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Arcadia Velvet Textured Weaves Novel Fabric

Arcadia Velvet Textured Weaves >

Novel Fabrics Arcadia Velvet Textured Weaves offers woven velvet upholstery fabrics in designs ranging from paisley to crazy circles and swirls, a honeycomb or hexagon, stripes, undulating horizontal wave or it could be an animal pattern, ikats, blurred ink dots, a psychedelic ogee and modern damasks along with others.

Arden Textures Novel Fabric

Arden Textures >

Novel Fabrics Arden Textures upholstery fabric collection includes 3 great looks, a linen blend with a light glazed look, a velvet fabric that has a sheen to it with a hand that feels like an animal skin along with an opaque velvet fabric in a range of glorious colors.

Artis Velvet Novel Fabric

Artis Velvet >

Novel Fabrics Artis Velvet #372 offers 9 different modern pattern choices of gorgeous cut velvet fabrics for upholstery use in a sumptuous color range. These velvet upholstery fabrics have a soft hand that combines with a sheen that gives them a real touch of class.

Casa Del Mar Indoor Outdoor                                                                          Novel Fabric

Casa Del Mar Indoor Outdoor >

Novel Fabrics Casa Del Mar Indoor Outdoor Agora safe home performance fabrics for indoor and outdoor use. Solution dyed acrylic. Bleach cleanable.

Cellini Upholstery Novel Fabric

Cellini Upholstery >

Novel Fabrics Cellini Upholstery #374 is all about upholstery fabrics and it offers some great ones in its faux linens and chenille velvets for upholstery use.

Costantina Jacquard Drapery Novel Fabric

Costantina Jacquard Drapery >

Novel Fabrics Costantina Jacquard Drapery #371 features jacquard woven drapery fabrics that are great for all types of window treatments offer elegant looking designs for traditional to modern home decor in a neutral color range with many featuring metallic effects. These decorative woven jacquard drapery fabrics are sure to add that special touch to your homes decor.

Cut Velvet Print Novel Fabric

Cut Velvet Print >

Novel Fabrics Cut Velvet Print offers a wonderful selection of cut velvet fabrics with a glitzy sheen for upholstery use in modern pattern choices featuring modern geometrics and abstracts, florals and coordinating solids.

Devante Sheer Novel Fabric

Devante Sheer >

Novel Fabrics Devante Sheer #373 offers 118" wide width sheer fabrics for drapery and curtain use that feature great modern patterns in casements and other larger open weaves along with some unique textures. These wide width sheer fabrics are perfect for seamless sheers and they are offered in a neutral color range that feature some patterns with a glitzy metallic look.

Distinctive Textures I Novel Fabric

Distinctive Textures I >

Novel Fabrics Distinctive Textures I features lovely tweeds to soft and silky upholstery velvet. The distinctive textures in this upholstery fabric collection includes fabrics in a lovely range of colors and styles that are rated at 50,000 to 90,000 double rubs and are Class 1 UFAC fire retardant.

Distinctive Textures II Novel Fabric

Distinctive Textures II >

Novel Fabrics Distinctive Textures II features modern pewter and golds in soft velvets, modern tweeds and metallic polyester for your next upholstery project. These upholstery fabrics are rated from 50,000 to 90,000 double rubs and are UFAC Class 1 fire rated.

Drapery Linings Novel Fabric

Drapery Linings >

Drapery lining fabric in a variety of pattern choices are offered in these Novel Fabrics.

Elwin Luxury Embroideries Novel Fabric

Elwin Luxury Embroideries >

Novel Fabrics Elwin Luxury Embroideries

Enchanted Luxury Velvets Novel Fabric

Enchanted Luxury Velvets >

Novel Fabrics Enchanted Luxury Velvets The moire style velvet in this collection is out of this world with a depth and shimmer you will love. Polyester and Rayon Velvets FR Rated 100,000 Double Rubs High Performance Velvets

Escape Upholstery Wovens Novel Fabric

Escape Upholstery Wovens >

Novel Fabrics Escape Upholstery Wovens

Euro Velvet Colors Novel Fabric

Euro Velvet Colors >

Novel Fabrics Euro Velvet Colors offers a rainbow of luxurious designer velvets for upholstery use. Choose from a variety of lovely patterned velvet upholstery weight fabrics that are sure to give your homes decor that special look.

Exotic Faux Leather I Novel Fabric

Exotic Faux Leather I >

Novel Fabrics Exotic Faux Leather I offers fun faux leathers vinyl fabrics in patterns such as snakeskin, shiny crocodile along with modern patterns choices in quilted circles and a shiny brushed fur look that make this a fabulous faux leather fabric selection a must have for upholstery use.

Exotic Faux Leather II Novel Fabric

Exotic Faux Leather II >

The Exotic Faux Leather II by Novel Fabric offers fabulous faux leather upholstery fabrics in modern pewter, deep browns and gold colorations that feature reptile skins, cheetah prints, snakeskin and modern geometric faux leathers.

Fantasy Silk III Novel Fabric

Fantasy Silk III >

Every decorator will be thrilled with the rainbow of 79 solid colored silk fabrics that can be found in Novel Fabrics Fantasy Silk III which offers 100% silk fabrics for drapery and curtains as well as decorative window treatments.

Fiora Sheers 118 Inch Novel Fabric

Fiora Sheers 118 Inch >

Novel Fabrics Fiora Sheers 118 Inch features what else, but wide width sheer fabrics for drapery and curtain use that will give your window treatments seamless looks.

Grandis Decorative Weaves Novel Fabric

Grandis Decorative Weaves >

Novel Fabrics Grandis Decorative Weaves offers 41 wonderful pattern choices in traditional and modern woven upholstery fabrics that are truly grand.

Haddon Linen Novel Fabric

Haddon Linen >

Novel Fabrics Haddon Linen offers 100% linen fabrics for drapery use in 4 pattern choices and 57 color options for decorating your homes decor.

Intalgio Texture Novel Fabric

Intalgio Texture >

Novel Fabrics Intalgio Texture Wide width faux linen fabrics come in 118" widths for seamless looks for your draperies and are offered in textures and a variety of modern patterns for your decorating pleasure.

Italia Lino 118 Novel Fabric

Italia Lino 118 >

Novel Fabrics Italia Lino 118 features a crazy mix of 118" wide drapery fabrics for seamless looks for your window treatments.

Lino Fino 118 Novel Fabric

Lino Fino 118 >

If you are looking for linen sheer fabrics that are seamless, then Novel Fabrics Lino Fino 118 fabric collection is perfect for you. Faux linen made of polyester to linen blends to solid linen sheer fabrics in natural colors with stripes and geometric designs

Luxe Velvet Novel Fabric

Luxe Velvet >

The Luxe Velvet features lovely velvet upholstery fabric that is fire rated at UFAC CLASS 1 and has a heavy duty durability rating of 100,000 double rubs in a rainbow of modern solid color choices.

Metallic Textures Novel Fabric

Metallic Textures >

Novel Fabrics Metallic Textures features heavy duty metallic upholstery fabrics in 7 great pattern choices that will bring some real glitz to your homes decor.

Metropolis Weaves Novel Fabric

Metropolis Weaves >

Novel Fabrics Metropolis Weaves features a stunning faux silk upholstery fabric collection that was woven in Italy. Woven from luxurious European yarns these faux silk upholstery fabric have fine looking silky quality.

Moda Italia 118 Novel Fabric

Moda Italia 118 >

These fabulous reversible sheer drapery fabrics offered in Novel Fabrics Mods Italia 118 are extra wide so that your sheer curtains will be seamless.

Mountain Faux Furs Novel Fabric

Mountain Faux Furs >

Novel Fabrics Mountain Faux Furs offers a mix of faux fur fabrics that include fox, striped mink, a faux fur with a fake feather design and several others all made of a polyester and acrylic blend that offers long-lasting qualities.

Outdoor Marine Vinyl Novel Fabric

Outdoor Marine Vinyl >

For a leather look in a 100% PVC vinyl outdoor or marine upholstery fabric you need to check out the Novel Fabrics Outdoor Marine Vinyl collection.

Outdura Outdoor Fabric Novel Fabric

Outdura Outdoor Fabric >

Novel Fabrics Outdura outdoor fabric features patterns including tweeds, stripes, zebra and modern geometric designs along with other unique designs can be found in these drapery and upholstery fabrics for outdoor use.

Ovation Outdura Fabric Novel Fabric

Ovation Outdura Fabric >

Novel Fabrics contemporary outdoor fabric for upholstery use is featured in the Ovation Outdura fabric collection.

Palazzo Velvets Novel Fabric

Palazzo Velvets >

Novel Fabrics Palazzo Velvets offers some very glitzy pattern choices for upholstery use in modern designs that are sure to add that special touch to your homes decor.

Preciosa Cut Velvets                                                                                 Novel Fabric

Preciosa Cut Velvets >

Novel Fabrics Preciosa Cut Velvets gorgeous decorative velvets with modern designs in beautiful colors.

Rossini Velvet Novel Fabric

Rossini Velvet >

Novel Fabrics Rossini Velvet offers velvet fabrics for upholstery use in a wonderful offering that contains both traditional and modern pattern choices.

Sheer Linen Inspirations Novel Fabric

Sheer Linen Inspirations >

Novel Fabrics Sheer Linen Inspirations offers seamless 118" wide sheer curtain fabrics that offer some stunning looks. These sheer fabrics are woven to have a linen look and feature patterns with metallic threads, stripes, scrolls, solid colored plains and other unique designs.

Sheer Tergal Novel Fabric

Sheer Tergal >

The Sheer Tergal collection offers polyester sheer fabrics ranging from 110 inches to 118 inches that allow you to have seamless window treatments. Choose from finely woven solid colors to crinkle styles in lovely neutral and pastel shades.

Showroom Gallery 5 Novel Fabric

Showroom Gallery 5 >

Novel Fabrics Showroom Gallery 5 offers 165 pattern choices for drapery and upholstery use. Choose from modern to traditional design choices including animal patterns, geometrics, oriental florals, reptiles, abstract leaves, stripes of all different kinds, glitzy metallics, circles, ikats, gorgeous medallions and so much more.

Stellar Texture Weaves Novel Fabric

Stellar Texture Weaves >

Novel Fabrics Stellar Texture Weaves features modern upholstery fabrics in cut velvets and textured wovens that include patterns with designs such as modern southwest diamond, geometrics, abstracts, multi-colored circles, a classic paisley, contemporary diamonds, squares and other great modern looks.

Store Collection Novel Fabric

Store Collection >

The Novel Fabrics Store Collection offers a mix of 185 drapery fabrics and upholstery fabrics in every fabric type and in designs ranging from contemporary and modern to traditional.

Terrazzo Indoor Outdoor                                                                              Novel Fabric

Terrazzo Indoor Outdoor >

Novel Fabrics Terrazzo Indoor Outdoor includes a wide range of colors and patterns made in Barcelona Spain. Agora performance fabrics for residential and contract use.

The Exotic Faux Leather Collection III Novel Fabric

The Exotic Faux Leather Collection III >

Novel Fabrics Exotic Faux Leather Collection III offers leather look patterns to fun modern vinyl fabrics for upholstery use. These vinyl upholstery fabrics are easily cleanable with soap and water.

The Exotic Faux Leather IV Novel Fabric

The Exotic Faux Leather IV >

Novel Fabrics The Exotic Faux Leather IV features over 100 unique faux leather fabrics for upholstery use.

The Performance Faux Leather Collection Novel Fabric

The Performance Faux Leather Collection >

Novel Fabrics Performance Faux Leather Collection offers heavy duty upholster faux leathers in a wide range of colors. Walter and wang exceed 500,000 double rubs. You can't get much better durability than that. All pass California Bulletin 117 Class I, NFPA 260 Class I. Clean with soap and water.

Tortoli Solid Velvet Novel Fabric

Tortoli Solid Velvet >

Novel Fabrics Tortoli Solid Velvet offers 22 solid color choices in heavy duty velvet upholstery fabrics that are made of 100% polyester and withstands 65,000 double rubs.

Vancouver Velvet Novel Fabric

Vancouver Velvet >

Novel Fabrics Vancouver Velvet Drapery velvet with a soft hand.

Novel Fabrics has it all, choose from elegant faux silks and sheers to outdoor fabrics and everything in between. Novel Fabric is comprised of a luxurious line of decorative drapery fabric and upholstery fabrics that are priced for the budget minded decorator.