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Linen Fabric

Shop this Linen Fabric for linen drapery fabric and linen upholstery fabric use online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with linen fabric samples available. Choose from a wide range of styles from a variety of linen fabric manufacturers.

100 percent Solid Linen Fabric100 percent Solid Linen Fabric
100 percent Solid Linen Fabric
Linen has long been a popular fabric because of its highly absorbant and breathable nature. We have combined our best 100% Solid Linen fabrics from around the world into one easy to search collection. This solid linen collection includes linen fabric that is suitable for drapery, b>curtains, bedding and accessories as well as linen fabric for upholstery use.
Embroidered Linen FabricEmbroidered Linen Fabric
Embroidered Linen Fabric
Beautifully embroidered linen and linen blend fabrics for curtain, drapery, bedding and upholstery use available in a variety of patterns and colors can be found in this linen fabric offering.
Faux Linen FabricFaux Linen Fabric
Faux Linen Fabric
These beautiful faux linen fabrics offer the look of a linen fabric but without the price of natural linen fabrics. These durable and easy care for linen fabrics are made to look like linen fabric.
Floral Linen FabricFloral Linen Fabric
Floral Linen Fabric
View the elegant floral designs on linen and linen blend fabrics that are suitable for curtains and drapery to upholstery use in this fabric offering of floral linen fabrics. This collection of floral linen fabrics has an assortment of colors and styles that offer a bouquet of designs that are sure to please anyone wanting to add a gorgeous natural look to their homes decor.
Linsen FabricLinsen
Linsen Fabric
Europatex Fabrics Linsen Soft and durable linen look fabric. FR treatment available.
Printed Linen FabricPrinted Linen Fabric
Printed Linen Fabric
A wide variety of over 450 quality printed linen fabrics with a more modern casual look in an array of patterns and colors can be found in this linen fabric collection.
Sheer Linen FabricSheer Linen Fabric
Sheer Linen Fabric
A beautiful collection of sheer linen fabrics in a variety of colors and patterns suitable for curtains and drapery can be found in this linen fabric offering.
Solid Color Linen FabricSolid Color Linen
Solid Color Linen Fabric
The Solid Linen fabric collection includes solid linen fabrics that are an excellent choice for drapery, curtains, bedding, all types of window treatments and decorative accessories as well as upholstery use in a wide array of over 950 delicious colors.
Striped Linen FabricStriped Linen Fabric
Striped Linen Fabric
Striped Linen Fabric featuring what else, striped linen fabrics in Small, Medium and Large sizes in a variety of colors for drapery and upholstery use.
Stripes and Plaids Linen FabricStripes and Plaids Linen Fabric
Stripes and Plaids Linen Fabric
Linen is one of the softest, most comfortable and durable fabrics out there. Choose from a large variety of linen fabrics in either stripes or plaids and in a plethora of color combinations.
Toile Linen FabricToile Linen Fabric
Toile Linen Fabric
These beautiful toile linen fabrics are offered in an array of patterns and colors are the perfect choice for drapery, curtains and upholstery use as well for decorative accessories.
Artisan FabricArtisan
Artisan Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Artisan offers 100% linen fabric along with a dead ringer for linen fabric in these drapery fabrics that offer great color choices in good looking linens and faux linens with the linen textural look.
Banyan FabricBanyan
Banyan Fabric
Shop Norbar Fabrics Banyan, Tarpon and Simmons textured multipurpose fabrics at discount prices. Soft and durable for upholstery, bedding, accessories and draperies, Simmons is a linen look fabric while Tarpon is soft with a hatched look. Banyon is a woven fabric with a diamond like pattern.
Berkshires FabricBerkshires
Berkshires Fabric
If gorgeous looks could describe anything, it would be the RM Coco Fabric Berkshires collection. These embroidered linen fabrics by RM Coco are suitable for drapery, bedding and upholstery use and are offered in florals, damask and scrolls. These RM Coco Fabrics are just what the discriminating decorator is looking for to complete their homes decor.
Biarritz 9131 FabricBiarritz 9131
Biarritz 9131 Fabric
Clarke and Clarke Fabrics Biarritz 9131 offers a wonderfully textured linen look fabric for drapery and upholstery use in 46 wonderful colors woven from a linen and viscose blend that has a soft laid back modern look.
Biarritz 9131
Brushed Linen FabricBrushed Linen
Brushed Linen Fabric
Brushed Linen by Robert Allen Fabric offers drapery fabric and upholstery fabrics in solid colors that feature a cotton and linen blend.
Brushed Linen
Cadence FabricCadence
Cadence Fabric
Gabe Humphries brings you the look of Linen with the durability of Polyester. The Cadence fabric collection features a linen look fabric in stripes, plaids and coordinating solids for drapery and bedding use.
Cotton Tales FabricCotton Tales
Cotton Tales Fabric
Soft, interesting linen look fabric can be found in Wesco Fabrics Cotton Tales. This cotton polyester blend looks like linenfabric but is heavy duty for upholstery use. Perfect for draperies and bedding too, these fabrics are offered in a rainbow of colors that are a perfect coordinating fabric for your decorating project.
Cotton Tales
Courtland FabricCourtland
Courtland Fabric
Novel Fabrics Courtland #360 offers 19 solid colored pattern choices in faux linen fabrics for upholstery use.
Durable Linens FabricDurable Linens
Durable Linens Fabric
Robert Allen Fabrics Durable Linens offers a wide range of solid colored linen fabric for drapery and upholstery use.
Durable Linens
Embroidered Linens FabricEmbroidered Linens
Embroidered Linens Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Embroidered Linens
Embroidered Linens
Everyday Linen FabricEveryday Linen
Everyday Linen Fabric
Mitchell Fabrics Everyday Linen has an everyday linen look that is made of durable 55 % linen combined with a durable 45% viscose fiber without a repeating fabric that withstands 12,00 double rubs and is offered in 50 fabulous colors. These linen fabrics with no pattern repeat withstands 12,00 double rubs and is offered in 50 fabulous color combinations. These linen look fabrics are a perfect choice for draperies and light accent occasional accent furniture use.
Everyday Linen
Glazed Linen FabricGlazed Linen
Glazed Linen Fabric
Mitchell Fabrics Glazed Linen made of 100% polyester and withstanding a 50,000 double rub rating these linen look fabrics in 26 great solid colors are a great choice for drapery and upholstery use.
Glazed Linen
Glynn Linen FabricGlynn Linen
Glynn Linen Fabric
The Glynn Linen offers, yes you guessed it, 100% Linen. Choose from two different patterns one of which features a finer weave and the other a heavier one. Great for drapery or upholstery use these linen fabrics are priced in the budget price range.
Haddon Linen FabricHaddon Linen
Haddon Linen Fabric
Novel Fabrics Haddon Linen offers 100% linen fabrics for drapery use in 4 pattern choices and 57 color options for decorating your homes decor.
Haddon Linen
Intalgio Texture FabricIntalgio Texture
Intalgio Texture Fabric
Novel Fabrics Intalgio Texture Wide width faux linen fabrics come in 118" widths for seamless looks for your draperies and are offered in textures and a variety of modern patterns for your decorating pleasure.
Intalgio Texture
Italian Linen Blends FabricItalian Linen Blends
Italian Linen Blends Fabric
Robert Allen Fabrics Italian Linen Blends are a great multi purpose fabric for drapery and upholstery use and are offered in a great selection of solid colors as well as a smart looking chevron pattern.
Italian Linen Blends
Kashka FabricKashka
Kashka Fabric
The Kashka fabric collection by Kast Fabrics includes a fantastic warm toned assortment of solid linen fabrics that are great for bedding, pillows and drapes. These linen drapery fabrics are priced at the low end of mid range and are offered by the yard.
Kismet Linen FabricKismet Linen
Kismet Linen Fabric
The Duralee Fabric Kismet Linen fabrics offer several striped pattern variations along with color coordinated solid 100% linen fabric as well as linen blends for drapery and upholstery use.
Kismet Linen
Kravetgreen FabricKravetgreen
Kravetgreen Fabric
The Kravet Green fabrics get their name from the use of recycled polyester and renewable linen fibers that it uses in these drapery and upholstery fabrics. Choose from patterns that include lattice, scrolling foliage, vertical and horizontal stripes, paisley and a Moroccan styled design. If that's not enough an ogee variation can be found along with dots and coordinated solid choices.
Leisure Linens FabricLeisure Linens
Leisure Linens Fabric
These luxurious linen fabrics are soft enough for draperies, window coverings, bedding and pillows but durable enough for upholstery. The Leisure Linens fabric collection by Kast fabrics offers over 50 designer colors from which to choose!
Leisure Linens
Linen Accents FabricLinen Accents
Linen Accents Fabric
Norbar Fabrics presents these neutral colors and subtle textures on a soft linen base cloth. The Linen Accents fabrics are a perfect collection of linen fabrics in plaids, checks, houndstooths, stripes and solids for drapery, curtain, bedding and upholstery use. These great looking linen fabrics are in the mid price range to low high end.
Linen Accents
Linen Chest FabricLinen Chest
Linen Chest Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Linen Chest 100% linen fabrics are perfect for drapery and accent furniture upholstery use.
Linen Embroideries FabricLinen Embroideries
Linen Embroideries Fabric
From neutral to bright, these gorgeous Linen Embroideries drapery fabrics of embroidered linen fabrics offer a super mix of fabrics that are sure to please.
Linen Embroideries
Linen Textures FabricLinen Textures
Linen Textures Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Linen Textures offer heavy duty upholstery fabric made of a polyester and linen blend in patterns featuring linen textures and stripes. These textured linen look fabrics exceed 100,000 Wyzenbeek rubs and are fire retardant being rated as UFAC CLASS 1.
Linen Textures
Linnette FabricLinnette
Linnette Fabric
Michaels Textiles Fabrics Linnette is what you are looking for when you want a 100% linen fabric for drapery use in 38 wonderful colorations.
Natural Textures FabricNatural Textures
Natural Textures Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Natural Textures features textured upholstery fabrics that exceed 60,000 double rubs and are fire retardant being rated as UFAC Class 1. Choose from coordinating solids, narrow stripes, as well as several sized checked patterns.
Natural Textures
Patterned Linen FabricPatterned Linen Fabric
Patterned Linen Fabric
100% Linen fabrics in floral, stripe, damask and geometric prints can be found in this patterned linen fabric collection. Great for draperies, curtains, bedding, accessories, upholstery and more the over 250 linen fabric choices are sure to have just the right look for your homes decor.
Perandor Prints Linen FabricPerandor Prints Linen Fabric
Perandor Prints Linen Fabric
The Perandor Prints linen fabric collection features printed linen fabric that includes exotic floral prints in a variety of patterns and colors. This G P and J Baker linen fabric selection is discount priced yet still remains a high end designer fabric.
Sattley Solids FabricSattley Solids
Sattley Solids Fabric
The Duralee Fabric Book Sattley Solids offers linen blend drapery fabrics in over 30 great looking solid colors that have been paired with a nice subtle textured fabric.
Sattley Solids
Touchdown FabricTouchdown
Touchdown Fabric
Michaels Textiles Fabrics Touchdown has a linen look in 39 wonderful solid color choices that are made of 54% viscose, 28% linen and 18% polyester that are great for drapery and upholstery uses.
Universal FabricUniversal
Universal Fabric
Michaels Textiles Fabrics Universal offers 37 wonderful color choices in a 100% linen fabric for drapery and accent upholstery use.
Vintage Billboard FabricVintage Billboard
Vintage Billboard Fabric
RM Coco Fabrics Vintage Billboard drapery fabric features linen and linen blend stripes, plaids and houndstooth fabrics for your decorating pleasure.
Washed Linen FabricWashed Linen
Washed Linen Fabric
100% washed linen fabrics in a variety of delightful colors can be found in the Washed Linen fabric collection by Kast Fabrics. Suitable for drapery, bedding and light use accent upholstery, these classic looking fabrics are offered by the yard and have samples available.
Washed Linen
Lifestyle Linens FabricLifestyle Linens
Lifestyle Linens Fabric
Charlotte Fabrics Lifestyle Linens offers 39 solid color choices in a textured woven tone on tone linen look fabric that is made of 80% polyester and 20% linen. These drapery and upholstery fabrics exceed 60,000 Wyzenbeek rubs and are fire retardant being rated as UFAC CLASS 1.
Lifestyle Linens
The history of linen may prove linen fabric to be the oldest textile in the world dating it back to 8000 BC where only royalty was worthy of wearing it. Linen fabric is a famous fabric having wrapped mummies, clothed royalty, and having been used as currency in ancient cultures. It is made from fibers of the flax plant and is very expensive to manufacture and distribute. Linen fabric is known to be two to three times stronger than cotton, and is a great conductor of heat often feeling cool to the touch. Linen fabric is also dirt repellent and water absorbent.