Orion Iron Art and Wood Art

Orion Iron Art and Wood Art
Orion Drapery Hardware Orion Drapery Hardware

Orion Drapery Hardware >

Orion builds all products in-house, sourcing our materials and parts locally. the curtain rods are designed, forged, fabricated and hand finished in the North Hollywood facility. Some of the best artisans create one-of-a-kind drapery hardware with a passion for the process.

Bohemia Crystal Curtain Rods Orion Drapery Hardware

Bohemia Crystal Curtain Rods >

Budget priced, elegant, beautiful and unique are some of the words that can be used to describe the crystal curtain rods and crystal finials that make up the Bohemia crystal curtain rods. Rod diameters include 3/4", 1" and 1 1/4" hollow metal rods with a square option as well.

Burgundy Collection Orion Drapery Hardware

Burgundy Collection >

The Burgundy Collection of wrought iron rods by Orion Ornamental Iron includes specialty curtain rods made in the USA. From snakes to branches and elaborate cornice toppers, these custom curtain rods are incredible. The extensive color options and custom bending make these perfect for arched windows and bay and bow windows - just give us a call for a custom quote.

Orion Wrought Iron Orion Drapery Hardware

Orion Wrought Iron >

Orion Ornamental Iron wrought iron finials and rods include every kind of custom option, length, color and so much more.

Tropical Bamboo Curtain Rods Orion Drapery Hardware

Tropical Bamboo Curtain Rods >

The Tropical decorative bamboo curtain rods and hardware accessories brings natural luxuriance into your home with this offering of tropical themed curtain rods. These tropical bamboo curtain rods are bursting with color and interesting fine detail for adding that natural appeal to your window treatments. It's bamboo hardware accessories consist of a variety of finials with bamboo looking brackets and bamboo curtain rings. Whether you are looking to decorate a tropical vacation home or just want to bring the tropics indoors, these decorative bamboo curtain rods will have you thinking beachside.

Tuscany Metal Cornice Orion Drapery Hardware

Tuscany Metal Cornice >

Cornice Boards - Metal Cornice - Decorative Cornice

A wide range of eye catching intricate designs, matched with solid performance.

Window Treatment Scrolls and Crowns Orion Drapery Hardware

Window Treatment Scrolls and Crowns >

Lightweight decorative window treatment crowns add so much to your window treatments. These decorative window treatment scrolls are used to hang stationary window treatments. These window treatment scrolls and crowns are perfect for arched windows and specially shaped windows.