable for an oriental feel. Your draperies or window treatments will have a great companion with the Metro metal curtain rod by Brimar.

Platforms Traverse Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

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Rectangular poles with a finial free design is offered in these contemporary styled traverse rods by Brimar. The Platforms traverse rods are offered in textured wood, faux leather and linen. Seconday drapery rails provide options for traversing sheers and other window treatment needs.

Signature Metal Curtain Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

Signature Metal Curtain Rods >

The Signatue Metal Series offers metal curtain rods by Brimar offer great looks in a traditional style. These decorative metal curtain rods and hardware are available in 6 finishes with a large selection of finials, rosettes and tiebacks to complete the look. Also offered in the drapery hardware offering are curtain rings and bay window elbows along with other accessories to complete the look of your window treatments.

Signature Metal Traverse Rod Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

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The Brimar Signature wrought iron curain rods and wrought iron traverse rods feature classic cast wrought iron finials for enhancing your window treatments. These wrought iron curtain rods can be used as hand drawn curtain rods as a one-way or center draw baton drawn or as a corded wrought iron traverse rod.

Signature Wood Curtain Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

Signature Wood Curtain Rods >

Available in 2 sizes and 6 great finishes, including unfinished; the Signature wood curtain rods by Brimar brings a traditional look to your homes decor. With intricate carvings and 3 pole designs of smooth, reeded and twist or rope style these 2" and 3" wood curtain rods are a great choice for your window treatments. Coordinating drapery hardware is offered with includes brackets and curtain rings.

Tuxedo Contemporary Metal Curtain Rods  Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

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If contemporary or modern style with a lot of class is what you are looking for, then the Brimar Tuxedo metal curtain rods are the choice for you. Its twist of fabulous styling through stainless steel, beechwood, acrylic and textured designs make these metal curtain rods the bomb. Brimar has done it with the 1 1/8" diameter steel rods that come in 4 and 8 foot lengths, but also offer splices for making them any length you may desire. The modern styled drapery hardware includes a mix of brackets, curtain rings and bay window elbows to accommodate any angle window.

Versailles Wood Curtain Rods Brimar Curtain Rods & Hardware

Versailles Wood Curtain Rods >

The Versailles by Brimar embodies metallic brilliance by virture of water gilding. This unique ancient art entails aritsans hand applying layers of gesso and red clay followed by a meticulous process utilizing water to aid in the application of the gold or silver leaf. Select details are then polished revealing the clay for an elegant aged affect. Beautiful hand painted pieces in a rich dark walnut grain also complement the Versailles wood curtain rods by Brimar. The 12 finials fit the ends of the 2 inch smooth or reeded curtain rods that are available in 4 and 8 foot lengths. A full compliment of drapery hardware to complete the great looks of the Versailles are also offered.

Shop Brimar Curtain Rods and drapery hardware wide assortment of styles and colors for completing your window treatments. Choose from wrought iron, metal, wood and resin curtain rods with coordinating finials, installation brackets and curtain rings that are all offered online at discount prices. Brimar Curtain Rods are also offered for those wanting a modern look with their clear acrylic curtain rods as well as bright shiny metal curtain rods that are offered for todays contemporary home decor.