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Naugahyde Vinyl
Naugahyde Vinyl Naugahyde Vinyl

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Shop Naugahyde Vinyls the super durable upholstery fabrics for all types of commercial projects from boat and marine, auto, medical, office, school and more. Environmentally friendly, these vinyl upholstery fabrics by Naugahyde are sold online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with Naugahyde Fabric samples also being available.

NaugaSoft Naugahyde Vinyl

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Geniune Naugahyde- Nauga Soft is supremely supple solid vinyl upholstery choice for the discriminating designer/specifier looking for the luxurious "hand of leather" in a more durable fabric backed product can be found in the Nauga Soft fabric collection by Naugahdyde

All American Naugahyde Vinyl

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Naugahyde Fabrics All American Classic flame retardant vinyl fabric.

Burkshire                                Naugahyde Vinyl

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Durable, antimicrobial and with a high level of disinfectability, cleaning is a breeze with Naugahyde brand upholstery fabric in the Burkshire vinyl upholstery fabric collection and its advanced BeautyGard protective finish.

Dolphin Naugahyde Fabric Naugahyde Vinyl

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Marine vinyls for land and sea are offered in the long lasting, color fast and durable Dolphin upholstery fabrics by Naugahyde Fabric. These marine vinyls are used in many boat manufacturers original specifications as they meet the most rigorous standards and have a great range of color selections. We handle the entire line of Dolphin Naugahyde Fabrics so if you do not find what you are looking for online, please call or email our customer service team for assistance and great discount pricing.

English Pub Naugahyde Fabric Naugahyde Vinyl

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Naugahyde Fabrics English Pub is vinyl with Beautygard finish for automotive, corporate, fitness, hospitality, marine, recreational vehicle, residential, transportation.

Oxen Naugahyde Fabric Naugahyde Vinyl

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The Oxen Naugahyde fabric is great for RV, automotive, marine, fitness, hospitality and other upholstery needs where long lasting durability is wanted. These Naugahyde Fabrics are made of expanded vinyl on a jersey knit and feature long lasting durability as shown by their 250,000 double rub test rating.

Spirit Millennium Naugahyde Fabric Naugahyde Vinyl

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The Spirit Millennium Naugahyde fabric is long lasting and attractive vinyl upholstery fabric with a large selection of color choices that are perfect for residential, commercial or automotive applications.

Stratford Naugahyde Fabric Naugahyde Vinyl

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Soft and supple, easily maintained, strong and durable, resistant to color fading. These are all characteristics of the Stratford Naugahyde vinyl upholstery fabric. Available in a variety of colors and great for many different applications and setting, if you are looking for a durable vinyl fabric you have come to the right place.

Zodiac Naugahyde Fabric Naugahyde Vinyl

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Sparkle vinyl for upholstery. Naugahyde for RV, Automotive, Marine, Fitness, Hospitality and more.

An authorized dealer of Naugahyde Vinyl Fabric, we offer you choices from the entire line of Naugahyde Fabrics for outdoor as well as indoor fabric use. Naugahyde brand vinyl is perfect for upholstery use not only for home but in marine, automotive, restaurant, commercial and more. Choose from a variety of styles that offer great looking patterns and in colors for todays lifestyles.