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Flannel Fabric

Shop Flannel Fabric for a variety of decorative home decor uses online by the yard at unbeatable discount prices with flannel fabric samples also being available along with unsurpassed customer service.

Baby Flannel FabricBaby Flannel Fabric
Baby Flannel Fabric
Baby Flannel Fabric and Kids Flannel Fabric perfect for blankets, bedding and accessories. Choose from cute cuddly animals to your favorite Disney characters in these flannel fabrics.
Polka Dot Flannel FabricPolka Dot Flannel Fabric
Polka Dot Flannel Fabric
Polka Dot Flannel Fabric in a variety of colors and sizes. Large or small these polka dot flannel fabrics make the perfect compliment for bedding, blankets and accessories.
Solid Color Flannel FabricSolid Color Flannel Fabric
Solid Color Flannel Fabric
Solid Color Flannel Fabric in a rainbow of colors are great for flannel duvet covers, flannel comforters, flannel bedding and just about anything else flannel material can do for your home decorating projects.
The word flannel originated from a Welsh word for wool. Flannel Fabric can be traced back to 16th century Wales, 17th century France, and 18th century Germany. Flannel Fabric was originally made from worsted yard or carded wool. Today, flannel fabric is typically made of wool but can be blended with cotton or a synthetic fabric. It is most commonly known for its ability to keep warm and is typically used for blankets, sheets, and pillow coverings because of this property.