Wimpfheimer Velvet Wimpfheimer Velvet

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Wimpfheimer Velvets features great looking budget priced velvet drapery fabric, faux fur, stretch velvet fabric, velveteen and velvet upholstery fabrics.

Faux Fur Wimpfheimer Velvet

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Wimpfheimer Faux Fur Fabrics features great looking faux fur fabric featuring the look of real animal skins in giraffe, leopard, zebra, persian lamb, rabbit, mink and other fun furs all made out of polyester.

Furnishings Velvets Wimpfheimer Velvet

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Wimpfheimer Velvets Upholstery Fabric offers budget priced low pile velvet upholstery fabrics in 100% cotton as well as 100% polyester in a variety of pattern choices.

Stretch Velvet Wimpfheimer Velvet

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Wimpfheimer Stretch Velvet Fabrics offer 2 pattern choices in a 4 way stretch velvet fabric for apparel, of which one pattern features a hammered stretch velvet with two tones as well as one stretch knit velvet fabric pattern in solid color choices. Both of these stretch velvet fabrics are made from a polyester and spandex blend.

Velveteen Wimpfheimer Velvet

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Wimpfheimer Velveteen Fabrics offers a low pile velveteen fabric with a nice sheen for drapes, bedding and upholstery use that is made of 100% cotton and withstands 15,000 double rubs.