2" Cordless Vinyl Plus Blinds

Room Darkening Slats and Heavy Duty Steel Headrail

Cordless 2 inch Designer Vinyl Blinds and Vinyl Window BlindsThe 2" Cordless Vinyl Mini Blinds feature a reinforced steel headrail combined with premium room darkening and warp resistant PVC slats. Designed for durability, these Cordless 2" Vinyl Mini Blinds withstand heavy duty abuse without compromising design. These 2 inch vinyl blinds are the perfect choice for the budget conscious homeowner or builder who wants an attractive, designer look at an affordable price. The 2 inch PVC slats on these vinyl blinds have a crowned shape that looks the same as the slats on a mini blind and also are tilted by an included wand. To complete the look, a 2" valance is included that installs over the mounting hardware and headrail. The bottom rail is made from a sturdy extruded hollow PVC that is 2" wide by 5/8 of an inch in height. Available individually or in case quantities, these in stock boxed and ready to ship vinyl blinds offer great pricing and easy ordering. For help or questions with any of our products, please email or call our knowledgeable customer service team.


  • 2" Room Darkening PVC Slats with Static and Fade Resistant Formulation
  • Heavy Duty Steel Headrail
  • 2" Slat Valance and Hold Down Brackets Included with Every Blind
  • All widths are 1/2" less than stated size to allow for inside mounting.
Colors Available
Vinyl Blinds Color White Vinyl Mini Blinds Color Alabaster
White Alabaster
Width will be 1/2" Less Than Shown To Allow For Inside Mounting - Click on size for pricing. Don't see your size? Custom Cutting available for $10 per blind
w x 36" Long w x 48" Long w x 60" Long w x 64" Long w x 68" Long w x 72" Long w x 84" Long w x 96" Long
23x36 23x48 17x60 31x64 23x68 11x72 23x84 23x96
34.5x36 27x48 22x60 34x64 24x68 17x72 25x84 27x96
35x36 29x48 23x60 35x64 25x68 19x72 27x84 29x96
  31x48 27x60     23x72 29x84 31x96
  35x48 28x60     24x72 31x84 35x96
  39x48 29x60     24.5x72 35x84 36x96
  43x48 30x60     25x72 39x84 39x96
  46x48 30.5x60     26x72 43x84 48x96
  46.5x48 31x60     27x72 48x84  
  47x48 34x60     28x72 54x84  
  48x48 34.5x60     29x72 60x84  
  54x48 35x60     30x72 72x84  
  58x48 36x60     31x72    
  58.5x48 38x60     34x72    
  59x48 39x60     34.5x72    
  63x48 42.5x60     35x72    
  70x48 43x60     36x72    
  71x48 46x60     39x72    
    46.5x60     42x72    
    47x60     43x72    
    48x60     46x72    
    58x60     47x72    
    58.5x60     48x72    
    59x60     52x72    
    70x60     54x72    
    70.5x60     58x72    
    71x60     61x72    
    72x60     62x72    
    82x60     63x72