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Fleece Fabric

Shop and buy Fleece fabric online by the yard at discount prices with fleece fabric samples available. Fleece fabrics are great for a variety of quilting and hobby uses and here are some that range from college fleece fabric and panels featuring most major NCAA colleges and their team logos to the wildly popular minky dot and cuddle fleece fabric that is used for throws, baby and kids rooms and a variety of other home decor crafts. That's not all as their is also solid colored fleece fabric, anti pill fleece fabric and fun fleece fabrics just for kids. Two other popular fleece fabric choices are the MLB baseball fleece fabrics and the NFL football fleece fabrics.

Anti Pill Nordic Fleece FabricAnti Pill Nordic Fleece Fabric
Anti Pill Nordic Fleece Fabric
Ant Pill Fleece Fabric can be found in these Nordic fleece fabrics with an Anti Pill coating to prevent pilling from the normal everyday use. This fleece fabric comes in a variety of choices from solid fleece, to camouglage fleece to printed fleece fabrics.
College Fleece FabricCollege Fleece Fabric
College Fleece Fabric
These College Fleece Fabrics contain fleece fabric with college team logos. This college team fleece fabric is an ideal fleece fabric for making blankets that show your favorite college teams spirit and they are available online by the yard or by the panel.
Cuddle Fleece FabricCuddle Fleece
Cuddle Fleece Fabric
Cuddle Fleece includes soft and cuddly fleece fabrics perfect for babys and children. These fleece fabrics by Shannon include minky dot and rose cuddle as well as solid colored fleece.
Cuddle Fleece FabricCuddle Fleece Fabric
Cuddle Fleece Fabric
The Cuddle Fleece fabrics features over 325 ultra soft cuddle fleece fabrics that include cuddle fleece fabric to minky dot fleece fabric as well as printed fleece fabrics. From adorable baby and kids fleece fabric to printed fleece fabric with animals, stripes, polka dots and modern flowers. A featured favorite fleece fabric is the popular minky dot fleece fabric which is perfect for babys nursery. Also included in these fleece fabrics are straight and diamond grooved fleece fabrics. Other varieties of fleece fabrics offered are cloudy cuddle, rose cuddle, frosted cuddle and camouflage fleece fabric as well as solid fleece fabrics in a variety of colors. The bonded cuddle fleece fabric is composed of an ultra soft and cuddly minky surface on one side and a smooth microsuede on the other.
Fleece Fabric PanelsFleece Fabric Panels
Fleece Fabric Panels
Fleece Fabric Panels for creating a soft and cozy blanket or fleece throw. Pick your favorite team - honor a military hero - or make a fan happy with this huge selection of fleece panels.
Fun Fleece FabricFun Fleece Fabric
Fun Fleece Fabric
The Fun Fleece Fabric collection includes fleece fabrics in fun and funky prints with bright colors. These fleece fabrics are great for decorating childrens rooms or anywhere you want a fun modern look.
MLB Baseball Fleece FabricMLB Baseball Fleece Fabric
MLB Baseball Fleece Fabric
The MLB Baseball Fleece Collection includes fleece fabric of all your favorite MLB teams. Featured on this baseball fleece are the team logos of the most popular MLB teams.
  • 100% Polyester
  • NFL Fleece FabricNFL Fleece Fabric
    NFL Fleece Fabric
    The NFL Fleece Fabric includes fleece fabric choices from all your favorite NFL football teams. Some of these NFL fleece fabrics offer several design variations of the more popular teams colors and logos. This NFL fleece material is perfect for making your own nfl fleece blanket or throw to keep warm while supporting your favorite team. Made of durable 100% Polyester this NFL fleece football fabric is also easily cleaned when spills might occur during spirited play.
    Solid Fleece FabricSolid Fleece Fabric
    Solid Fleece Fabric
    Solid Fleece Fabric for your decorating needs can be found in this selection of solid fleece fabrics that offers a large variety of colors.
    The most common type of fleece fabric is made from polyester and cotton fibers. The fibers are twisted tightly and brushed with a rough brush to raise the surface. Fleece Fabric is divided into three weight categories depending on how warm the material is, or its weight to insulation ratio. Microfleece is the lightest, hundred weight fleece is the median type of fleece fabric, with medium weight fleece fabric being the heaviest and warmest.