Catania Silk

Catania Silk
Catania Silks Catania Silks

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Beautiful silks and taffetas from Catania. Shop the fabrics and trims Catania offers at discount prices.

Australia and Raffia Catania Silks

Australia and Raffia >

Catania Fabrics Australia and Raffia with width sheer drapery fabric. Catania Wide Widths

Dup 100 Dupioni Silk Catania Silks

Dup 100 Dupioni Silk >

Catania Silks Dup 100 Dupioni Silk features luxurious 100% handwoven silk dupioni fabrics with a beautiful loose weave showing slubs and nubs in an array of beautiful colors.

Dupioni 101 Catania Silks

Dupioni 101 >

Catania Silks Dupioni 101 gets back to the basics with these dupioni silk fabrics that offer patterns such as a star, stitched diamonds, textured looks, lattice, a small leopard pattern and coordinating solid colors all in 100% silk.

Napoleon Bees Catania Silks

Napoleon Bees >

Napoleon Bees fabric from Catania Silk features bumble bees or honey bees in this embroidered silk fabric. This bee fabric is a 100% silk fabric with rayon embroidery is suitable for drapery use and is priced in the mid range.

Silk Dupione 101 Catania Silks

Silk Dupione 101 >

Catania Silks Dupione DUP 101 is a machine woven silk dupioni with slubs. 54 inches wide.

Silk Dupione 95 Catania Silks

Silk Dupione 95 >

Catania Silks Dupione is hand woven silk dupioni with beautiful slubs. The colors in this solid silk are absolutley gorgeous. 44 inch wide silk sold by the yard.

Ticking Embroidery Catania Silks

Ticking Embroidery >

Catania Silks Fabrics Ticking Embroidery offers a multi-toned wider striped 100% dupioni silk drapery fabric that has been embroidered with small spots whose threads are cut to create a fuzzy appearing spot.

Vine Embroidery Catania Silks

Vine Embroidery >

Catania Silks Fabrics Vine Embroidery offers choices from 14 gorgeous colors of a 100% silk drapery fabric with a wonderful embroidered scrolling vining pattern.

Catania Silk Fabric offers silk fabric with gorgeous detailing. View Catania Silks dupioni silk fabric with beading and embroidery also available in a variety of solids, plaids, checks and weaves. Shop and buy Catania Silk drapery, bedding and upholstery fabrics are available online at unbeatable discount prices by the yard with quick shipping with Catania Silksamples also being available. As an authorized dealer, InteriorDecorating.com handles their entire textile collection so if you do not find what you are looking for, please call or email our helpful customer service team who is here to help you make decorating easier.