25 Questions You Should Ask Your Furniture Salesman

Getting your money’s worth in upholstered furniture requires sensible shopping that is a three step procedure. Step 1 requires interviewing yourself, your home and your lifestyle to determine your needs. Step 2 means learning as much as you can about the kind of furniture you want to buy, the brand names of furniture manufacturers who make it and then deciding to shop well-known reputable dealers. Step 3 requires asking questions when you are shopping because “just looking is not enough. Talking with a salesman is not a commitment to buy. Only through communication can he understand your needs and suggest furniture and fabrics that will meet your requirements. Asking questions will contribute to your knowledge and understanding, so you will know what to expect from the furniture. This kind of satisfactory shopping experience provides real value for the money you have to spend.

  01. What is the total price of the sofa, including charges for optional features special order fabrics and sales tax?
  02. Does your store include credit financing or will my credit contract be turned over to a finance company?
  03. Does your store deliver free of charge or do I pay shipping charges?
  04. What are the different kinds of seat cushions available? How much does each one cost?
  05. Are the other sides of the arms & backs cushioned?
  06. Are arm caps available to protect arms from wear? Is there an additional charge?
  07. Is the furniture guaranteed? By the factory or by the store? If it is guaranteed, may I have a copy of the warranty?
  08. If the furniture is not guaranteed and it is defective when it arrives or is damaged during delivery, what is your stores policy for repairing or replacing it? If it has to be returned to the factory for repair or replacement, who pays the shipping charges?
  09. How do I clean the fabric if something is spilled on it?
  10. Does the fabric have a soil resistant fabric finish to make it easier to clean? If it does not, may I order it, & what is he additional charge?
  11. What are the high performance fabrics you have available?
  12. How long will the fabric stay new looking?
  13. Is the fabric colorfast?
  14. Does the quilted fabric have lock stitching to prevent it from raveling in case the thread breaks in one place?
  15. Is this print (or plaid or stripe) fabric available with a matched print and how much extra does it cost?
  16. Has the fabric been tested for wear and lasting beauty?
  17. If I do not like the fabric that is shown on the furniture, can you order it for me in another fabric? Approximately how long will it take to deliver it? Will there be any extra charge?
  18. Does the fabric have a cloth & foam backing to prevent it from tearing?
  19. Are casters available? What is the extra charge?
  20. What are the different prices of this furniture in different grades of fabric?
  21. Cam I buy a matching chair for this sofa? Is an ottoman available as well?
  22. This sofa is too long (or too short) for my room. Are there other sizes available?
  23. Will you please demonstrate how the sofa bed opens?
  24. Do I have a choice of mattresses for this sofa bed?
  25. Does this sofa bed tilt forward on its front legs so I can clean underneath it?