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Europatex Fabric Europatex Fabric

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Shop and buy Europatex Fabrics wholesale priced faux silk fabric, velvet damask prints and special occasion sheers for bedding, curtains, drapery, specialty window treatments and upholstery uses. While the name Europatex Fabric may sound highfalutin, it's fabric prices are not, as this is an extremely budget priced fabric line as it comes straight from the mill. This fabric collection is the conglomeration of the fabric book collections shown below. You can buy Europatex Fabrics drapery and upholstery fabric online by the yard at discount prices with Europatex Fabric samples available.

Aria and Paloma Quilted Velvet Europatex Fabric

Aria and Paloma Quilted Velvet >

Paloma and Aria are wide width quilted velvet fabrics. Classic 1.5 inch diamond quilt and modern pentagon geometric quilted styles.

Bliss Wide Width Velvet Europatex Fabric

Bliss Wide Width Velvet >

Europatex Bliss wide width velvet. Drapery, bedding, pillows, accessories and table linens.

Carolina Europatex Fabric

Carolina >

Europatex Fabrics Carolina Patterned chenille performance fabric. Rated Cal 117/NFPA 260 Durable at 40,000 Double Rubs. Soft and modern cut look.

Casablanca Velvet Europatex Fabric

Casablanca Velvet >

Europatex Fabrics Casablanca Velvet offers over 60 beautiful colors in heavy duty upholstery velvet fabrics that are so supple they can also be used for drapery. Made from a 100% polyester that is drapeable and extremely soft, you will love this velvet fabric.

Cotton Prints Europatex Fabric

Cotton Prints >

Europatex Fabrics Cotton Prints 2023 High quality prints.

Daphne and Twinkle Europatex Fabric

Daphne and Twinkle >

Europatex Fabrics Daphne and Twinkle Wide width lace with metallic threads.

Derma High Performance Faux Leather Europatex Fabric

Derma High Performance Faux Leather >

Europatex Fabrics Derma High Performance Faux Leather will leave you in awe of this impressive leather alternative. Clean guard protection makes cleaning a breeze. Durable with a 100,000+ double rubs. FR certified NFPA 260, FMVSS 302, UFAC Class I, Cal. 117.

Embroideries by Lomasi Europatex Fabric

Embroideries by Lomasi >

Europatex Fabrics Embroideries by Lomasi

Enchanted Europatex Fabric

Enchanted >

Europatex Fabrics Enchanted offers soft velvety modern drapery and upholstery use fabric with a metallic, textured crosshatch pattern with a silver metallic embossing. Made of 100% polyester and rated at 25,000 double rubs.

Europatex Vinyl Fabric Europatex Fabric

Europatex Vinyl Fabric >

Europatex vinyl upholstery fabric features a metallic sheen and a zebra effect pattern in a durable 40,000 double rub vinyl fabric.

Gramercy Parade Europatex Fabric

Gramercy Parade >

Europatex Fabrics Gramercy Parade offers jacquard woven fabrics for drapery and upholstery use made of a blend of 60% cotton and 40% polyester in a modern lattice and a swirl pattern whose detail is raised.

Kingdom Europatex Fabric

Kingdom >

Kingdom Animal Print soft and silky animal prints. Washable. Stain and soil resistant.

Lino Europatex Fabric

Lino >

Europatex Fabrics Lino Versatile, best selling linen blend fabric for draperies, upholstery, table linens, bedding and more. Available in a large selection of colors at an affordable price.

Linsen Europatex Fabric

Linsen >

Europatex Fabrics Linsen Soft and durable linen look fabric. FR treatment available.

Lucid Europatex Fabric

Lucid >

Lucid by Europatex is a wide width jacquard woven fabric. Perfect for events and draperies, this shiny fabric is beautiful.

Matinee Vinyl Europatex Fabric

Matinee Vinyl >

Introducing premium indoor-outdoor faux leather! Crafted with utmost precision, this exclusive material features a distinctive pebble grain texture that will captivate your senses.

Neptune Marine Oudoor Faux Leather Europatex Fabric

Neptune Marine Oudoor Faux Leather >

Neptune Marine Oudoor Faux Leather Solid faux leather suitable for outdoor use. Easy Clean. Passes Prop 65. 100,000+ Double Rubs High Performance. Passes FR tests.

Oswego Europatex Fabric

Oswego >

Welcome to Oswego where durability meets elegance. Crafted with care to make a lasting impression, Oswego basks in its ability to transform your living spaces effortlessly.

Pavonia Mercer Europatex Fabric

Pavonia Mercer >

Fabrics Pavonia Mercer Wide width sheers that pass NFPA 701.

Provato Boucle Europatex Fabric

Provato Boucle >

Europatex Fabrics Provato High performance, short pile boucle with a soil and stain resistant finish.

Richmond Chenille Stripe Europatex Fabric

Richmond Chenille Stripe >

Elevate your interior furnishings with the enduring elegance of the Richmond Collection. Our high-quality chenille performance fabric, enhanced with a stain-resistant finish, is the perfect choice for upholstery projects. Its robust structure ensures durability, making it ideal for a variety of spaces including commercial areas, hospitality venues, and residential interiors. Experience luxury and versatility with the Richmond Collection - a timeless choice for those who appreciate quality and sophistication.

Royal Slub Faux Silk Europatex Fabric

Royal Slub Faux Silk >

Europatex Fabrics Royal Slub With both matte and reversible silk (shiny) finish, this slubbed drapery faux satin is a beautiful choice. Available in a rainbow of fabulous colors.

Rumple Europatex Fabric

Rumple >

Europatex Fabrics Rumple is a very soft and supple highly reflective crushed polyester velvet fabric that is perfect for draperies, pillows, bedding and light upholstery.

Samson Europatex Fabric

Samson >

Europatex Fabrics Samson High performance multipurpose fabric in a range of colors. Soft and supple. FR rated. NFPA 260 and CAL-117, UFAC Class 1

Socrates Collection Europatex Fabric

Socrates Collection >

Europatex Fabrics Socrates Collection Embroidered patterns on the best selling Lino base cloth. From geometric to floral, you will love the styles offered.

Soiree and Jubilee Wide Width Europatex Fabric

Soiree and Jubilee Wide Width >

Introducing the exquisite Soiree & Jubilee collection. Elevate your table arrangements or add a pop of color to your drapery with these wide width fabrics.

Solstice Wide Width Drapery Europatex Fabric

Solstice Wide Width Drapery >

Europatex Fabrics Solstice Wide Width Drapery Wide width ottoman style stripe is railroaded for draperies and table linens.

St Tropez Europatex Fabric

St Tropez >

Europatex Fabrics St Tropez features heavy duty chenille fabrics in rich and vibrant colors. Perfect for bedding, draperies and upholstery, these soft luxurious solid chenille fabrics pass are rated at 60,000 double rubs.

Sun Dial Velvet Europatex Fabric

Sun Dial Velvet >

Europatex Fabric Sun Dial velvet fabrics features vibrant colors in these sumptuous cut velvet fabrics for drapery and upholstery use. Two coordinating velvet fabrics include a radiant sun cut velvet and a soft checked design.

Sun Zero Blackout Drapery Europatex Fabric

Sun Zero Blackout Drapery >

Europatex Fabrics Sun Zero Blacout Drapery fabric is double sided with a lovely texture. Non-direction and FR. Suitable for custom printing. Residential Commercial Healthcare and Hospitality Fabric

Sunset Wide Width Europatex Fabric

Sunset Wide Width >

Europatex Fabrics Sunset Wide Width Dimout fabric can be used stand alone or with other window treatments to control light. 110 inches wide. Machine washable.

Teddy Boucle Europatex Fabric

Teddy Boucle >

Europatex Fabrics Teddy Boucle Super soft with a performance finish designed to provide lasting and durable upholstery. Great for pillows and more. Can you imagine an ottoman covered in this fluffy boucle?

Shop Europatex Fabrics gorgeous faux silk fabrics, velvet damask prints and special occasion sheers along with other beautiful fabric types for drapery, bedding and upholstery use. Europatex Fabric is not a distributor or fabric jobber, but a mill that produces its textiiles and offers them to you at mill direct prices. Europatex Fabric is also known for producing a wide range of gorgeous tassels and trims for embellishing a variety of home decor products. We handle the entire line of Europatex Fabric, so if you need help finding the pattern you are wanting to purchase online, please call or email our customer service team for assistance and discount pricing. Europatex Fabric samples or swatches are available along with quick shipping and unsurpassed customer service.