Drapery Pleat Styles

drapery pleat styles from Kasmir Workroom

Pleat styles available include:
  • Five Finger Pleat 3.5X Fullness
  • Four Finger Pleat 3X Fullness
  • Two Finger Pleat 2X Fullness
  • Inverted Pleat 2.5X Fullness - Non-Traversing - Stationary Panels Only
  • Cartridge Pleat 2X Fullness
  • Goblet Pleat 2X Fullness
  • Windsor Pleat 2X Fullness
  • Butterfly Pleat 2X Fullness
  • Three Finger Pleat 2.5X Fullness
  • French Pleat 2.5X Fullness
Standard features of Custom Draperies include a 4" double turned heading and bottom hem, clear or smoke monofilament thread, drapery pins set to specifications, and weighted hems. Many additional options available to create the look you want for your custom window treatments.
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